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Planes of existence: We are going to talk about the worlds that surround us.

Different planes of existence hold data.

Written by Akashicsoul

November 25, 2020

Different planes of existence hold data.
Let’s talk about the different planes of existence and what you can find in them.

Hi! Do you already feel a stronger connection with your spirit guides? This week we are going to talk about the planes of existence. Each plane is different, and you will have different types of experience. Each plane has its own rules, its information, and its beings. There is much more than meets the eye, and I will tell you everything I have been able to discover. I want to tell you that these are probably just a handful of probably an infinite number of existences. But some of the ones I mention here are very high already.

Firstly, we will explore the planes of existence to discover the number of words that surround us. And these are probably only a fraction!

The energetic vibration of the planes.

Each plane has its own energetic vibration. I want to comment that the order does not mean that some places are better than others. Rather, I would place them to visualize something in the third dimension that belongs to others. I’m going to comment a bit about each plane. My suggestion is that you try to visit them on your own merits. I will give you guidelines on each plane, visit them or avoid them if you come to a slightly more negative one. Exploring these worlds is so much fun and fulfilling. However, I’m not going to explain how each one is, that’s better for you to discover.

From the earth.

Firstly, I am going to comment on the more earthly planes of existence. Not all of these planes are “solid” nor physical. However, this whole group does have a strong connection with elemental energies. Time differs, question time.


A plane that has a very high vibration. Shamballa is like a border between worlds. It is on our planet, Earth. It is a place where only love, equality, and a very high level of knowledge and wisdom reside. Wisdom of this and other worlds. Here we can meet beings from other civilizations, and we can even, through Shamballa, travel to other worlds. It has no linear time.

How to get there: This is a plane you arrive at when you do not look for it with perseverance. Hence, let it be. Therefore, have a pure heart and a humble desire to reach out. Sooner or later, if there is love in your heart, you will find that you are welcomed to this plane. Before visiting this plane, you will have visited others since it vibrates very high.


Another plane that has a very high vibration. Besides, Agartha is also forming part of the Earth. The elemental energies are powerful here. You will find many beings of light, spirit guides, and presences with very high wisdom and pure love. Here you will find love, healing; you will receive messages. Your consciousness can expand a lot on this plane. It has no linear time.

How to get there: Here, too, “you just come.” You must have light and love in your heart and have a humble desire to visit this world to receive healing and wisdom. Here you arrive almost by invitation. When your soul is ready. Nobody has to permit you. You have to match the very high vibration that this plane has.

Lower World

One of the shamanic planes. Here we will find elemental, jungle, and powerful energies. Elemental beings, shamanic souls, spirit animals, and much more reside here. In this article, I talk more about the Lower World and all its secrets. It has linear time.

How to get there: I explained it to you in the previous post, but there is a journey available that will help you. It is the Journey to the Lower World.

Negative world.

This plane has no name. When traveling to the lower world, for unknown reasons, it is possible to reach this plane. It has nothing to do with your vibration level to get here. If you arrive at the negative world when traveling to the lower world, you are gloomy, and you do not feel good energy. You are not in the lower world, nor in a good place, but on a negative plane. Nobody who has seen it (I include myself) has explored it. It should not be explored since there is no protection here. Time: Unknown.

How to avoid it: If you have reached this plane, leaving it is very easy. Search the ground for a hole (you will find it), and continue going down as you did before to reach the Lower World. As you go down, you will reach the Lower World without problems.

Middle World

Another shamanic plane. This is perhaps the least palatable of the three shamanic worlds. This plane is in the same vibration as the physical plane, but it is not explored as the physical plane. It is where you will get answers to life and even worldly solutions that you will not find on a higher plane. I explain more here. It has linear time.

How to get there: I explained it to you in the previous post, but there is a journey available that will help you. It is the Journey to the Middle World.

Physical Plane.

It is on the plane that you are right now, reading this. In this world, the human experience is lived, life is lived, and well … it is where we are always, that I am going to tell you. It is the place where perhaps we have the most limitations, but it is also the base plane where we experience the physical world. It has linear time.

How to get there: To get to this plane, you have to decide to have a human experience and be born! But come on, you’re here already!

Upper world.

Another shamanic plane. Here you will find angelic energy but from an earthly point of view. You will find a lot of healing, and you will find beings of light and elementals that will help you heal someone. There is also an article where I talk more about this world, and you can find it here. It has linear time.

How to get there: I explained it to you in the previous post, but there is a journey available that will help you. It is the Journey to the Upper World.

Higher-Higher World.

This, in theory, is part of the Upper World. However, I had the experience where I began to travel and rise in the Upper World. I found myself rising to a higher level within the Upper World, a higher level. There was a lot of flow of pure healing energies here. There is no consciousness as such, but potent healing. It has linear time.

How to get there: Once you are in the Upper World, you intend to travel to a higher level. Ask for help from the beings of this plane to be able to arrive. You will know with teal if you have arrived.

You can learn a lot of lessons from different planes of existence.

Planes that are not from Earth.

Astral Plane “Real-Time”

This is the best-known astral plane. Where astral projection starts. This is the first world that is reached when we are learning to have astral travel. Here we will be outside our body, so we will know that we have a trip. In this astral plane, we see everything as if we were in the physical. We could even interact through a medium. It has linear time. In this place, we explore this world, and well, it is where we have the first experiences.

How to get there: I have a free guide on this blog for astral travel and a super complete video course that you can find here.

Astral plane.

Certainly, once we leave the astral plane “real-time” behind, we rise to higher consciousness, hence, expanding. It is here where we can travel to other worlds and explore the Universe. We will find beings of light, full of love and wisdom. You will feel a lot of freedom and happiness. You will want to learn and explore. Reincarnation might happen here. (The dreamworld does not happen here.)

How to get there: You must leave your body. Once you have done it, visualize light, love, and happiness in your heart. Visualize your vibrations rising until you are here. Ask your guides for help.

Low Astral.

It is tough to go to this plane because you may not even get out of your body if you have bad intentions. However, sometimes, from a nightmare, for example, you could reach the lower astral. If you are a good person and have positivity in your heart, it will be almost impossible for you to reach this plane. Here are negativity, fear, and spirits of a questionable vibe. There is no linear time.

How to avoid it: This is a plane we want to avoid. It’s easy that you never get to this plane, but you will know if you do. If you feel fear outside of your body and do not feel happy, visualize white light. Hold this visualization, and you will find yourself out of this place.

Astral Superior

This is the plane that you are going to visit the most on your astral travels. In this world, you will find love, light, and beings of very high vibration. Therefore, here you will be in a state of happiness, with no perception other than now. You may lose your identity and have a collective consciousness of Oneness. There is no linear time. You could experience ego death, something very positive.

How to get there: Actually, if you already know the astral plane and how to unfold yourself, you have to raise your vibrations to get to this plane.

Mental Plane

This is a plane superior to the previous ones. Here, you can literally create (in this world) anything with your mind, with instant manifestation. However, for physical things, it does not work for personal and spiritual development and healing. It does. The experiences here are challenging to put into words. There is no linear time.

How to get there: It isn’t easy to get to this plane, as it is extremely elevated. You could reach this if you raise your vibrations even more during many visits to the higher astral. Therefore, it’s a constant development.

Beyond these planes of existence.

Well, really, this is all the worlds I can explain. Moreover, as multidimensional beings that we are, the number of planes is practically infinite. We can get higher and higher. Even after death, we will find the opportunity to rise to planes that we cannot even imagine today. Take a look at this curiosity: the dimension zero.

Well, finally, that’s all about the planes of existence. I hope you enjoyed it. There is way too much the eye can’t see. The amount of wisdom is so vast. Therefore, it would take entire lifetimes to receive a fraction of it. Next week it’s forecast time, the last one of the year. I’ll be back next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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