astral projection

akashic open

The first time I visited my Akashic Records in my dream and astral body.

January 30, 2019
bonus clases

Some courses grow bigger, and with that, a big discount is here!

January 23, 2019
conciencia astral

What can you learn while in the astral realm? A great pool of wisdom!

October 17, 2018
astral ego death

Is it possible to experience Ego Death during astral projection?

October 10, 2018
spiritual growth

What are some things people should know about astral projection, meditation, or spirituality in general?

June 27, 2018
quick guide

Get out of your body fast! Quick Astral Projection Guide.

May 9, 2018
meeting astrally

Can you meet someone in Astral Projection? Sure you can, find out how!

April 25, 2018
How can you astral project

Astral Projection Q & A

February 28, 2018
astral projection

Do you want to Astral Project? Learn how now!!

November 8, 2017
amazing world

What is the difference between a Lucid Dream and an Astral Projection?

October 25, 2017
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