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This Journey will guide you through a visit in the Middle World!

Visit the Middle World.

Written by Fernando Albert

September 16, 2020

Visit the Middle World.
Visit the Middle World with “The Journeys.”

Hello everybody! If you liked last week’s article, I am sure you were waiting for this week’s entry, or rather, the new Journey-Meditation. Visit the Middle World with ease, thanks to the help of this new Journey.

As you well know, “The Journeys” are guided meditations of twenty minutes each. Each Journey brings a different topic, somewhere you can visit. This is the eighth Journey already. It is the best type of meditation to help you explore and visit the middle world.

I tell you a little more about this Journey to visit the Middle World.

You can read all about “The Journeys” here, but I will tell you as quickly as this meditation is:

  • It lasts for twenty minutes.
  • The Middle World’s guided meditation does not have theta waves, nor does it have subliminal. However, it will have forest ambient sounds and the rhythm of my 17” Elk hide drum.
  • There will be little relaxation at the beginning. My voice will accompany and guide you so that you can visit the middle world.
  • After a few minutes, you will not hear my voice, but you will listen to the drum, etc.
  • There will be two moments where my voice will invite you to return, but you can continue if you wish.
  • At the end of the Journey, the drum will change the rhythm, and my voice will tell you that it is time to return.
  • Even if my voice tells you to come back, you will have a few more minutes to be able to reconnect.

Once you finish, be sure to write down your experience!

The Journeys: Time to open a door. Visit the Middle World.

As I already told you all in the article about the middle world, I do not have much more to tell you, apart from enjoying a lot of the new Journey. I want to tell you that visiting the middle world will be ideal for solving life’s problems. Great also for human souls. If you need to solve a problem or need energy support with something mundane (like getting a house, for example), or want to explore our human world shamanically, it will be ideal if you visit the middle world. Sometimes even to give someone energy support, traveling to that person in the middle world is a possibility.

And of course, here comes the Journey to check the middle world. You may click here or the image below:

Visit the Middle World.

Besides, I can guarantee you that it will help you a lot. Also, you can listen to “my voice in meditation mode.” on Youtube.

The middle world is the least visited of all since the lower and upper world (which we will talk about in a month) will cover all your needs. But if it is a very earthy situation or you do not find what you need in the other two worlds, the middle world will be great. Protect yourself with a white Light bubble to vibrate high in this plane.

I hope you have a great experience when you visit the Middle World.

Next week, we are going to talk a little bit about light beings. Little by little, you must raise your consciousness. I want to share some little things about improving your spiritual day today and perhaps help you increase your vibrations so that you connect with your guides or make astral trips more efficiently. But all this, in a week. Now it’s time to get the wisdom you can, so visit the Middle World now. However, we will talk about that next week. Did you listen to September 2020 forecast? I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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