Unleash the Power Within – Discover, Heal, and Energize Your Chakras

Do you know the chakras? Here you will discover everything about your energy centers and how to get the most out of them.
The Chakras

What are the chakras, and what do they mean?

Before we start, are you able to tame your mind? Check here if not! Good day to all! While this entry is almost two years old, I am adding a lot of extra stuff to heal the chakras and a brief explanation about them properly. If you want to know the chakras (or chakras) and how to open a chakra, you found the right place!

There is an entry I like to share because it will provide a great read and will help you to learn further about meditation, astral projection, and spirituality. You can read a lot more about this right here.

If you are more of a watcher and a listener:

You can also find a video course with lifetime access that will guide you through each of the chakras, including a powerful meditation. Furthermore, you will be able to ask questions.

The same way we have organs, we have chakras, thousands of them spread throughout our entire body; therefore, they need care. However, in the same way we have principal organs, we have seven main chakras that complete our chakra system. The seven chakras (chakras) are connected and directly influence the physical body mostly. Each of these chakras has different functions and throughout these blogs post. Since we have gone through all of them, you can jump to each of these chakras:

When all the energy centers are open:

And to add a little more before we start with this particular chakra, I want to share with you something. You can find a tremendous deep sense of peace and balance when your chakras are in a state of equilibrium. When your chakras are aligned, it means that your chakras are open and healthy. It is a fact that all your chakras are working at an adequate level, always maintaining an excellent, energetic balance. Keeping the chakras open is essential!

How to get your chakras in line and how to heal them?

First of all, get to know them throughout this blog!

Secondly, apply your learnings to your life (and ask questions if you are unsure, contact me right here)

Third, you can help yourself heal your chakras with meditation. You can find both a free guided meditation to balance the chakras (subscribe to grab your copy) as well as 45 minutes of profound chakra healing meditation (check it out here)

And fourth, you can empower your chakras further with The Chakra Activation Series Over here, you will learn more.

The Chakras: Did you know they needs to be in balance?

It is time to learn a little.

I wanted to point out that you will expand your dreaming ability as you work on your chakras, especially the upper ones. You will bring lucid dreaming to your life as well as better control and understanding of your dreams. You can check my article about types of dreams to get to know more!

As you all know, the chakras are energetic centers. Our hearts pump blood and the main Chakras “pump” the energy through our whole body. They send that energy to all the other chakras that we have distributed around the body. In other words, if we want to have good energetic health, we need to have our seven primary chakras healed and balanced. Otherwise, there will be energy blockages that will reduce overall health. You are possibly wondering about the eighth chakra. While this chakra belongs to the second chakra system, I like to work on it and include it as something besides the main seven chakras.

I am going to share a little bit about each chakra briefly, as well as exercises to align your chakras, one at a time.

The Root Chakra. First of the chakras.

The chakras: Root Chakra (first chakrasana.)

  • The first chakra. It connects you with the earth, empowers your physical body, and enhances the kundalini.
  • Benefits: You feel grounded, energized, and healthier. You are more focused and present in life. Your physical health is empowered.
  • Detailed: information: You can read more in detail right here.
  • You can open it here.
  • You can activate it here.
Exercise to empower:

To empower your root chakra, visualize a golden root that comes from the Earth and attaches to your tailbone area. Imagine that this golden root starts to send you golden energy that comes straight from Mother Earth consciousness. Imagine this energy going all the way up from your root chakra to your crown chakra. This Earth energy will flow through your entire body, connecting you more to your physical body and Earth. This will keep your root chakra open and healed.

The chakras: Navel chakra (second chakrasana.)

  • The second chakra. It empowers the professional, financial, and sexual life. Essential for today’s society.
  • Benefits: You will have stronger magnetism in the professional and sexual field. Your sex appeal and professional potential will be more evident. You will enjoy things more.
  • Detailed information: You can read more in detail right here.
  • You can open it here.
  • You can activate it here.
Exercise to empower:

While the Root Chakra exercise above will also benefit your Navel Chakra greatly, some attention in here will also help. First of all, focusing on your navel area, I want you to feel successful. Try as hard as you can here, as this is the chakra or personal success, abundance, and sexuality. Focus on positive, successful events that occurred in your life (especially financial, professional and sexual achievements.) If you are enhancing your sexual energy, make sure you focus on the sexual energy itself (fulfilling whatever desires you have) and not on love (this will be for your heart chakra.) If you are unable to find or connect with a specific success of yours, visualize (makeup) one instead and feel it with your entire soul.

The Solar Plexus Chakra. Third of the chakras.

The chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra (third chakrasana.)

  • The third chakra. Enhances your power and promotes energetic release/cleansing. One of the chakras that manage most of your life.
  • Benefits: You will have a much strong personal presence. You will feel more empowered, and people will perceive you have a strong foundation. You also cleanse negative energy through this chakra.
  • Detailed information: You can read more in detail right here.
  • You can open it here.
  • You can activate it here.
Exercise to empower:

A great exercise that I want to share with you is for you to imagine that you have a faucet attached in your lower back (the back of your Solar Plexus Chakra.) When you take a shower (take an actual shower), firstly imagine that you open a faucet and imagine that muddy water comes out of this tap. You know, like gross water, smelly and dirty. Secondly, visualize this water going down the drain and getting washed away. Set the intent for this water to be all the negativity that does not belong to you. And finally, imagine that this water is about everything you need to release, other people, negative experiences, negative feelings, stress, karma, etc.… Keep this visualization for a few minutes, and you will realize how much it will relieve you, it is a fantastic exercise that I practice.

I also want to recommend you to check out an article about how to get to know yourself and get out the most from your life. You will access a lot of informatión to continue enhancing your life, by getting to connect deeper with yourself.

The Heart Chakra. Fourth of the chakras.

The chakras: Heart Chakra (fourth chakrasana.)

  • The fourth chakra. Connected with unconditional love. The heart center and love are the base of everything; therefore, it is crucial to keep it healthy.)
  • Benefits: You will be able to love more, and people will be able to love you more. Love can enhance many doings in life and empower the positive result out of your actions and visualizations.
  • Detailed information: You can read more in detail right here.
  • You can open it here.
  • You can activate it here.
Exercise to empower:

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine that for each breathing, a beam of white light enters your nose, goes all the way down to your lungs and illuminates your entire body. After a few times, imagine your body is all made out of white light and believe that you are inside a bubble of white light. Imagine and visualize than only positive energies will be able to blend with yours, and also manifest that you will not allow your energy to flow away from you unless it serves your highest purpose. Keep this visualization for about five minutes and say thanks to the universe for this protection.

The Throat Chakra. Fifth of the chakras.

The chakras: Throat Chakra (fifth chakrasana.)

  • The fifth chakra. Enhances communication, self-expression, honesty, and eloquence. One of the main chakras to communicate properly.
  • Benefits: You will get better with words. You will know how to express yourself correctly and use your eloquence. You will know when to listen and when to speak with confidence,
  • Detailed information: You can read more in detail here.
  • You can open it here.
  • You can activate it here.
Exercise to empower:

To empower your throat chakra, you want to focus on your throat area, and you want to visualize a door opening in here. The color of the door is going to be blue. Once you can imagine this door, you want to focus on having a positive level of communication whatever you need to express. You also want to visualize yourself being able to share all your feelings, ideas, and thoughts; you want to imagine your words reaching out to those who are listening to you. If you need to do something more specific regarding using your voice (public speaking, singing, etc.,) focus on the success as you realize you can express your thoughts and ideas with remarkable clarity.

The Third Eye. Six of the chakras.

The chakras: Third Eye Chakra (sixth chakrasana.)

  • The sixth chakra. Enables your intuition, imagination, and creativity, hence connecting you with your gifts.
  • Benefits: You will have access to your intuition, expanding it and making it more clear. You will have a great imagination, and your spiritual gifts will possibly extend.
  • Detailed information: You can read more in detail here.
  • You can open it here.
  • You can activate it here.
Exercise to empower:

Your third eye can be your best friend. While it is possible one of the “most interesting” chakras out there, or the one people desire to develop the most, it is often ignored. To empower your third eye, you want to start listening and developing your intuition. Ask yourself small YES/NO questions and feel what type of answer do you get. See how it resonates. Trust your intuition; when we are connected with our intuition, our intuition never bails on us, it will always be a reliable source. There are many visualization exercises, but meditation works excellent. I wrote an article about what steps can I practice to open my third eye?, so make sure to check it out!

The Crown Chakra. Seventh of the chakras.

The chakras: Crown Chakra (seventh chakrasana.)

  • The seventh chakra. It is your gateway with Spirit. Therefore, it is your connection with the astral realm and higher chakras.
  • Benefits: You will be much more connected to Spirit, hence becoming easier for you to tap into the astral plane. You can also access your next set of chakras…
  • Detailed information: You can read more in detail here.
  • You can open it here.
  • You can activate it here.
Exercise to empower:

Meditation is key here, as well as mindfulness. You can also invite your Spirit Guides to empower and open further your Crown. Meditation also works wonders here, since you will be channeling all your energy from your Crown. Even of this, having the other chakras balanced will empower your Crown as well, so working on all the chakras is a must and will provide significant benefits at an energetic as well as at a physical level, thus empowering your whole life.

As far as the seven main energy centers, this is it. When I wrote for the first time this entry (it had less info, though!), it ended here. However, we all keep growing, and with growth comes discovery. I have done some work on a further one, and I will now share it here.

The Eighth Chakra. Eighth of the chakras.

Eighth Chakra

  • The first or the second set of chakras. It reaches a higher plane of existence, the true essence of your soul and your link to higher dimensions.
  • Benefits: You will see yourself as a multidimensional being in a more natural way and understand it. Astral Projecting through your eighth chakra will bring you to higher planes of existence. You will be more connected to the true you, the soul.
  • Detailed information: You can read more in detail here.
  • You can open it here.
  • You can activate it here.

Exercise to empower chakras:

Make sure your seven main chakras are open and healthy. You want to get used to silent meditation and to be comfortable in a state of no thought (but without astral projecting from your body.) Reach and remain the vibrational stage where you feel you could start to astral project. Instead of empowering the vibrations, focus on your Eighth chakra. It is above the Crown  (maybe like a 3rd-4th story from your head). Keep your attention there and without any specific intent, just visualize a massive sphere of white light. You can use the image above as orientation. Visualize how it expands and it becomes larger, brighter and stronger. Visualize an energetic stream flowing from you (whatever or wherever you are now, you might have even projected, but you are in the right place).

Light brings light.

Visualize this stream making this huge sphere of white light expand. Keep this visualization for a while until you visualize another stream. It comes from the Eighth chakra heading to your Crown chakra, entering it and flowing all the way down to the Root , and the Earth. Visualize yourself traveling behind this stream while you set the intent to return to your body. Remain in a state of relaxation focusing on your Eighth chakra until you are ready to come back.

The eighth chakra can be the gateway to astral projection. You can read more about astral projection here.

And there is a powerful healing guided meditation! 

Check it out here:

The Chakras: Balance your energy centres!

Therefore, you will love it! Having your energy centers balanced is good. Many of you ask me if healthy chakras (chakras) and meditation help with astral projection. Take a look over this article to find out more about your potential for astral project. And know the differences between astral projection and dreaming.

I share therefore additional techniques to keep them empowered. These are quite powerful self-healing techniques. The more you work your chakras, the better you will be in life.

I want to invite you to the new video course to get the most out of your chakras and life. Check out click the image below:

The Activations.

Lastly, that’s all! I wanted to get to the point this week, and you already have the practices.

Y os dejo una entrada nueva:

Next week, I’m going to give you another powerful exercise. Another that I do per need and has helped me change my life too much better. This exercise goes a little beyond the Law of Attraction and works with high certainty, to the point of even surprising myself. You can’t miss it! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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