Our spiritual masters, or spirit guides, are our friends and we can trust them completely

Spiritual Masters: Our guides and friends who help us to live!
Our Spiritual Masters guide us through our life.

Our spiritual guides are much more than our masters

Hey, hey! Have you heard the forecast for August? Today I want to talk about our spiritual guides and masters. It is essential to consider a few things when connecting with them. We can make a connection with our guides much more profound. As we empower our spiritual teachers’ relationship, we realize that we are more and more united to these beings of light. Our spiritual masters guide and help us, but it doesn’t just stay in that. There is more!

I’ve talked quite a lot about spiritual guides in previous posts like this one. However, I still haven’t talked about a very ordinary aspect of our guides. It is essential to respect our guides, but not why they are on a higher level. You have to respect the information they give you since it comes wisely. Due to religions and being in the third dimension, we see our guides as our superiors. They indeed have more wisdom than us, but this does not make them superior.

Our spiritual masters will never feel above us.

Our spiritual guides and teachers feel that we are the same. One of his teachings on equality between humans is that we are all one soul. What is a spiritual guide? A soul that resides both in the fourth and fifth dimensions. Initially, they are here to help the souls of the third dimension (us). There are human souls that, once they cross, can become spiritual guides. Not all spiritual guides have lived on Earth, but some have.

Precisely another reason that spiritual guides feel equal to us. All souls have the potential to be spiritual guides. Some souls, among human lives and/or on other planets, have had moments of being spiritual masters. Our guides do not want us to treat them as superiors. They will feel that it is not fair that you feel inferior to them. They want to see you empower, not feel inferior. Our guides want to be close to us, and therefore, they feel that we are on the same level. It is also true for archangels, ascended masters, and other beings of light.

So how can we deal with our guides?

Our spiritual masters can help us with all life matters.

Keep this in mind: They are our friends too!

And our spiritual masters will be delighted that we treat them like a trusted friends. A friend who will help you unconditionally. A partner who will never judge you but will give you the advice to move forward. A friend with whom, from time to time, you can rant. You can even get angry and shout at your guides. They understand perfectly that we are in the physical plane and the frustrations that this entails. Precisely, if releasing that scream frees you from negative energy, they will be delighted. Your spiritual guides cannot feel negativity; they only understand it.

To strengthen the connection with your guides, you must first perceive them. This channeling course will help you. I also have a meditation to connect with your guides if channeling costs you. These first steps will help you perceive your guides and talk with them. Although they are short answers, they will help you a lot. You can connect with your guides with this Journey right here.

I also recommend reading a little more about spirituality in general. It will help you understand everything much better.

And what can you ask your spiritual masters?

You can ask for everything. But when you want to strengthen the connection with them, even silly questions are worth it. Sometimes you can get a surprise. It may seem stupid to you, but it is not. I’ve tried it personally, and thanks to that, I had an excellent offer later. Ask your guides something mundane, such as, “turn around here on the left.” Follow the advice they give you, even if you know it’s not there. You may get a surprise. There will come a time that you talk a lot with your guides about everything.

I hope you enjoyed reading about your spiritual masters. Next week I will talk about the chakras, but not about the seven main chakras. I will talk about some minor chakras, however critical. Some of these are on the hands, elbows, knees, and more. But all this, in a week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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