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2012 ~ R. Broderick, Calabasas, CA – Platform Mediumship

I recently had the pleasure of attending a group session where Fernando was giving readings for the audience. He brought through an elder from my husband’s family who meant a lot to me. He clearly identified her, giving specifics about where she lived, the kind of experiences she had in life, and her special connection to me. The message he passed on gave me much hope about my path and sounded just like her. Fernando has a warm, caring style that puts people immediately at ease, and his background as a healer shines through his mediumship. If you want a healing journey into mediumship, contact Fernando. You won’t be disappointed. (Testimonials)

2012 ~ Lunita1985, Skype Reading.

We made an akashic records reading. It was amazing because all the info i gave him, was my name and he explained me lot of things that i intuited but they had given me headache all my life because I didn’t know what to believe. He couldn’t hear my voice or see my face but it´s like he already knew me. I have to tell, that i don´t know why, the next day, i was exhausted, so if you are considering this kind of reading, be totally sure to be ready, and when i say ready, I mean that you are willing to face the truth (it is not easy to accept your path in this life, but this man is very compassionate and understanding, he is the perfect messenger).

Very kind and spiritual person, i quickly felt connected to him. I don´t know how to describe it but it was a very deep and touching experience. He is stunning and very honest. I wish there were more people like him. Life would be easier, I am sure. Take the opportunity to talk to him. If you are reading my opinion is not coincidence. There was a before and an after to me due to this reading. Thank you so much AstralSoul (Hence a Testimonial)

2012 ~ Maria Theresa, CA – Mediumship Gallery Event

Congratulations on your turn-out today and the wonderful room of receptive attentive people. We always attract what we put out. I was very impressed with your humility and assuredness in what you were presenting about mediumship and what you channeled to the people who had messages from loved ones passed. It was fascinating and impressive to see the energy of the group change with the knowledge of connection from the other side. You held the focus and energy of the room beautifully. I know you will touch the hearts of a lot of people with what you do and who you are about what you do. I am proud to call you my friend and colleague….. (Hence a Testimonial)

2012 ~ Amanda L. Quick – Akashic Records Reading

This actually does resonate with me so perfectly! I had tears in my eyes, and a chill of truth ran through me. Wow. You really do have a beautiful gift, and you truly just helped me with my journey so much more than you could ever know. It really made me feel good to know that I’m doing a good job, and it did help to validate what I have been sensing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! (Hence a Testimonial)

2012 ~ Candice, San Diego, CA – In-Person Medium Reading.

This guy is the real deal! I visited him hopping to communicate with my mom who passed away a few years ago. It was astonished because I really felt my mom in the room during the session and Fernando was so right one about my childhood. Really felt my mom connected with me through him and now I know she is with me. Thank you very much! I will always remember this. (Hence a Testimonial)

2012 ~ Wanda. L – San Diego, CA – Tarot Reading

The reading did help me to change my perception of the direction I’m heading. I do feel more confident about my decisions and am thinking in a more positive way. For that I thank you. (Hence a Testimonial)

2011 ~ E. – San Diego, CA – Tarot Reading

I would like to thank Rev. Fernando for the wonderful experience I got after his Tarot reading. It was amazing! I’m still impressed with him, and I’m not a person easily to impress. Very accurate reading. I didn’t say a word, and received input that nobody could know about. Rev. Fernando did all the talking. I left having peace of mind. Thank you very much! I’ll come again. (Hence a Testimonial)

2011 ~ Judi, San Diego, CA – In Person Energy Healing

Fernando you are amazing! I not only woke up in a LOT less pain, but I slept better than I have in MONTHS!! To say Thank You is just not enough, but THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Blessings. (Hence a Testimonial)

2011 ~ A.D. San Diego, CA – Remote Reiki Healing

Wow, this is amazing. When I woke up this morning I was like, “Wow, my back feels better! Lucky me!” I was then thinking, hmmm…did I sleep differently last night? Now I see your message and it all makes sense!! THANK YOU! That is really amazing to me. (Hence a Testimonial)

2011 ~ Aida.C. – Santee, CA – Tarot Reading

I was very surprised with Fernando’s Tarot reading. I was in a desperate situation in my job and I needed to make a decision. Fernando used his intuition and his tarot deck to help me. He told me I needed to hold on with my current job because I was going to find a job that suited my career. I was a little skeptic at the beginning, My English is not very good and I only worked in my field at Mexico. A few weeks later, I found a job in my area of expertise and my lack of English was not a big issue. Thanks Fernando! I am really glad I did not take the first job that was offered to me. (Hence a Testimonial)

2010 ~ Catherine.L – San Diego, CA – In Person Energy Healing (Testimonials)

OK. I will share what happened to me, Firstly, I had constant back pain, lack of sleep and a lot of stress. Therefore; I could not handle the pain anymore and I was desperate. I met with Fernando and I received a Healing from him. Fernando told me that my pain was related with old sentimental problems I had. Fernando was very accurate with my feelings. I was amazed since no one knew about this. Fernando balanced my energy and helped me to get over it. My back pain left for good!” THANK YOU! (Hence a Testimonial)

There were more reviews earlier, from 2008-09. These were mainly about healing sessions, healing exchanges, reading exchanges, practice groups, and more. Those of you from San Diego, I am sure some even remember, but these are now stored possibly in a memory box somewhere from my earlier times!

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