New email, site updates and upgrades… and a bit of Vacation time for Fer!

News 5: Updates and upgrades.
News 5: Time for some Upgrades, Updates, and Improvements!

(News 5) Hello, folks! So, how are your throat chakra doing? This week I just come with a quick update.  You can’t imagine how true I was with the “Electronic Oddities” blog post. I have been having email and other web-related issues literally since that blog post launched! Two years later, as I edit to improve all these entries… I went already through a couple of SAIs! They are entirely dead, sigh!

Anyway, I want to start with the new landing page. On this page, you will have a quick way to get to know a little more about me, book a reading, or even buy a guided meditation. All in one single landing page, named after me:

New, new stuff!

As I edit this, I am happy to share I own the domain too!

I am using a new email, I am pretty sure that most of you are aware already, but to avoid confusion, I will make it official. The usual email will still be online, and I will check it daily. My contact forms, etc. are connected to this email. I will always use it to keep offline the new one. But when I reach back to you, it will be with the original email.  The reason for this, upon a lot of headaches, help, and research, I found out that spammers have been using a backdoor in my hosting provider, blacklisting that IP address. (News 5)

This problem affects, of course, all the email addresses under that IP address, being one of them, unfortunately. This block is the reason that you were not able to receive some of my emails. This issue was completely random (the spam issue only affected 4 out of 35 anti-spam servers.)

On top of that, I had no other choice but to switch servers during Mercury Retrograde. (You can find out more about this right here.) Maybe you were caught by this problem. If so, I apologize for all the fuzz with the whole email issue. It was beyond my control but still an issue I prefer not to have 🙂

Sometimes e-mails are way too fragile!

This whole deal was quite a big issue for me; however, everything happens for a reason. In addition to learning a few things, I upgraded the servers that are running this site. I am pretty sure you noticed now that much faster as well as secured, which on its own, is another upgrade. Security licenses for safer browsing are added as well. And last but not least, I am sure you noticed that the site has lost “some weight.” Now the site is simplified, menus are much easier to browse and, if you did not see, all the “labeled readings and healings” have been removed. In the past, these would take you to either The Reading and The Healing, but now, this is all there is (and as you know, these are all types of reading together.) (News 5)

“News 5” brings a lot of information today.

By the way, I recommend (it would be good for us both) you to add the following domains to your email safe list:

  • (This is the one you know, I will receive all your stuff to this domain’s email. However, you will get a reply from below’s domain’s email.
  • (This is the domain that you will be receiving my responses from.)
  • (you won’t likely receive emails from this one, but I check it daily.)

Emergency/Express sites:

Also, I am running two emergency emails, just in case you can’t reach me:

  • (This is one emergency email in case you can’t contact me or for some reason; I do not reply to you (I always do.. always!))
  • (Starting October 1st: This will be a secondary emergency email, hosting in a different host, so there will be no downtimes.)
  • The contact forms on the webs are always a great option too, as they will safely store in this site’s database.

And talking about preventing downtimes. In addition to the webs you know, starting October 1st, you also will be able to reach me at Even when the other sites are offline. This web hosts in a different country. Here, you will find a one-page website, which is an ultra-light-version where you can reach me, book a healing session, buy a meditation, etc.) The new page is 5)

Some other of the other domains, you may add them if you desire:,,,

There have been a few touch-ups around the web as well (it has been lately, right!) so it will smooth things more.


By the way, please remember, tomorrow the 14th I will be out of town (a bit of summer vacation!). I will be back on the 22nd. Fiverr and Etsy will be in “vacation mode.” My site should warn you with a popup before paying, but you will be able to keep going. You are welcome to order anything you need when I return; everything will be back to normal 🙂

However, I might not be able to check my email due to a possible lack of internet access… Don’t worry; everything you book, will be recorded automatically, and your emails will be received (and if you contact me through the web, it will also be recorded and backed up, thanks to the contact forms.) So, this is it! Just remember, I likely won’t be checking the email, I will be back on the 22nd, and by the 23rd, you will hear back from me 🙂

Enjoy some silence until I am back!

And that’s pretty much it for “News 5″. Always growing, improving, and enhancing is critical. So, besides knowing, apply it!

However; there are a few essential reads that may be of interest to you, so check them out:

(News 5) I want to make a “relaxing” blog entry next week about silence, as it is possibly one of the bests gifts we can enjoy when there is the opportunity. But this and more, next week! Have a great week!

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(News 5) Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Read other news) (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!


  1. Jamilliah says:

    Enjoy your vacay..I just came back from mine..went to gold coast Australia..happy for you 🙂

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