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Principle of Gender: Everything in the Universe has gender, everything has masculine and feminine.

Principle of Gender: Everything is male and female.

Written by Akashicsoul

September 8, 2021

Principle of Gender: Everything is male and female.
Principle of Gender: Everything in the Universe has a gender. Everything has masculine and feminine.

How are you doing the month? I hope the forecast has helped you! This week, we will continue talking about the seven Hermetic laws of the Universe, according to Kybalion. As always, we continue with one entry each month. Therefore, this month we are going to have the seventh and last, Principle of Gender. These laws are fascinating. Without realizing it, we are applying many of them. One of the most popular being the principle of attraction. If we keep these principles in mind, we will see and experience the Universe in a much more complete way. These are the seven Hermetic laws of the Univers. They have a link as we talked about them.

First, I leave you here the seven principles (as entries appear, they will appear with a link):

  1. The principle of mentalism.
  2. The principle of correspondence.
  3. The principle of vibration.
  4. The principle of polarity.
  5. The principle of rhythm.
  6. The principle of cause and effect.
  7. The principle of gender.

Consider all these principles. You will see the Universe with a greater and better perspective. Knowledge is an essential aspect of spirituality. As we see more, we can continue to grow with more learning. Besides, they will be short entries. These laws are straightforward and easy to explain. Every month we will talk about one of them. This month, as I said above, we will talk about the Principle of Gender.

The Principle of Gender tells us that masculine and feminine are equal and in perfect balance.

The first thing I want to explain is that the Gender Principle has very little to do with the sex that you put on your passport. This Principle refers much more to the energetic difference between masculine and feminine. Everything in the Universe has masculine and feminine energy. These interact with each other. Sexuality and gender in a person, animal, or plant is a simple manifestation of these energies on the physical plane, nothing more. For this reason, we all have a masculine and feminine side. They are connected to our consciousness and emotions. In fact, many times (and above all) angelic souls, by not having a physical gender (while they exist as angels,) decide to have a different gender than their bodies have at birth as humans. This is totally acceptable.

When we speak of feminine energy, we speak of protective energy that cares for and nourishes you. Furthermore, it is an energy that promotes reflection and understanding. This energy is also more receptive, dreamy, and open, where creativity and pleasure often shine. This energy is focused on maximizing what is essential at that moment. Also, generating new concepts that bring new possibilities that masculine energy embraces. In the case of male energy, we have energy connected to transformation, assertiveness, and exploration. This energy also seeks to simplify things. Generally opting for the most direct path. Always with a vast focal center. This energy is more penetrating, but it adapts to the changes that the feminine energy brings.

Principle of Gender always keeps both energies in balance.

Male and female are in balance.

As you can see, gender on a physical level is the least of it because we all have characteristics of both energies. In fact, using the strengths of each energy (male and female) will greatly strengthen you in all aspects of your lives. I recommend that you meditate on these energies and keep the Principle of Polarity in mind when analyzing these energies. Although we know these energies with the Principle of Gender, we have to see the whole picture to obtain complete and accurate information.

As I have been explaining to you, everything in the Universe is made of a mixture of these energies. This is great to be able to understand our feminine and masculine side much better and to be able to find a balance. In fact, as with everything in the Universe, a lack of balance is easily observed. For example, it is possible that behind the stubbornness or loss of perspective, there is an excess of masculine energy. But in the same example, lack of reaction can symbolize an excess of feminine energy. Therefore, when these energies come together (and their opposites), they find balance and harmony.

The genitals do not indicate the true gender of the person.

These energies manifest in very different ways on higher planes. Therefore, sex at the reproductive level of each person is a simple manifestation of these energies on the physical plane. The Principle of Gender explains these energies to understand how they work. Furthermore, when they combine to form everything that exists.  Physical, mental, and spiritual. In fact, we can observe these energies interacting since the creation of the atom through the union of electrons and neutrons. Through the union of these, and together with the vibration, we can observe manifestations of magnetism, alteration, light, repulsion, chemical affinity or non-affinity, heat, and any phenomena in the Universe.

Without a balance, there would be chaos.

As I have been explaining to you, these energies are in balance. In fact, the Universe is how we know it because there is this balance. If not, the male energy would act without perhaps an order or reason, leading to a chaotic situation. Also, the feminine energy does not connect with the masculine. This may reflect a dead end resulting from doing nothing. I want to remind you that this does not matter what gender you were given at birth or with whom you have a love relationship. There will always be both energies at the spiritual level, both individually and collectively, in the couple.

Understanding the Principle of Gender is an essential step in your self-understanding. Knowing your feminine and masculine sides better will give you many tools. This gives you the ability to understand your emotions and moods much better. As I explained in a previous post, transformation requires a change, and bringing your masculine and feminine energy will bring you to that balance. You will realize that reaching this balance means having the ability to release all your power of manifestation.

The question is to reach a balance, and this balance must be with yourself.

I advise you to leave all kinds of judgment on other people and their sexuality since you will be judging incorrectly, materializing negative energy. I want to remind you that we all have a feminine side and a masculine side. Also, we have had past lives with different genders, and understanding this promotes acceptance. The key at the end of the whole, and as I have told you, is the balance and harmony between both energies. In this way, you will be able to take full advantage of any situation that comes your way in life.

As with everything, take a look at the big picture. Ultimately, you will come down with deeper realizations when you take everything into account. If you notice judgment, let go of it. You will have a deeper understanding.

Next week we will continue to delve into the chakras. Let’s talk to see what happens when these chakras are overactive or underactive. And of course, some tips to open them. Next is the crown chakra. We are going to be talking about this next week. Having this chakra open and protected will open many doors in life for you. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. Make sure to listen to September’s Forecast 2021. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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