The Classic Meditations: The first ones, but powerful.

Enjoy one of “The Classic Meditations” guided meditations. Here is where it all started. Hundreds, if not thousands, are already enjoying some of these powerful guided meditations. They are since they are very efficient healing tools.

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My very first guided meditation is Space Travel. However, it wasn’t the first release here. However, “Space Travel” takes you to other planes, and its mind-blowing results encouraged me to continue. So I started creating powerful meditations. 

The classic meditations have a few things in common:

  • These include Theta Brainwaves for deeper healing and relaxation. Hence an essential part of The Classic Meditations. These will help you out.
  • All the meditations have a small pre-introduction of two minutes for you to prepare.
  • They have subliminal positive affirmations. Therefore, you will start the healing right from within. (Something almost exclusive from The Classic Meditations.)
  • Healing light, infusing each one of these meditations. It brings even more healing. Hence, getting the most from these.
  • Channeled scripts: Scripts inspired by Spirit. You will feel more light.
  • Experience deep relaxation, as well as a beautiful journey, Meanwhile, you accomplish the goals of each of these meditations.
  • You will find Love, Light, Healing, Joy, and my voice, plus all the above. So far, empowering stuff!

Topics from “the classic meditations” vary so that you can embark on a lot of journeys. You can bring healing to your life. Empower your chakras and manifest something that will happen. You will connect with your Akashic Records and even fill your heart up with gratitude. Therefore, you will leave your life to the fullest. It will benefit you.

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