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Spiritual Healings: Receive White Light

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I am attuned to Reiki and some other modalities. Upon several, I realized all come down to the same. Channeling divine white light for your well-being in each and every single one of the spiritual healings available… and I always channel with the intent of the Purest Energy from the Highest Source of Light… with spiritual healings and Light, it never goes wrong. So… Let’s drop all the labels for once! They only complicate things. A healing energy session is always a healing energy session, regardless of the name.

How does healing work in the body?

Spiritual healings treatments feels like a wonderful white light that flows through and around you. Firstly, energy healing sessions will bring your body, emotions, mind, and spirit in Balance. Feelings of tranquility and inner peace are often reported. Finding the sentimental sources causing physical pain usually leads to complete pain removal. Bringing balance to your life enhances focus, well-being, and happiness. Time is meaningless, especially for spiritual healing. You get what you need. As I feel guided, I will work on any areas that need healing. Set your intentions. I will work on that plus on whatever is required.

I explain first on video if you prefer not to have to read everything: 

And if you did not watch it, keep reading!

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Any energetic support you need, THE HEALING will cover it

You can request “The Healing” for healing for yourself, for a family member, a pet, or even a place or object. You can send healing even to a situation in your life so that you get the most optimal results. There are two options:

  • basic spiritual healing session is $12.45. will send healing to your intentions for this session and a wellness and balance session (physical, mental, and spiritual.) I will deliver a voice report within 12-24 hours. I will share how the session went as well as any possible advice. Take it as a small energy healing therapy.
  • complete spiritual healing session is $24.95. Which is pretty much everything from basic healing, plus a deeper chakra cleansing, empowerment, and protection. Healing to past lives and unnecessary energetic cords will be removed. Protection with White Light will also seal the entire session at the end. Also, a voice-recorded file is included and typically sent within 24 hours, sharing the details of how the spiritual healing session went. 
  • A profound spiritual healing session is $44.95. In addition to the above, here I work with parallel realities, and also through timelines. When we make a decision, for each potential outcome, a new reality appears in the timeline. Channeling energy from favorable ones here triggers the Principles of the Universe, potentiating the results. Spiritual Healing is not bound to linear time, and I take advantage of this.

Why is spiritual healing so inexpensive?

As a healer, I believe that spiritual healings should be within reach of everybody. I have been suggested a dozen times to raise the charges for the healing sessions. Furthermore, I am well aware these prices usually reside around a hundred or two. However, I honestly believe it is too much for a healing session; for that reason, prices are meager. You are mainly purchasing for the time to record the voice file report!

I will share with you how it went:

Furthermore, in all spiritual energy healings, I will send a voice file. I will share how the session has gone and if there is any necessary advice. If you want free healing, I invite you to join my free energy healing list. But there will be no voice file; you should read how it works to make sure that option suits you.

You must check out the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Please, keep in mind:

I follow my intuition, and I allow myself to be guided by Spirit. Please be aware that I do not sugarcoat the information from your healing, and you will get only and all the truth. If you seek to receive what you want to listen to, you should know that you will get what Spirit shares despite being good or bad news. Including experiencing energetic release during or after the healing.

Energy Healings will make you feel wonderful. Reach out Fernando today.

You accept this when you buy one of my services:

I will connect with the Spiritual World; hence, I will give you information and healing using my psychic abilities. The healings and voice reports received only receive energetic healing and support, hence the connection with the spirit. What you decide to do with the managed information, including your actions, will be your personal decision and responsibility. Furthermore, all these healings should not replace legal, medical, financial, psychological, or business advice as they will be based on your interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons, I must inform myself that all these readings are for entertainment purposes. My services do not replace professional services such as those doctors, lawyers, etc.

If you haven’t done so, you can send me your needs here:

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If you need to send a photo for spiritual healings, you can send it by clicking here. Alternatively, you may, if you prefer, e-mail [email protected]. For spiritual energy healings I will tap directly to your energy with the help of your Spirit Guides.


Now you indeed have everything!

There is a blog to enjoy!

So, now that your payment is completed, I invite you to visit the blog since you may find the answer to many of your questions (this page has a search engine to make it easier for you.) A more pleasant wait after contacting me. I’ll give you a few links that you might enjoy:

These are a few, but you will find others that interest you as you begin to read an entry. But you can undoubtedly contact me if you need it!

Love & Light,

(Spiritual Healings – The Healing) Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!
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