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The Lower World: Find deep physical healing, meet with your power animal and much more.

The Lower World: Meet amazing beings.

Written by Fernando Albert

March 11, 2020

The lower world: Elemental beings, power animals, and healing awaits you here.

Hello! Last week I said I was going to release a “The Journeys” guided meditation. However, I think it is more convenient to make an entry first about where you will be visiting, So now, right off the bat, you know what we have next week. However, I would like to talk a little about the lower world first. In this way, you can get acquainted little and be ready for meditation/exploration next week.

  • The lower world is one of the three worlds that you can visit on a shamanic journey. The other two are the Middle World and the Upper World. I will make some articles about these shortly.

I prefer to dedicate an entry for each world because we can touch them a little more thoroughly. However, I will not say much that you will explore the Lower World in a shamanic journey, not in an article!

The Lower World is perhaps the easiest to navigate, in addition to some more things that make it the perfect candidate to be the first world to visit. You will see that perhaps the Lower World is a world that you will frequent, perhaps more than the other two.

What can I get from the Lower World?

One of the main reasons for going to the Lower World is that we find a lot of healing here. Above all, healing on a physical level (in the Upper World, there is healing, but it is more spiritual.) One of the main reasons this world is visited first is that it is also possible to know your power animal. The power animal always accompanies you, or almost always, on shamanic journeys, especially in the Lower World.

In the Lower World, is where soul fragments are also sought through a soul retrieval session. In the Lower World, you can also receive messages from elemental beings, ancestral animals, spirit animals, and other beings that exist in this world. These beings can give you healing, give you a message that helps you in your life, or even give you some symbol or emblem if necessary, depending on your intentions and desires.

Generally, if you want to recharge your energy, the Lower World is ideal. Give a small prize to your physical body, work the lower chakras like those of the feet, knees, and the root chakra. It can become very revitalizing.

And how is this place exactly?

I don’t want to describe exactly how I see it since you must see it by your means. However, I want to give you some general ideas, so that you have an idea and it is easier for you, especially the first time:

  • The Lower World is like a jungle. The energy is very ancestral and primeval, deeply connected with the elemental and Earth energy.
  • To go to this world, visualize that you are in a forest and look for a hole. Enter the hole and go down until you reach the Lower World. As you go down, there is more and more jungle. Generally, your power animal will be waiting for you, especially if you already know him.
    • If at all when you arrive, it looks blurry, dark, as with fog, and you don’t like it, look for another hole and keep going down until you reach the Lower World. This happening is not frequent, but it can happen. It occurred to me once; I can tell you that it is easy to know that I was not in the Lower World.
  • You will be at a cave, or a lot of vegetation, or something similar. From here, start exploring if that was your goal. If your goal was healing, look for somewhere to receive it. Your power animal or some animal spirit will guide you.

From here, I recommend that you go mapping this world on paper once you return from your shamanic journey.

In this way, you will find places you like, and you will know how to return. (You would look at the map before starting the session, of course.)

The lower world has amazing sights.

You will find many interesting places in the Lower World. Some places may even seem very ancestral, as if there was a lost civilization or something. If you arrive at such a place, I recommend that you look for spirit animals to teach you something. Sometimes you learn super exciting things from the Lower World. In fact, if you are going to explore, it is easier for you to meet someone unique and receive some more profound message or healing.

A list of interesting things to do in the Lower World:

  • Map everything you explore.
  • Travel to connect with element beings and receive a message or help in some way.
  • Look for a small pond, as if it was a mud pool. Get in and have your whole body receive healing.
  • Meet your power animal.
  • Find a lost fragment of your soul.
  • Find an emblem that grants the goal you have for this trip.
  • Ride in your power animal to go somewhere. If you can’t because it’s small, follow it. In case it flies, it will probably take you (no matter its size.)

And I’m sure you’ll find exciting things to do.

And this is all I wanted to share about the Lower World. I want to comment to you that being a starseed, this is my favorite world by far. Not the Upper World (although incarnate angels probably have more affinity with this world.) It is also where “more things are done,” and, perhaps, there are more beings to connect with. Anyway, you can see that it is fascinating if you make a shamanic journey. And next week you will have an aid.

I hope you like this topic since the lower world is fantastic. Besides, It is much easier to visit the Lower World (and other shamanic worlds) than learn from scratch lucid dreams and astral travels. Although these last two are very different, all shamanic planes have their charm.

And this is all for this week.

Next week, you know what it is! I will share a couple more things and release a new Exploration. I will guide you through the Lower World so that you can also visit it with ease. In fact, if you follow my steps, you can always travel. You don’t need deeper states like for an astral trip, for example. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!


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