Understand your difficulties in life better and you will see that there is much more light than you thought.

Understand your difficulties in life better and you will see that there is much more light than you thought.

You can handle all difficulties if you observe.
Difficulties: Even in absolute darkness, you will find a glimpse of Light. Always.

But you have to find it, and have perseverance and follow it! How are you? Well, we are still in Mercury retrograde, and we also have some recent forecast information. This week I am going to share how to face and understand your difficulties. You likely have more than one; otherwise, you would not be reading this message, or you are doing it from another plane/planet. If you are on another planet, I am glad that our Internet waves reach you. Anyway, I was going to talk about mindful eating, but on a shamanic trip to the Lower World I received a message from the spirits of the Earth:

Even when the road looks completely wild, you will know how to follow the right path through the soft stones.

The spirits and elementals that reside in this world have a shared consciousness with the Earth. Sometimes the messages are straightforward, but many times these come with Earth-related symbology. Humans also do this with our lives. But come on, the message, if we translate it to “human,” would be something like: although our path is full of difficulties, some problems that are not so serious may indicate that we are taking the right path.

A compelling message if we analyze it a little, and therefore, I decided to make this entry.

If it’s all difficulties, there is always a breather, even if it is merely “less intensity” in that challenge.

If we think of a path full of rocks, much more than the photo, and there are only rocks, we can understand that it is a complicated path. Maybe you won’t suffer much with a car that it’s a 4×4 since the rocks can damage a regular vehicle. Imagine going barefoot on this road. It is more complicated and painful than with the car (if the car makes it.) When you walk, you will look for the softest, elongated and flat stones. You do it this way as not to hurt yourself, correct? Sometimes you are where you are; your only option is to follow your path, no matter the difficulties.

Symbolically, if you stop progressing, you spiritually die. In this example, if you are on a rock without ever moving because you will hurt yourself, you will starve and thirst, to eventually die. That is if a random wolf does not hunt you down, for example.

Sometimes we have no choice, and it is the path that we have. Perhaps it is a health problem, a work problem, or a spiritual problem (this entry on spirituality will help you). The important thing is that it is something you have to live with. If you let yourself be carried away by negativity and fear, you just will lead to more suffering. Therefore, you have to face difficulties, but it’s essential to know how and when. In fact, when I received this message, it helped me a lot to understand the way that humanity approaches and faces suffering.

It’s not the right.

There is no need to suffer unnecessarily. Sometimes, especially if it is about health, there is no option. I know that more than one person reading this will understand. Sometimes when we have difficulties, we are only able to see that, the problem. Some may fall apart even if the challenge has a simple solution (I don’t want to mention when you’re dealing with a chronic problem.) However, life goes on, and you have two options: fall behind, or keep moving forward.

You may never have felt gratitude. You are feeling well because you usually feel well. The normal is that “nothing hurts,” right? Just as blind is the millionaire boy who never learns the value of money. So earning a small sum of money will seem like the most normal thing to this millionaire kid and won’t feel gratitude (when at best, that amount can feed a family a whole week.)

You may find yourself in a job position that you can’t change. And you also have four children to feed. Perhaps you are terrified of what will happen when your life ends (if so, I invite you to read this entry about death.) Perhaps, in love, things do not seem to work. Or you do have something physically hurting you day and night. A list of negative possibilities can fill up pages, not worth it. But the number of blessings we all take for granted is overwhelming.

But if you observe and analyze, everything will be easier.

It is clear that most people are going to have a problem, even of a certain severity. It can happen in love, finances, and work, perhaps more easily to young souls. However, being an old soul does not free you from these possible challenges neither. Although, it is likely that many old souls already struggled in past lives, and gained experience, therefore, dealing better with the difficulties. However, we have one that is unanimous for everyone, and that also, sometimes (other times we do), we do not choose it. That’s health.

However, this does not mean that if you have an “incurable” health problem (for now), you have to give up. Neither that you are a terrible person full of karma. Besides a possible future fix, it’s essential not to give up. There are always ways to tackle your difficulties, even health-related ones. Don’t give up. And in the message, the spirits said, “the soft stones tell you that you are walking through your path.” Since perhaps, in some situations, you will see that you have no way out, you can only pull forward, and it hurts. However, no matter how rocky the trail is, there are always flat or smaller rocks. Within health, work, or money problems, you will always have better and worse moments. Sometimes it is difficult to see the best moments when everything is black, but it is necessary.

Sometimes it matters how you approach your difficulties.

We are going to face difficulties and put a little strategy.

I’m going to give you some quick tips to finish.

Sometimes the consciousness of the human being is a little stubborn. If it doesn’t work, push. Some will be stubborn enough to be pushing without success for an entire lifetime. You need to get a little bit outside the box, question things, and look for alternative solutions. That’s finding those soft rocks. It may still be difficult, but “within the worst, you are getting the best” as you try to take the steps that suit you best.

Having gratitude helps a lot because you will see those soft rocks more easily. I have an article where I talk about gratitude, giving the example of feeling gratitude for having a toilet in your home, and running water. Something that millions of people would dream of (or even imagine) having. Having gratitude for small things attracts bigger things. If you feel gratitude, you will already attract those soft rocks much better. Because luckily, if you are reading this, you already have blessings to be grateful for (your device at least and the internet infrastructure where you are.)

When things get uphill.

Sometimes, especially with health issues, a person can get desperate. Anxiety, chronic pain, kidney problems, insomnia, heart, breathing problems, and countless more. Honestly, sometimes these bodies work like fairground shotguns. But these bodies are the ones we have, we have to take care of them as much as possible, and root ourselves in the positive aspects. Maybe you have a skin problem and a lot of very annoying itching. In fact, it is chronic and untreatable. Perhaps it is a very intense pain (or multiples). Maybe you need to pee every thirty minutes. These issues add worry and make your mind race, but you need to control it (I recommend this exercise if that’s your case.)

But within these difficulties, perhaps you have a good stomach and can enjoy a nice bite. Or maybe you have strong legs and are fit. It is essential to observe the positive aspects of your body. Everybody has “higher traits,” although sometimes it is difficult to find them. You may have several troubled areas of your life. Unfortunately, there are cases with insane suffering.

If this is your case, sometimes you just have to put up with it (discomfort, pain, tremors, whatever), and focus on something yours that its positive. “What a beautiful dream I had last night.”, Or “How nice that I won the raffle.”, Or “Tomorrow dad is coming.” While you are having a hard time, fill yourself with positive emotions, and focus as much as you can on those positive aspects. It will be all shorter and bearable. Sometimes, you have no choice, that’s life, so face it with positive thoughts.

An easy way to find gratitude.

I have said in numerous posts, how vital gratitude and positivity is. But as I said before, gratitude is also fundamental. Similar energies attract, so if you have gratitude and positivity, you are going to attract more of the same. You will find that it is easier to face difficulties when you feel other positive aspects of your life. Usually, with your memories and experiences, you can have enough, but if you need a boost when it comes to visualization, the “ThankYou-ThankYou” guided meditation can help you. It is an effortless meditation that will fill your heart with gratitude, regardless of your situation. You can find it by clicking here or in the image below:

Gratitude meditation to attract abundance.

So, now you have a new way to face your difficulties!

Now, next week I’m going to talk about “mindful eating.” Eating is essential, but due to our society, most people are not eating with some attention. There is also spirituality behind food and the way you eat it. We are not going to question what you eat, but how you eat it. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: third year, second year, first year.

Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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The way we communicate something will have a huge impact in the end result of the message.

The way we communicate something will have a huge impact in the end result of the message.

Learn to communicate properly
How to communicate a message to get the best result.

Hey, all! Did you find the topic of how astral projection feels interesting? This week is a bit more “mundane” thing, but I think necessary. And I’ve already talked about these topics in past posts (I recommend this one about communication). This week we are going to talk about how to communicate things. We are not going to touch (or very slightly) the cell phone topic, I have talked a lot about them. We assume that some issues have already been learned; therefore, we are going to go one step further. I’m going to try to share the way of communicating things, because really, and above all, it depends on the person, it can have a lot of impacts when it comes to receiving the message, so it is important how you communicate it.

I mean, I’m not an expert, and like everyone else, I’ve also learned through lessons. However, working with people, seeing more than a generation past, and the learning that I receive as I expand my spiritual development, has helped me to realize things. I have a lot to learn, things that I can’t imagine, for sure, just like everyone else, it is one of the reasons that we are on this dense plane of duality. But I know that, between the experience of my own life, and learning from working with other people, I want to make an entry like this, because I know that you can throw a cable at someone. Also, some of this knowledge is astral lessons, and those if it is okay to share them. As long as it improves our ability o communicate properly.

Pay attention! Right now, you must focus on this article. For your better good!

Did you notice it strange, maybe even aggressive? Not my style when I write, right?

It is better to know how to communicate things, and I am sharing more below if you want to continue reading.

Much better this way, and of course, as a reader, you prefer this approach, right? I can tell you that if you say things abruptly, for example, you can hurt the person. Or for example, if my posts had those titles, maybe you wouldn’t want to read this blog. And well, this is what I’m really going to talk about, it doesn’t have much mystery. I am not going to say that it will be short, because they do not usually, but well, it will be of the short side (in the end, once more, not really!) hehe. It truly matters how you communicate things.

When you have to say something you don’t agree with or don’t like.

Sometimes it is difficult to express your feelings, and depending on your personality, it can be from easy to practically impossible. But it is essential to know that you can give your point of view, without making the other person feel attacked, or questioned. Today, because of the internet, people have become coarser and colder. What was essential a couple of decades ago (hello, please, thank you, bye-bye) is increasingly spoiling. People have gotten used to just sending instant messages, and sometimes they don’t realize that an email, a formal letter, or even a conversation in person is not the same as a text message.

It is essential to know the origin of what you do not like about the person, inspect it to understand it, and make decisions from there. Knowing the person, you will always know how to communicate something gently. When you go to say something you don’t like, you will understand why, and you may even feel that the other person can help you. For example, you wouldn’t say to your best friend, “I’m sick of so many beers every Saturday, this (added swear) sucks You’re also not going to keep drinking beers this way if you’re tired. You can say to him, “And what do you think if, for example, tonight we go to see a movie, so we don’t just go for beers, we’re going to have a beer belly hahaha!”

Get to know the person, but really, not only through messages and emojis.

The above is a great way to tell a friend not to overdo the beers. You can even laugh. But if your friend has had or has a problem of overweight, low self-esteem, etc., you should know so as not to harm this person accidentally. You’ll screw up sometimes, even when you’re trying to do it right, but it’s a process. The important thing is to have the intention of doing it well. Learning how to communicate appropriately is a life-long lesson.

If you know others and listen to them, you can learn a lot. Everyone has their way to communicate things, but also of understanding them. For this reason, there are sometimes so many conflicts, be it family, professional, or even national. But with the people around us, we can avoid many annoyances if we stop a little to listen to them. We also have to listen to what our conscience has to say, and for that, silence is perfect. When a person knows self, this person will have much less verbal conflict, especially if this person has empathy when communicating the messages.

You have to know how to teach so that others listen to you and learn what you want to communicate.

As I said at the beginning, I am not a linguistic expert or anything like that. I have been learning little things, and I am going to share them. And speaking of sharing, it is imperative that when you explain something, you also know how to communicate it. You have to see the level of understanding that the person has on the subject. Regularly, avoiding slang helps a lot. But if you want a person to learn something, you have to express it well. Whether it’s a skill, or that someone else is toxic, etc., it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes when you try to teach, you can lose patience and get angry. That is not good; you must put yourself in the shoes of the person who is trying to learn. We have all found it challenging to learn or accept something in this life, right? So, first, knowing the person properly, you have to understand how to communicate or explain whatever you are teaching. Because each person learns differently, and you want the person to be receptive and to learn well what you are trying to teach.

You can further improve this.

Instead of going the typical way, “No, that’s wrong,” you have to have a positive approach. For example, a person says to me, “well, I feel that I have no intuition because my solar plexus is blocked”: I could reply to him, “Well, that will be your third eye, which is that of intuition.” Or even, someone rude might say, “you are mixing chakras; you have no (swear) idea.” But, I usually reply with something like: “I think (humility is good) that you are referring to the third eye because it is where intuition comes from. The solar plexus is your personal power and self-esteem. You may think that this chakra is blocked because your own self -esteem does not allow you to follow the advice from your intuition. If you work the solar plexus chakra, and while you are at it, the third eye, you can improve your intuition. ”

You already know that I am very straightforward, you know it from the readings that I can do for you, just like when I give massages in the forecast. But for example, if I have to say something important, or bad news, I do it gently. I do not adorn the readings because that is harmful (here you can read what a good read is like). But I do at least warn first, and I start giving solutions if I have to “drop a bomb.” When they are authentic, not all readings are positive. Just like life itself.

Communicate efficiently!

The same message interpreted in many ways.

When you are teaching or helping someone, you have to value that. You have to feel good because that person has come to you, or you have the opportunity to help them. It does not mean that you are better or worse than that person. We are all souls having a human experience. So we are the same. You are going to know more about something than someone else. That person will also know more about something than you. Therefore, you should not let the ego lead you just “because you know more.”

The best teacher is one who stands at the feet of his student, getting in that person’s skin. For more than ten years I have been explaining (at least once a week) something about the chakras, or the astral body. However, that does not mean that the person who comes tomorrow receives poor treatment “because it is elementary.” For this person asking, most likely, its the first time, and they are trying to learn.

What we already know.

We already know this. I am not saying anything new. However, all of us human beings sometimes forget this. When you go to communicate something, think twice. A fundamental lesson that absolutely anyone can forget sometimes. Get to know the person, say things sensibly, and gently. Remember that we are all the same, and nobody is better, no matter the soul, the car, the appearance, or the opportunities of that person.

As you can see, it is simple, and with a little effort, you can empower your connections a lot. People will appreciate you more, and you will understand them too. It’s that simple!

You just have to know how to say things right (and how).

And well, communicate things in the best possible way. It is what brings the best results, but since each person is different, it is not a guarantee that the result will always be optimal. As you get to know that person, you will know what things they can misinterpret and avoid. Even that person may have a problem, and act (usually aggressively) towards you. However, in most cases, when the person’s peak of rage goes down, the person will apologize (or should.)

Anyway, I hope it has helped you a little. Next week it is forecast time, which will be the first Wednesday of the month. Also, it will be right on the first! Let’s see how about this month, but hey, I’ll tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: third year, second year, first year.

Love & Light,

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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With a cord cutting session you will be able to eliminate that connection you no longer desire.

With a cord cutting session you will be able to eliminate that connection you no longer desire.

A cord cutting session may greatly help you out.
With a cord cutting session, you will be able to eliminate connections that serve you no more.

Hello Hello! How are those spirits going? If you live with your partner, I hope everything goes fable. And if not, it is essential to remember those moments where love was born and bring them back to the now. Put those moments ahead, and together, solve the problem. But if your case is a heartbreak that you can’t seem to get rid of, and it hurts your heart, this entry will help you. Wait wait! If your love life is perfect, this entry can go with you too. It is most likely that it will. Most, if not all, people need a cord cutting now and then for one reason or another, not just out of heartbreak.

A few years ago, I spoke about karmic connections and how they could affect us. But sometimes, even if there is no karma, you can have a problem, love, for example, that has caused you harm. A bad experience on a boat. Losing a significant friendship. Errors and fears of the past. We live in a plane of duality, where we have good and bad experiences. However, some can impact us on a much deeper level. These impacts generate strong, energetic connections with that person(s) or situation. If there is no life lesson or karma, there is no purpose in suffering for that particular reason, so that a cord cutting session can help a lot.

What’s the mechanics of all this?

The subject is quite direct, not much to talk about. However, right now, we are going through times where there is much more opportunity for introspection and self-knowledge. So perhaps you realize things on a very personal level. Maybe some of these “things” are holding you back, in having, for example, better self-esteem. It can occur due to bad experiences we have had both in this life and in past lives.

When you connect with something or someone, you create an energetic connection. It can remain active even and with a physical separation. Even during traumatic experiences. It is where a cord cutting session can help you a lot. (Hint: The last forecast also plays a role.)

The most common here are problems of “not being able to forget someone,” no matter how badly this person treated you. Or, for example, not feeling available to do a task (which you can do) for fear of having a bad experience again, or failure. You may even know something consciously, maybe you’ve even treated the subconscious, but it seems like “you just didn’t get it out.” The typical “thorn in the heart,” for example, or “that doubt that gives chills.”

How does it look in the astral?

Here each person can see it in different ways, and it also depends on the clairvoyance that person has. Many times it is not essential to see it since the spirit guides know those connections that must be eliminated. But, in my case, I see it as small fiber-optic cables that connect both souls (like two spheres of Light.) If the connection is dead, the cable turns gray and does not shine. These connections are wasting energy for nothing, so they are ideal for eliminating in a cord-cutting session.

You can also notice it in the chakras. It is as if something “strange” is detected, which is like a brake as if the energy was heavy. This type of energy is also ideal for eliminating during a cord cutting session.

So now that you know what they are, so let’s get down to business.

A cord cutting session may free you.

How to do a cord cutting session.

I like to give the tools and teach people, not to create independence, but empowerment. Therefore, I want to comment on the subject because it does not have much secrecy. There are many different ways to do it. You may even find your ideal ways. If the pain is very severe, you cannot visualize, or you prefer to have help, I will be happy to help you in a healing session. But look, here are the steps:

  • Clean the place where you are going to do this with white sage, or palo santo. If you have a room dedicated to your spirituality, even better. But purify it too.
  • Try to reach an optimal state of mental and spiritual relaxation. The more the mind is silenced, and the body is relaxed, the better.
  • Have clear intentions to have an energy cut in those connections that do not serve you.
  • Stay in a meditative state, observing your feelings, and the images you see in your head.
  • If you have the need (with your imagination) to pull something, or cut something, do it in the way that comes naturally to you.
  • If you don’t see anything, you can imagine scissors made of Light, cutting gray wires around you.

You don’t even need to read what those connections are.

I do not do cord cutting reading unless the person specifically asks me to. Actually, it is unnecessary and recommended not to read them, since it is old energy that you have to eliminate. And it really is that simple. There is no need for anything exotic or extravagant. You can ask your guides for help and your loved ones in the spirit. You will see that after a session, you will feel a little more light. How to take a weight off yourself. By the way, I want to share a great meditation for experiencing profound energies.

And now, to make self-introspection, and find out if you have any energy cut to do. Next week I will talk about what I see as the purpose of the Earth as a planet. What is the purpose? Why does it exist, or why do we exist? What happens with the consciousness of the Earth, along with that of all the beings that inhabit it? I will talk about all this in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: third year, second year, first year.

Love & Light,

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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Love: The most powerful force in the Universe. Learn how to tap into it.

Love: The most powerful force in the Universe. Learn how to tap into it.

Love: The most powerful force of the Universe.
Filling your heart with love will supply you with the most powerful energy in the Universe.

Hi, all! How are we doing? Have you tried to be more positive lately? I will bring you more positivity this week. In fact, the Universe is full of many energies. We probably do not know the vast majority. However, we know a significant one. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and the one that vibrates the strongest. Filling your heart chakra with love will bring all this energy into your life. And with love, I don’t just mean couples and relationships. But also the love towards your being, your work, your path in this life, some animals in your life. Or simply when a movie activates the feeling of love. You know this energy well.

There are many energy protection techniques, but after more than twelve years of doing this, I have concluded that it is much easier than it seems. For more than six years, I have not read any entries out there, nor have I seen videos. I realized that, even if it is from love, people are complicating things a lot instead of getting to the point. Sometimes, sadly, it may also lack authenticity, but come on, that’s not what we’re going to talk about. A few years ago, I shared some protection techniques that you can read here. Today I share something new.

Nothing vibrates with more power than love.

Sometimes we don’t realize the obvious, even if we have it in front of us. And sometimes, it can be straightforward, but we overlook it. Any human being can understand the feeling of love. And although there are many types of love, and they even feel more intense, they are all equally compelling. And why do I say this? Global energy these days is not all right, unfortunately. There is so much energy that it is impossible not to perceive it, and it was a bit unbearable. And technically, my empathy is with living beings, not globally.

There came a time when this energy began to make me anxious. It felt like a sticky gel all over my skin. As if there was a lot of pressure on my aura. I didn’t notice anything physically. Therefore it wasn’t my body telling me something. In the heart chakra (that is, the middle of the chest, not where the physical heart is located), I noticed a lot of negative energy flowing at high speed, and I had nowhere to “hide.” The world is going through a lot of fear, and much more than it should, because things are not being done well. And I am not referring to the Government, but all citizens individually. Allowing fear to lose is what multiplies and attracts even more fear. And this, of course, keeps you away from the emotion and energy of love.

By the way, take a read about couples in this entry.

It is time to break the circle.

Everything is a little bit out of control globally, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to calm down yet. So, if you are reading this, it is essential that you at least calm down, as I explained in past posts, including the forecast messages. So I am going to ask you for a simple thing. Focus on love. And this does not mean reading a romantic book or watching Ghost on the TV. It is much simpler than this. You just have to focus on the emotion of love.

Perhaps you cannot find love for a person, and you cannot painlessly remember a romantic situation. No worries, maybe in another area of ​​your life you can feel love. Or perhaps some dog or cat you had, even if it was in childhood. But do you know what? The book or the movie is also worth it. The important thing is to feel love in your heart.

It's easy to trigger love within your heart.

Do you feel it?

Well, there really isn’t much of a secret. When you have the feeling of love in your heart, you have that powerful vibration within you. Now with practice, you can learn to maximize this energy. Do not worry if it does not work out at the beginning, invest love and patience, and you will see how you will improve. My guides told me to use love as protection, along with the usual protections. But literally visualizing love. In doing so, I stopped feeling that energetic discomfort. Like the one who closes a door to a room with music blasting. You keep hearing it, but it doesn’t bother you anymore. And I did as my guides told me:

  • Fill up the heart chakra with love (channeled, but also feel it with something from my personal life.)
  • Visualize how this energy begins to flow through your chakras. Try to feel it in each chakra.
  • Now, visualize how that energy grows more and more until it surrounds your whole body.

You are in a bubble made 100% of love. You can ask your guides to seal it with white Light and/or positive energy. Visualize that you have this bubble around you and that your vibrations are very high. It will not only drive your mind away from fear but also your astral body. Love is strong enough to fight fear, the opposite force.

We live in a paradoxical Universe.

Fear can be as strong or more (or less) than love. They are the two most potent forces in the Universe, and you dictate which one you want to opt for. Thinking that you choose for love is not the same as feeling it. It is essential to feel it. Otherwise, it does not work. When you are filled with the feeling of love, and do not allow other energies to change that feeling, you will be free from fear. I will not say that it is easy for everyone, especially at first. If you control your energy, it will be easier for you. Otherwise, you will have to practice. Check out this chakras entry if you have a hard time.

Once you surround yourself with love, nothing can touch you.

I had something else in mind to write for next week, but actually, I heard in my mind, “life lesson.” It was authoritative but full of love. So, I am going to share about a few things, that I will allow flowing in regards to the nowadays, and what is the best we can get out of it. Ironically, last year’s post happens to be an excellent read for nowadays. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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I invite you to check earlier posts: third year, second year, first year.

Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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Stay Positive, remember: The coin always has two faces. Get more out from you!

Stay Positive, remember: The coin always has two faces. Get more out from you!

Stay positive, there is a lot of it available!
Stay positive because the coin always has two sides.

Hello Hello! How are we doing? For this week, I planned to tell you about the Middle World, the shamanic version of the world, and human consciousness. As I told you last week, it is not a good idea to talk about the Middle World this week. Besides, the Lower World meditation came out a month ago. It is the best place to visit, especially when talking about the different shamanic worlds. So to get stronger, visit that one. The Middle World reflects human consciousness, and unfortunately, now is not the best time. However, I am going to tell you: stay positive. As the title says, the coin always has two sides.

I always like to say, “the worse the tails, the better the heads in the same coin,” since I always try to be positive. I know in the world we live in, and if something turns “heads,” and it’s perfect, with a heart full of gratitude, never under guard. As I said, the coin has two faces, always. Positive/Negative, Light/Dark, Love/Fear, Face/Tails, etc… is part of our third dimension. So this entry, because right now, worldwide, the “tails” is quite severe. Therefore, the “heads” have wonders available, which on top, people are ignoring these wonders.

Try to recall information from the forecast reading.

Let’s focus.

Last week it was time to talk about the Middle World, and this was about meditation, but this will happen in September. As I said above, if you want to access the shamanic worlds, you have the lower one, which is terrific. I know that this will also delay the Upper World, but everything happens for a reason.

This is not another email where we are all flooded with you know what… As I already said, here you will only read about the beautiful crown chakra (in Spanish, this chakra has a now conflicting name!) However, in some matters like visiting the Middle World, it cannot be ignored. Therefore, I want to contribute my positive grain of sand.

Stay positive because being positive is free.

In difficult times, sometimes you see the real colors of people, and here you will find nothing but a message of support/advice, and a little free healing if you need it. Be positive because these days it is essential to vibrate high for the following reasons:

  • Your energy is positive, and you attract more positive.
  • Positive energy makes your aura stronger, and while that may not be medicine from a drug company, but it all helps.
  • You will feel better, so it will be easier for you to go through the day, every day.
  • Time will pass faster.
  • You will find the opportunity to grow in many ways.

A little surprise I had.

At first, it seemed that there was nothing until the March forecast warned to be careful with fear. This April, Spirit informed us that all energies are going to flow much more quickly. And since there is so much negative energy, the problem has become enormous, super fast. Both physically, mentally, and spiritually. But as I told you last week, everything happens for something, no matter how bad it is. And as what is happening, it is so bad, stay positive. There is a lot of positivism available, make sure to grab some!

I like being at home, and it is almost difficult for me to understand the massive need to leave home. But even if I don’t understand it, I respect it, and I send a lot of Light to those who are overwhelmed with this matter. I’m going to give you a couple of things:

  • You can download a free guided meditation here, with a single click, the download begins. Free without conditions during these months.

The positivism of meditation.

I have already created posts where I talk about the importance of meditating and how. We now have much more time to meditate. Television makes excellent movies, on social networks, there is undoubtedly much more movement (you may know that, I do not like them, so no idea hehe), and there are even free courses and more stuff. We do not live in a spiritually awake world, and in the primary sources of information, don’t tell much about encountering your spirituality. Therefore, for this reason, I give you meditation along with these tips:

  • Find ten minutes to introspect with instrumental music or in silence.
  • Meditate.
  • Try connecting with your guides.
  • Be proactive and plan personal, spiritual, emotional, or even professional ideas for the future.
  • Do not abuse electronics.
  • Listen more to your dreams; try to discover what your conscience has to say.
  • Take advantage of all the extra time at home with positive visualizations and imagine and dream.
  • Understand the forecasts.
  • We can have a small talk.

And if you have problems, try and stay positive, I give you a little hand:

This problem damaged more some people than others, therefore, if you have any health problems, and you have lost your job, I am going to gift you some healing. I already sent an email a few weeks ago, offering free healing. During these weeks of trouble, I will be part of the positive side of the coin, and I will leave you here a form for you to request free healing. Please, do not try to take advantage of my good-will and time. If you are not in distress, allow it for who really needs it. And what is it about:

  • Balance and balance of chakras, especially the Solar Plexus, to cleanse you faster from negativity and fear.
  • Protection in the aura to vibrate higher. It is not a vaccine, but an aura with high vibrations, for all kinds of negativity (physical or astral), will have more difficulties penetrating it.
  • White Light, protection, and empowerment of the respiratory and immune systems.
  • White Light healing straight to your heart chakra so that it goes wherever you need it the most.

I will not send a voice report, but count on a lot of white light energy since I spend a lot of extra time sending all this healing.

And that’s it, no more needed.

I recommend that you focus on all the positive aspects that you can. Be positive and share it. Next week I will share with you a protection technique that an elemental being in the lower world taught me. It fuels with love, and the heart chakra. It will come great for these times so that I will tell you in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!