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Who and what are these beings of light close to our guides?

There are beings of light around your guides and you.

Written by Akashicsoul

September 23, 2020

There are beings of light around your guides and you.
There are beings of light which, together with our guides, help and guide us.

Hello! How is the week going? Have you tried to visit the Middle World? As you have seen, there is wisdom everywhere. Anyway, today we are going to talk about something totally not earthy nor down to earth. There are many beings of light which, along with our guides, help us. This can include relatives, beings from other planets or even from other universes (do you remember “The Life of Her?”), And some other little thing. I am going to tell you a little about them. Some people noticed these beings, and they asked me. And maybe you realize you’ve seen one after reading this.

Just as in the third dimension, there is a lot of life on this and other planets. This is still a reality in the fourth dimension and higher dimensions. For example, our loved ones, spirit guides, and other souls inhabit the fourth and fifth dimensions. And from here, we go up. I am writing this article because a couple of people asked me about these beings emitting healing light. Where did they come from, or on what plane are they? And if it is possible to incarnate in the future in one of these beings of light.

Astral beings of light with whom to share this Universe with you.

I’m sure you already know a bit about the astral plane (and if not, you can read about it here), and you also know that there are beings such as your spirit guides and other beings of light. I want to share an excerpt from an article I wrote a few months ago:

It had never occurred to me to look behind the spirit guides. However, one person told me that she noticed even more. I omit some information due to privacy. Let’s say that there are behind the guides like a lot of beings of light. They are not angels; they are not guides; it is only light with consciousness, multiple consciousnesses. Apparently, they are “piling up” (for us to understand), and they will come through all the mediums, healers, awakened souls, etc. We may not even notice it. But they come with the purpose of transition that Earth has right now, or rather, humanity.

During an astral projection, I was able to see some mighty fifth dimensional light beings. These beings are like elongated and very thin (but kilometers long.) They are almost immaterial; they seem like plastic, but more transparent. These beings are made of light, complicated to put something so powerful in a mere three-dimensional language. These beings give energy food (light) to beings of the fourth high dimension. I am not able to communicate with them, but we can try to approach the fourth high dimension through deep meditation, and they will be closer to ours (third dimension, of course, not others). These beings will also help fill our world with light.

This is a small example that there are consciences far superior to that of our spirit guides.

Also, other beings simply exist on the astral plane, benevolent beings of light that in most cases help to improve the vibrations of the Universe. You can connect with your guides with this Journey right here.

Note: I don’t want you to mistake light beings for “orbs” on your camera lens when taking a photo. That’s dirt!

Where are they?

I cannot say that I have a vast knowledge of the subject since I am incarnated in a human body, limited to human consciousness. However, I can share a little about light beings with my experience and that of other people. The first thing I want to comment on, these beings of light are from the fourth higher dimension and the fifth dimension.

When you have your third eye open, you may ever see these beings. Most likely, you will perceive them in one color or another, usually cheerful and warm colors. Colors that bring healing even. With our limited consciousness, we can understand that it is perhaps a way to heal ourselves. Through the light waves that emit according to these beings’ colors, we could receive healing at different levels. Also, I have discovered that their way of communicating. You receive and send the information through clairsentience.

Normally, it is a very gentle perception, and if you connect with these beings of light, you will feel a lot of peace. It is also possible to see them in the state of sleep paralysis, which is not always horrible hallucinations. If you can induce a trance state during meditation, you will also connect with these beings. One thing is essential, and that is to fill your heart with love. You have to be away from fear and have positive feelings. If your vibrations are high, you will connect with these light beings and even see them at a certain level here on the physical plane.

Beings of light also learn in higher dimensions.

And can you incarnate in a being of light?

A person asked me this question. I know perfectly well that this question came with a lot of humility. This person did not ask me with an ego or much. Nevertheless, it seems quite austere to speak of this when we are in human consciousness with duality. In other words, these light beings vibrate at a much higher frequency than ours. I am sure that many souls that now inhabit a human body have been and will be one of these light beings if they wish. However, all these souls have a lot to cleanse, and other souls will not be ready yet. So the ideal answer is “Yes, it is possible.” Without being able to explain much more.

Beings of light with higher consciousness.

Let’s be honest. Human consciousness is not one of the highest in the Universe precisely. But a strong reason that plays an important role is that we are in the third dimension. However, as we well know, there are higher dimensions. The vibration is much higher, and the light beings continue to develop their souls. The multiverse is infinite, yet it is not enough, as we also need to add all the dimensions throughout the multiverse. We are a small pixel inside a speck that is part of our Universe. And the Universe is simply a “grain of salt” in something much bigger in the third and higher dimensions.

Learning does not stop.

Our guides, for example, grow with us. So sometimes they bring us something new. Our loved ones also learn things while on the astral plane. In fact, in seánce, we could observe that a spirit that 30 years ago was incarnated here taught other spirits how these sessions work and how a table moves. It is a long story but proof of such learning. In fact, you can take an astral journey and learn things that maybe some spirits also learn.

In fact, beings of the 4th and 5th dimension apparently have spirit guides of the 7th dimension, and thus consciousness is expanding. This may rise to infinity as well. Our consciousness and the fact of being in the third dimension limit us a little more. But this is true for every dimension.

Beings of light near us.

Just because we are in the Third Dimension does not mean that we are “thrown here,” as we have the potential to connect with the Fourth Dimension and its beings of light, and even the fifth begins to be possible. I will briefly share it before wrapping up:

  • Our spirit guides are our most immediate connection. They want the best for our life. Also, we can have a nice connection with our guides.
  • Relatives who either become guides or help our guides. Sometimes they are around us and bring us positive energy.
  • Benevolent aliens and light beings that inhabit other planets or the fourth dimension, many help us from the astral, while others incarnate here.
  • Beings from other realities and existences. These may or may not be light beings, and we have been able to connect with these realities at some point, as I explained in an article recently.

And well, I have talked about much more on this blog, and I will continue to do so, but so you have a general idea about the beings of light and some other little thing.

And speaking of great things.

Next week (time flies) is the fourth anniversary of the blog. I still don’t know what I’m going to do, but let’s see what occurs to me. I am pretty sure I will come up with something you will like! There will be some celebration, but all this in a week. Did you listen to September 2020 forecast? I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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