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Empathy and Global Empathy. What it goes around these two?

Global empathy will help you feel like Gaia is feeling.

Written by Fernando Albert

December 12, 2018

Global empathy will help you feel like Gaia is feeling.
What is empathy? How about global empathy?

Hi folks! So here I come with that promised entry. First, did you listen to the forecast? Empathy is not the most common topic out there, but I know how you feel as you read this, empaths. I know because I am one myself, and I already spoke once about empathy in this article. Many people related and sent me a ton of messages, but I wanted to come with more information. Also, something I learned (during psychic readings) is about people affected by the feelings of one (significant) being, planet Earth. I call that global empathy or global empaths.

I wanted to share about this for a while, the difference between empathy and global empathy. After several years of working with thousands of people, I started to notice there was even more to empathy than I initially thought. I learned a lot from doing readings and sharing my own experiences with others. I shared about being an empath in an earlier blog entry, which you can check by clicking here.

A “gift” or ability that Science sees!

A great thing about learning (and accepting teachings) is discovering new things, like finding out that empathy has an actual psychological definition. It is called mirror neurons (look it up!) I was astonished when I learned it, but if even psychologists say yes to empathy (or mirror neurons), it is a big thing! Not the usual to find a psychologist defining a gift, but since empathy is very “noisy,” I am not surprised, LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I would call a “different” type of empath, or to label it differently, to name it: Global Empathy. We all are familiar with the classic empath and the gift of empathy. In my earlier blog post, “Empathy: A gift or a curse.” I spoke a lot about it, and it was fantastic for the number of messages I received from other empaths. I want to give you thanks for that. That blog entry was to share the weight of empathy (and the blessings too, of course… but if you are an empath, you understand me). I will share a little bit more about the classic empath, even though it is more detailed in that previous article I was talking about. Take it as a refresher:

Are you an empath?

Who is an empath knows it, even without knowing what empathy is. On my end, it was like: “I do not want to feel like others.” Or, “If there is even a screen in front of me, why I feel like this person.” Also, out of messages from the prior post, I received a ton of relating very much. Technically, I would not call it a “gift” since all living beings have empathy. Although there are some exceptions, a person in pain can shake any heart in tears or despair.

Someone who has no empathy at all has a condition called Psychopathy. Be aware that even if we do not know this random person at all, we still perceive his/her suffering, and at a shallow level, we recognize it as our own and empathize with him/her. Pretty standard for all sane people. Get to know you better if unsure.

When empathic links start to become too strong and invasive.

In this case, it is still empathy, but perhaps at a more fundamental level, to somehow name it. When empathy becomes a gift (or curse in a way), we can perceive beyond the physical signs that a person can give us in a good or bad moment. Even if that person tries to hide it (and does it well), it will not trick the empath. It does not matter if there is a screen, and you do not see that person at all. Still works. It is like having the antenna much more expanded and with more capabilities, much broader broadband perhaps. Maybe more than a global empathy.

As an empathic person, I can tell you that when empathy is above normal levels, I can quickly notice someone’s mood since I can sense the energy change. For this problem, there is a solution, and you will learn to protect yourself so that these energies do not affect you that much (even so, your empathy will continue to work because you cannot stop it.) There is a point where you will always perceive stuff empathically, and you learn to live with it. You even will feel (as you are feeling) and like having a screen right above your heart, with the other person’s feelings. You do not want to blend your feelings with others.

Empathy knows no distances and is always “active” when we connect with another person.

It is an ongoing thing, always working. For empathic people above “normal levels,” it does not matter if the other person shows signs of how they feel. “Even if you do not see it in my face, I’m crying on the inside.” An empath will always know that that person is suffering. Without a psychic push and permission from that person, you will not understand the causes of that ailment. However, you will pick it up empathically anyway.

That’s why an empathic healer who can read energy is so efficient. For some reason, there are some feelings that empaths have a hard time blocking, or can’t block at all, overwhelming us. On my end, it is nervousness/doubt. For these reasons, big tournaments are off-limits for me, as I would pick up all of that. I know other empaths unable to block different feelings, too (both positive and negative ones.)

An energy detector; good for protection, but you can have some fun too!

Maybe with global empathy, you will not benefit from this, but you will do with normal empathy.

I can assure you that empathy has saved me from many disappointments by perceiving the intentions of the people I have met along the way. And while empathy is not the solution to everything, it is a great help. Empathy is a big bag to carry, cutting you off from some things in life, but I would not give up this bag… Also, besides its downfalls as well as the “advantages you get,” you can use it for fun/entertaining too.

It is not karmic to benefit from empathy. For example, when you use it in card games, as long as you do not make bets or gain extra stuff from that person other than a “just a win” (friendly match.) If you have to steal a card from someone, you will know which card will bother them the most, thanks to empathy. It might be because s/he knows you need it or because s/he needs it. They will look like fools when this happens again and again! They did no understand how I always knew.

I did rejoice every time I saw one of these skeptics placing their cards facedown, making each card unknown to them, “just in case,” but there is nothing beyond the material. Hahaha!

Shields do not block all empathic feedback, and it neither will block global empathy entirely.

This is the typical empathy we all know, the one that hundreds deal with daily. However, I found some people a different type of empathy, and they do not necessarily have to be an empath, as mentioned above. I am an empath, but I am not a global empath (and I am glad not to be!).

What is Global empathy?

Out of reading hundreds of different Akashic Records, I have found empathic people at a global level. I believe it goes the same as with natural empathy, we all (living creatures) have a degree of empathy, but those of us who are empaths, feel things at a much stronger level. Everybody can perceive a certain degree of global empathy, not changing just for being a typical empath, but it possibly intensifies for people who are global empaths.

There is a global consciousness that affects us to some degree, and there is also the very consciousness of Earth herself. We are very influenced by these, much more than what we are aware of. The Earth as a whole is a sentient being as well. This global consciousness affects her as well, as the mistreating from us humans towards her. As I started to do forecast readings (you can check them on my Youtube channel here), I noticed how this global consciousness affects us. It can be tapped upon, and our lifes, as well as natural phenomena, are influenced by these “global moods.”

Planetary empathy.

global empath, I’d say, is like a natural empath, but instead of feeling what others feel like we do, they feel based on either global consciousness, earth consciousness, and maybe even both. Our planet’s energy is not the same every day, like in any other human or non-human living creature. Natural phenomena link to this energy (alongside many other things, of course), and it happens to be that “when the earth is sad,” these global empaths are sad as well.

Regular empaths might be affected. I struggled quite a bit with global energies due to some events.

Some are sharing a strong bond with the planet and feeling like her feels.

I believe that Earth’s feelings could even override those from a global empath. The same way that a person’s feelings can replace the feelings a normal empath had into the feelings of this person.

I would say that Elemental incarnate souls are more prone to Global/Earth Empathy. I have met quite a bit of elemental incarnate who gets very depressed when there are disasters such as an oil spill, for example. Something catastrophic will affect these empaths (even if no humans are involved in the crisis.) Also, though, this is not true for all elemental incarnate I’ve met. Some seem to not even care for the planet at all. Some might not feel empathy for Earth at all, but respect her and be grateful to her.

It becomes a problem when disrespect and mistreat other beings, and the planet herself becomes a reality. Sort of an “Earth-psychopath”! Global empath or not, it is essential to care for our planet, regardless of our soul’s origin. After all, if you are reading this, it means Earth is housing you too and giving her love to you. If you are not breathing, it means you are either an ET or Astral Traveling; if so… visit other words and leave the blog for later! Thanks though!

There are possible different empathy ways to perceive Earth for global empaths.

Everything that goes and happens around Earth (on Earth herself) affects these types of empaths. I am not this type of empath. Upon asking my guides, if you are having a hard time because of this, do some Crown chakra exercises and unground a little. Also, make sure to clear your solar plexus. Disconnect a little from our beloved planet. I believe this might help little, like with natural empathy, but it will to some degree. My guides also say for you to go in nature. Try to find positive stuff about Earth (like a documentary, for example). Try to fill up your heart, visualizing the Earth heals and is happy. It will help her and mask her suffering (reflected on you) due to whatever happened.

Global consciousness also plays a role, and it does affects.

I also found out that other empaths can pick up on “how humanity is feeling” as a whole. Sorry, but I would not be happy being empathic this way, as I already have enough to pick up those from around me! These empaths are more prone to be extremely depressed or exhilarated at given times of the year. These people are tremendously affected by significant catastrophes; it can be a hurricane, a war, or a financial crisis. I believe that this is because of people’s mood at a global level, affecting these empaths.

Mainly a big war can induce severe/suicidal depression to this type of empaths. It already crushes most people’s hearts because of all the suffering and fear that millions would go through. It fills up the global consciousness with said energy. Not a good thing.

I only speak from my experience. I cannot say much for global empathy other than my findings on readings. However, daily cleansing is the most important. If you are feeling overwhelmed because of something terrible happening, do this. Ask your guides to bubble you up and to protect you. I do not believe you can stop this type of empathy neither. Not many people are aware of it. Empathy will keep going like your nails are growing… Do not close your heart chakra. Just put a wall in front of it that you will be able to remove later.

Global empathy will fill out the heart of those who perceive it.

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And this is it for this week. Empathy was an important topic I wanted to cover and have it included before the year ended. Christmas is approaching, and I will be bringing you some surprises for the next couple of weeks. So make sure not to miss them.  I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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