Where does the soul originate, and how does existence start?

Soul: What we really are, but, where does the soul originate from?
Where does the soul come from?

The Soul: How does your existence start?

How are you? Have you listened to the forecast yet? Today I will talk about the soul and where I perceive that they originate according to spiritual guides, past lives, etc. And no, we don’t come from a big lamp, but it’s the best way to represent what I’m going to explain in an image (while working with the “Did you know, I found a better one!”.  It is a very elevated topic and difficult for us to understand 100%. Therefore, I will share this according to my experiences, my astral journeys, my guides, and books that have inspired me. This entry will be short; I mean for real this time!

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A higher “soul” or Light Source.

From my humble spiritual perspective, I feel that souls come from a great spirit, a “source of light.” As I visualize it, it is like a great sphere of light. This sphere has no consciousness of its own, but it generates awareness. If a machine in the fifth dimension made souls, it would be something like that. I could not really say if the fifth and higher dimensions’ souls also originate from the same source.

To make it simple to visualize, I see it this way:

  • Firstly, a small sphere of light comes out of the vast sphere of light. It will be an “original soul.”
  • This sphere of light divides into two smaller spheres of light. Now, we have a set of twin flames. It means two independent souls; you and your twinflame.

Each soul takes a different path in the Universe. To later re-unify in one, and this one, with the light source. Due to the age of the soul of some beings (reference of the Akashic Records), it can be billions of years. Perhaps eternally because we only perceive linear time with human consciousness, but it does not exist. Therefore, our existence is vast.

A soul might have existed in many civilizations.

The beginning of your existence.

It is here that each soul begins its path in its existence. All the experiences that that soul has been “recorded” in their Akashic Records. At this time, I really could not say why a soul chooses one way or another. However, as we well know, on our planet, we have souls that are incarnate angels, starseeds, elemental, and human souls.

Souls connect, in different lives, on this and other much better (and worse) planets. In future entries, I will talk about the different soul types that, at least, reside on our planet. This entry is short that this month, I will finish taking advantage of the summer a little. I don’t want to write by writing since I like to focus on the facts and what I know.

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You are the soul.

Although it is not a very long entry, as usual, I hope you at least give you a better idea about the soul. Next week there will be no entry (as happens 2-3 times a year). However, I always like to send something, even if it’s a greeting.  I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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