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What is a Chakra: Energy center that moves the energies in our body.

What exactly is a chakra? There are many theories, but for starters, we have hundreds around the whole body. Besides, they are of different sizes and importance.

However, this blog focuses more on the seven main chakras and the first of the second set. You can see many entries about the chakras here, and here you have another group of entries that talk more about them.

Also, remember that I love to give advice, and therefore, you will find a lot of information, apart from the topic chakra. In this blog, you can find all kinds of entries that will bring you much knowledge.

Balance each chakra; it pays off!

Sometimes, knowledge brings results, and by reading alone, you can develop spiritually. That is one of my main reasons for maintaining this blog. Besides, everything helps always! However, you can expand all areas of your life because you will find in balance your energy centers.

Therefore, you already have a summary of everything. Besides, below you will find all you need to know what is a chakra.

However; there are a few essential reads that may be of interest to you, so check them out:

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Surely you already know some of these, but others, they will surprise you! I am pretty sure! (what is a chakra)

The hand chakras give healing.

The hand chakras and other minor chakras work powerfully alongside with the main ones.

August 21, 2019
The Eighth Chakra takes you to higher dimensions.

The Gateway to the next dimension: The 8th Chakra!

November 29, 2017
Empower your Navel Chakra.

All about the Navel Chakra – Our gateway to enjoyment

October 11, 2017
The throat chakra expands our communication.

The Throat Chakra – The power of eloquence, good communication, and expression.

September 6, 2017
The root chakra keeps us grounded.

All about the Root Chakra – The importance of being grounded.

August 23, 2017
The Crown Chakra.

All about the Crown Chakra – Our link to Higher Dimensions

February 15, 2017
The heart chakra.

All about the Heart Chakra – Connecting with your unconditional love.

December 14, 2016
The Chakras

What are the chakras? How to open, heal and expand them right now!

November 23, 2016
Empower your solar plexus in five easy steps.

The Solar Plexus: How to clean your personal power in five simple steps!

November 9, 2016
Third Eye Chakra.

Benefits of an open Third Eye Chakra – The Seat of the Soul

October 5, 2016
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