The Power of Love: Tapping into the Universe’s Most Potent Energy

Love: The most powerful force in the Universe. Learn how to tap into it.
Love: The most powerful force of the Universe.

Filling your heart with love will supply you with the most powerful energy in the Universe.

Hi, all! How are we doing? Have you tried to be more positive lately? I will bring you more positivity this week. In fact, the Universe is full of many energies. We probably do not know the vast majority. However, we know a significant one. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and the one that vibrates the strongest. Filling your heart chakra with love will bring all this energy into your life. And with love, I don’t just mean couples and relationships. But also the love towards your being, your work, your path in this life, some animals in your life. Or when a movie activates the feeling of love. You know this energy well.

There are many energy protection techniques, but after more than twelve years of doing this, I have concluded that it is much easier than it seems. I have not read any entries out there for more than six years, nor have I seen videos. I realized that, even if it is from love, people are complicating things a lot instead of getting to the point. Sometimes, sadly, it may also lack authenticity, but come on, that’s not what we’re going to talk about. A few years ago, I shared some protection techniques that you can read here. Today I share something new.

Nothing vibrates with more power than love.

Sometimes we don’t realize the obvious, even if we have it in front of us. And sometimes, it can be straightforward, but we overlook it. Any human being can understand the feeling of love. And although there are many types of love and feel more intense, they are all equally compelling. And why do I say this? Global energy these days is not all right, unfortunately. There is so much energy that it is impossible not to perceive it, and it was a bit unbearable. And technically, my empathy is with living beings, not globally.

There came a time when this energy began to make me anxious. It felt like a sticky gel all over my skin. As if there was a lot of pressure on my aura. I didn’t notice anything physically. Therefore it wasn’t my body telling me something. In the heart chakra (that is, the middle of the chest, not where the physical heart is located), I noticed a lot of negative energy flowing at high speed, and I had nowhere to “hide.” The world is going through a lot of fear, and much more than it should, because things are not being done well. And I am not referring to the Government, but all citizens individually. Allowing fear to lose is what multiplies and attracts even more fear. And this, of course, keeps you away from the emotion and energy of love.

By the way, take a read about couples in this entry.

It is time to break the circle.

Everything is a little bit out of control globally, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to calm down yet. So, if you are reading this, it is essential that you at least calm down, as I explained in past posts, including the forecast messages. So I am going to ask you for a simple thing. Focus on love. And this does not mean reading a romantic book or watching Ghost on the TV. It is much simpler than this. You have to focus on the emotion of love.

Perhaps you cannot find love for a person, and you cannot painlessly remember a romantic situation. No worries, maybe in another area of ​​your life you can feel love. Or perhaps some dog or cat you had, even if it was in childhood. But do you know what? The book or the movie is also worth it. The important thing is to feel the love in your heart.

It's easy to trigger love within your heart.

Do you feel it?

Well, there really isn’t much of a secret. When you have the feeling of love in your heart, you have that powerful vibration within you. Now with practice, you can learn to maximize this energy. Do not worry if it does not work out at the beginning, invest love and patience, and see how you will improve. My guides told me to use love as protection, along with the usual protections. But literally visualizing love. In doing so, I stopped feeling that energetic discomfort. Like the one who closes a door to a room with music blasting. You keep hearing it, but it doesn’t bother you anymore. And I did as my guides told me:

  • Fill up the heart chakra with love (channeled, but also feel it with something from my personal life.)
  • Visualize how this energy begins to flow through your chakras. Try to feel it in each chakra.
  • Now, visualize how that energy grows more and more until it surrounds your whole body.

You are in a bubble made 100% of love. You can ask your guides to seal it with white Light and/or positive energy. Visualize that you have this bubble around you and that your vibrations are very high. It will not only drive your mind away from fear but also your astral body. Love is strong enough to fight fear, the opposite force.

We live in a paradoxical Universe.

Fear can be as strong or more (or less) than love. They are the two most potent forces in the Universe, and you dictate which one you want to opt for. Thinking that you choose for love is not the same as feeling it. It is essential to feel it. Otherwise, it does not work. When you are filled with the feeling of love and do not allow other energies to change that feeling, you will be free from fear. I will not say that it is easy for everyone, especially at first. If you control your energy, it will be easier for you. Otherwise, you will have to practice. Check out this chakras entry if you have a hard time.

Once you surround yourself with love, nothing can touch you.

I had something else in mind to write for next week, but actually, I heard in my mind, “life lesson.” It was authoritative but full of love. So, I will share a few things, that I will allow flowing in regards to the nowadays, and what is the best we can get out of it. Ironically, last year’s post happens to be an excellent read for nowadays. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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