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Electronics: Breakthrough or social demise? Be mindful with your electronics’ usage!

How much time do you invest a day with your electronics?

Written by Fernando Albert

January 15, 2020

How much time do you invest a day with your electronics?
How many hours do you invest in using electronics? What is happening in our society?

Hi, there! How are you? With the image above, you can imagine the topic that we are going to talk about. However, an excellent way to take advantage of your electronics is to use them for guided meditations. Did you try the new journey last week? Maybe you are thinking: “Here we are here again!” (Although it has been a while since the last one). I want to explain a little more about the reason for things, my little two cents worth of what I observe around.

It will not be a very long entry since, as I said, I have talked about the subject before. In addition to this, there are many entries where I also touch on the topic of smartphones. Topics such as, How to avoid monotony? Or even in the best tips before bedtime, if you want to improve your dreams and sleep well. There is also an article that talks about communication problems that true of our progress in communication technologies (ironic, right?)

I want to share a little the root reason for almost “a crusade” against electronics abuse, especially your phone. They affect your aura¬†and energy a lot.

(By the way, this year has an interesting start… make sure to check the forecast.)

Don’t throw papers on the floor, even less if the sweeper is watching you.

As I have mentioned many times, one of my purposes in this world is to help you with your spiritual awakening. Help you see that there is a world much bigger than the one around us. Help you find your potential, to be independent, and succeed in your life. There are wonderful places like the Akasha or the Astral Plane that you can visit. In fact, I love it when I can help you see the great value you have in this world.

We all know that social networks (especially) are doing a lot of damage to people’s self-esteem. Create anxieties, dependence, worries, and depressions for something, for example, a “like,” or maybe, a less than perfect photo. I do not use the word “insignificant” because, for many people, it is something important, whether or not it should be. Among many things, this is one of the most potent poisons in this world, a hazardous drug to which society has become addicted. It has contributed to many people losing their genuine touch.

When it seems that everything is won… comes the surprise.

I fight to awaken the consciousness of anyone who needs it. A person anchored to the phone will bring precisely the opposite due to the constant abuse and drama day after day. We are antagonists because we do not provide the same type of vibration in consciousness. Right now, I am using electronics (a computer, of course, I’m not too fond of smartphones, hehe.) They even get in the way while eating. And it has been thanks to electronics that millions of people woke up and learned. I always say that when the internet came to our hands, the “battle for global awareness shifts into a victory for awakeness.

However, with cell phones and social networks’ arrival, “the battle” has again receded away from individual and spiritual awakening. Just look at the hordes of people walking down the street and shopping centers, centered on their universe of eight (twelve for those who invest more) inches.

When the wolf shows its ears, and you see it from far away.

More than twelve years ago, as soon as I began to see the boom that smartphones were having, I began to worry. I mentioned that people were going to be hooked to the point of needing rehabilitation centers. Due to not being able to spend a day or even a few hours without entering a social network, and well, an endless number of things. In the proper communication article, I explained how we read everything less, and we are easier to manipulate.

Since at that time, society was not as it is today, people called me exaggerated that time. Today, a part of these people affirms that These people already knew the issue since then, that I had nothing. I had nothing because it was apparent, but indeed I was able to see the evidence sooner. It is ironic since this situation applies even to people who are not entirely hooked.

Wooden toys feed the mind, electronics don't.

Unfortunately, today, there are even suicides due to social media problems. There are much less dangerous illegal substances! I am very sorry when I see a mother give her four-year-old son an iPad to shut him up. These children are not going to develop their creativity and imagination properly. There is already a handful of code in a super-fun app that takes care of it. What damage will this bring in ten years? Probably more than we imagine.

Electronics and you: Find the balance.

Well, I could say a lot of things, but for that, I already have other articles. And besides, it is not my intention to beat up the issue, but “raise your head” a bit. Ironically, there are official announcements on TV that remind you that it is crucial not to abuse. Society thinks that drugs only come in colored pills, but that is not the reality.

Cell phones are wonderful tools if used well. In fact, smartphones have and will continue to save lives. They help us a lot to facilitate our life. We can control our entire home with home automation. We can start our car, see what the cat does at work while you talk to your son, who is on the other side of the world. Mobile phones have started love among many people and many more great things (this must be the longest thing I’ve talked good about a cell phone.) However, (that’s it!), You have to go to a romantic restaurant. You will see that some couples, both parties, are each using their phone…

So I have already shared the reason for my lack of kinship with (mainly) mobile phones. I, like everyone else, use electronics (though I hardly use my mobile, hehe), probably more than I should. I am using a computer right now to write this, and then I will use it to do a little meditation with some instrumental audio files playing. However, I will not use any electronics (not even music) to meditate later, for example.

The key to proper use of electronics is finding a balance.

And also, realize that everyone is hyper-saturated to use no matter what device. Try to find moments to avoid its use so that the mind and conscience rest. Our subconscious does not understand electronics; for that reason, they work so badly and randomly in dreams. With so much use (and here I include TV), it may contribute to generalized anxiety that adds to other things. And, of course, much more in the case of having needs in social networks. Make the mind your screen and visualize something pleasant, at least occasionally.

And finally, this is all I wanted to share about electronics! Next week I will talk about the benefits of having mental peace. By reducing your mobile phone use a little, you can dedicate your time to your mind at least a little bit. I already explained something similar in the past. However, I will tell you how to find, take advantage of and enjoy peace of mind without allowing thirds to steal it off from you. But all this, in one week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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