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Do you have any gifts? Maybe you do and you don’t know it. I will share with you how you can discover them.

Discover your own gifts and start using them!

Written by Akashicsoul

January 29, 2020

Discover your own gifts and start using them!
Do you have gifts? Maybe you know since childhood. I explain how you can assure it.

Hello! We have a fascinating article this week. As I told you last week, mental peace is one of them. But come on, I want to tell you a little about my story, as I have discovered my gifts. Some since childhood and others as an adult. I will give you some tips (besides, I insist, you can have some mental peace.) These will help you get closer to any gift you have (even those gifts that are not spiritual or metaphysical, such as, for example, art, programming, or understanding people.)

I want to tell you that you may feel a connection with what you read. If so, and within you, you notice that “you have something,” it is the first step to realize your gifts. It is possible that since childhood, you have been able to perceive things beyond the physical plane. I tell you a little about how my story has been, the most critical points, and how they got me where I am. It is a case of spiritual gifts (although in the end, I tell you something about coding.) In one way or another, everyone on this planet has gifts since there are many more gifts than just those that are spiritual or metaphysical. However, these will only start to shine if you have a slightly more organized and clean mind (especially spiritual gifts.)

And if you want to jump to the tips directly and not read my story, click here.

Gifts, predisposition, and even the way of life.

Many people have spiritual gifts. In fact, you may remember that when you were little, you had a gift. Maybe you could see your deceased grandmother, or talk to your guides or even leave your body. Now, you will be thinking, “Sure! But as a child, not now! Let me tell you, Now, yes! Close your eyes and open your third eye; you will see how you can ‘see’! (pun intended) I mean it, maybe your parents, with the best intention in the world, told you that it was the fruit of your imagination. It is usually the number one serial killer of spiritual gifts, followed by fear or limitations caused by religions. And our society is number three. Three powerful ingredients to block your gifts.

I am not mistaken. I said “block” on purpose. Because those gifts, believe me, you still have them. I have been working with many people who have gifts for more than ten years. Some of the people I worked and work with, though they had lost those gifts forever. However, they are now exercising their gifts and contributing to the development of our humanity.

In other cases, parents have enhanced their descendants’ gifts, with or without intention, as is my case.

A flower under a rock with enough sun not to wilt, and besides, hidden under the rock, no one could tear it away.

As you see (although by now, you already knew it), my gifts are not in poetry precisely, but I wanted to put something poetic. No, I don’t consider myself a flower; my soul comes from another planet. The reference to the flower is my gift.

From a very young age, I can remember that, and when my family was stable, I knew how to leave my body and have lucid dreams. I can’t remember what was happening with my gifts back then. However, I have some memories, even before birth, that my mother has validated. But let’s jump to the moments that I began to realize.

Astral games with dad, adding imaginative and lonely times.

I will not tell my whole story in an online blog, but I want to share it on the subject since it could help you, depending on your situation. In the future, I will write a book about psychic-spiritual development, where I will tell my story a little more. My father worked in a travel agency on a global scale. He had a high position, so he had many business trips to do. It gave me many hours every day to be in communion with myself. Sometimes at home, waiting for him to arrive from work, or at grandparents’ house if he was traveling. My connection with my grandparents was great, but they had an advanced age, little energy. Therefore, they slept a lot.

My conscience did not get poisoned by electronics, mobiles, and video games. The first video-games already lurked on the market and lured me, like many other children. My father rationed my gaming time correctly (although it bothered me at that time, of course). Thanks to this, I was able to grow with a great gift called introspection. I learned to spend many hours doing nothing, finding fun in my mind, without the need for a screen. I also have to say that it was one of the things that fulfilled me the most, and without knowing it, it nurtured my gifts.

Reality and fiction.

My father (at this time, I was about eight years old and lived with him only) always had a lot of imagination. He also grew with the awareness of the Astral Plane, the energies, and more. Sometimes we went to clean up random trash from the forest, and meanwhile, we had metaphysical talks. He talked to me about things, and I could understand them naturally. I was beginning to have astral perceptions and experiences, some validated by my father. In fact, I have a story written in Quora about one of my first astral trips.

Stuff such as spirit guides, life after death, the astral body were normal things for me. Other gifts, such as empathy, I could perceive, sure, but I had no awareness. Many moments I spent with my father were more illusory, or more, “out of this plane,” perhaps with some lack in this plane, but that is another matter. I was very much in my head since I was a child, especially until 11-12 years old, where we moved to a gated community where I made many friends.

They light something but unable to understand it.

A little more in puberty-adolescence, I began to realize that I had premonitions. Also, I was at school advising people; everyone asked me things. In fact, I remember thinking, “How can I know about things I haven’t experienced?” Today I know it’s claricognition. With the arrival of the internet and the chats, I began to question myself why I knew how the other person felt, even behind a screen. I never shared any of it because it felt normal to me. I never questioned whether they were gifts or not. Even my friends call me wizard, seer, and the name of a famous psychic, but in diminutive, since I was a teenager, not an older man. But I never gave it importance nor put more thought into it.

If you notice your gifts, they grow.

The gifts come to light.

Many years later, as an adult and married man, bored out of my mind in an ethnic store of Spanish products in San Diego I worked at, I did a google search that would change my life. (It is here that I tell you that taking action is essential.) I decided to search Wikipedia on dreams. Here I discovered that “lucid dreaming” was something that you could learn but that I already knew how to do it. I decided to embark on the adventure. This led me to meet a lot of people and to find a group that dictated my path. This was a group of “psychic development” since, at that time, I already suspected that “I could do more things.” And from there, everything happened until today, as I write this.

Well, I’m not going to continue sharing, but you already get the idea. You have to take action the moment you realize that you may have gifts. If they are spiritual, you may suspect it already. And I give you some mini exercises/questions that can help you discover some of your gifts.

Make sure you have a certain level of mental serenity when looking for gifts.

  • Look a person in the eyes. If you don’t know the person, much better. Do you perceive anything? Look within your chest and in your mood. Do you notice an invasive feeling different from yours?
  • Try to see your aura. (Here I explain.)
  • Analyze your life: Do you know things you don’t know where you learned them? Or maybe, you already knew them, but you don’t know how?
  • Since childhood, have you been told by people that they feel at peace around you? How about feeling better after being with you for a while?
  • In your childhood: Did you see astral beings such as deceased relatives, invisible friends, animals that speak that only you see, fairies, aliens, and/or ‘weird beings‘?
  • Do you have a deeper connection with animals than other people?
  • If there have been metaphysical events in your life; What happened? How, and what connection is there with your person?
  • I also want you to read about the realizations you make once you expand spiritually.

You may discover your gifts if you check on what I have just commented on. That’s why I also told you that you needed mental peace. Not only will it help you see more clearly, but it will bring you happiness. Therefore, it is essential to know oneself personally, mentally, and spiritually. I wanted to make a faster and more to the point article, but when you tell a story, this is what usually happens. However, I hope you try everything I’ve mentioned to you just above.

You may be surprised.

I said I would mention coding. I learned to code before turning on the computer (and there was no operating system except MS-DOS). A six-month coding-course that I took, I finished in three weeks. I have a photographic memory for code. Before this WordPress site, I programmed everything by hand. There were several impediments for me to go to college for a career in coding. Today I am glad because I follow the authentic path that my soul wanted. Besides, I know that we are tough for creative coders to find satisfaction in their day-to-day work. But coding is a gift that I had/have and that I used at the time.

I hope you can discover your gifts and start working with them. Next week it’s the first week of February. That means that next Wednesday’s forecast time. But all this, in one week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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