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Principle of Polarity: Everything in the Universe has two poles and are opposite.

Principle of Polarity: Everything has two poles.

Written by Akashicsoul

June 9, 2021

Principle of Polarity: Everything has two poles.
Principle of Polarity: Everything in the Universe is dual and has two poles.

How’s it going? I hope the June forecast has helped you. This week, we will continue talking about the seven Hermetic laws of the Universe, according to Kybalion. As always, we continue with one entry each month. Therefore, this month we are going to have the fourth, the Principle of Polarity. These laws are fascinating, and without realizing it, we are applying many of them, one of the most popular being the principle of attraction. If we keep these principles in mind, we will see and experience the Universe in a much more complete way. These are the seven Hermetic laws of the Universe, and they will have a link as we talk about them.

First, I leave you here the seven principles (as entries appear, they will appear with a link):

  1. The principle of mentalism.
  2. The principle of correspondence.
  3. The principle of vibration.
  4. The principle of polarity.
  5. The principle of rhythm.
  6. The principle of cause and effect.
  7. The principle of gender.

If you consider all these principles, you will see the Universe with a greater and better perspective. Knowledge is an essential aspect of spirituality, and as we see more, we have the opportunity to continue to grow with more learning. Besides, they will be short entries because these laws are straightforward and easy to explain. Every month we will talk about one of them. This month, as I said above, we will talk about the Principle of Polarity.

The Principle of Polarity tells us that opposites are naturally identical but to a different degree.

The first thing I want to comment on is that the Principle of Polarity tells us that everything is dual, everything has poles, and everything has its pair of opposites. This is something that I want to recommend that you take into account. When it comes to facing anything in life, even if it is positive, there are many more factors than you think can influence the final result. As I have commented many times, we live in a duality plane, where there is both negativity and positivity. And this is what the Principle of Polarity is telling us.

I also want to tell you that the opposite poles are naturally identical. For example, cold and heat are the same since they are both temperatures. However, cold is totally opposite to heat since it has a different degree of perception than cold. This is a paradox that only the Principle of Polarity can explain. This precisely helps us perceive and feel gratitude for positive aspects in life since we have experienced and know the negative aspects. For example, if you have lived in poverty for a while and now have better finances, you will feel even more gratitude. Poverty and wealth are the same in that they are both economic states, but they have an opposite degree.

In fact, this applies to all levels, like the rest of the Hermetic Principles.

Therefore, the Universe is and works as we know it according to all these principles. All truths are half-truths since they have their opposite pole, even if you do not know that opposite side. Because of their meaning, these are opposite but equal because they are part of the same argument. Therefore, we can observe that the Principle of Polarity allows us to have the experiences we have in life. The positive aspect of a poorly cooked meal is the awareness (and your enjoyment) of the well-cooked meal. Therefore, a poorly cooked meal is positive as well as negative for this reason.

We enjoy things because the Principle of Polarity is part of the Universe.

I want to share an interesting topic that the Spirit indicated to me. This is one of the main reasons that the incarnated angels come to Earth. The angelic plane has no duality and none of these principles. Therefore, even if the angelic plane only has positive energy, beings of light that inhabit this plane will not perceive it. If you stop for a moment to think about this, you will see that it applies to everything in life. But with this example, we understand positivity and negativity, and therefore, we can enjoy positivity. The angelic plane is all love, and as we understand hate/fear, we can perceive the positivity of love.

I really can’t say how an angel perceives this since as I am writing this, my consciousness is at Earth. Also, I am a starseed, so I have no information on angelic lives in my Akashic Records. Maybe it seems like something like always feeling great, but perceived the same way you feel on a normal day, with nothing to highlight. Since it is always the same. And when a soul comes to Earth (and possibly any other planet), they begin to feel it all because of the Principle of Polarity. I could give you many examples, but to get to the point, I want to tell you that the positive part of negativity is that it will make you stronger. This is not due to becoming strong by suffering, but the level of appreciation for the moments that there is no such suffering.

The principle of Polarity: Do the opposite to transform.

Even the most negative has its positive side.

The more gratitude in life, the more opportunities to attract more abundance (Principle of Mentalism). For example, we are going to observe chronic pain patients. The vast majority of these patients will have a lot of gratitude and happiness in the moments that they do not have pain since they can spend many hours of pain each day. This is not common for most people because it is not normal to have so much pain. Over the years, the chronic pain patient will add many more hours of gratitude than a person without this problem. This is especially true because these people will realize much more when they are well, and they will feel happier at that moment instead of taking it for granted.

Even if some patients never have a moment of little or no pain, there will be other positive aspects that these patients will discover. Human consciousness can be very powerful, and you will always find the silver lining in things. These patients will greatly appreciate the moments of well-being, and these positive emotions will attract much more abundance in other aspects of life. Therefore, you can observe a positive result as a result of something very negative. This is a good example of the Principle of Polarity.

How can we profit from all this?

However, illnesses bring limitations. I am aware that these patients may not be able to do things in life because of the pain. However, by not doing some things, these patients will have time and opportunities for others. You can see here that these patients may do something wonderful in their lives. If these patients had not had these limitations, perhaps they would have made a different decision in their life and avoided experiencing this wonderful thing.

I am sure that you have realized the many benefits you can obtain by now, taking this into account. However, I want to comment on something more because it will help you a lot. It will also help you with little things such as astral travel. I invite you to reflect on the changes in your vibrations as you live life. You are going to realize that sometimes these changes are abrupt. This is a great indicator that will help you see if you are damaging your energy. If you find yourself going through a difficult time, push yourself to remember at least one good thing. Thanks to the Principle of Polarity, you will find one.

Once you have projected this, watch as the gratitude and appreciation of that good thing. You are going to realize that you can perceive that your vibrations have risen a little. Besides, it will seem to you that this good thing is even better. You are going to realize that you appreciate it much more. However, you are going to realize that everything is not going to work as you want. Knowing this will take you to the opposite pole, which does work for you. This will help you to perceive the path you want to follow more easily.

Use the potential of your knowledge about the Principle of Polarity.

Some events in your lives can become very powerful, where you notice that these can and will “rock your boat.” Fear may invade you, no matter how protected you are since nobody is infallible. However, the key is not to face this fear but to focus and cultivate courage. Once your courage grows, the fear will disappear. If everything seems to be against you, do not focus only on fixing it, but focus on the opposite pole, which is the same situation, but positive instead of negative. There will come a time when you will be much more connected with this positive side, bringing change in your life.

You must be aware of your perceptions at all times. If you focus a lot on a negative aspect, you will attract more negativity into your life. It is important to solve the problems, but you do not have to focus only on the problem. If you focus on the positive pole, you will bring in a lot of positive energy that will eliminate that negativity. This will be possible due to the possibility of finding alternatives that bring solutions, in addition to a lot of positive energy. You must understand how to deal with difficult situations. Your instincts will offer you fight or flight, but the option you choose should not be your only focus. Let the positive opposite side of this problem be so too.

In conclusion.

The Principle of Polarity is very powerful, hence the long article! I invite you to meditate on the potential of this principle because you are going to realize much more than what you have read in this post. You will realize that by bringing these changes in your lives, your mental and emotional state will also improve. There will come a time when you have a constant flow of positivity available for your day-to-day. It is super important that you focus on this aspect:

  • Who do you want to feed and empower? The negative force, or the positive force? You will always feed the one you pay the most attention to. You choose!

I also invite you to observe the Justice card of the Conspiracy Tarot. This is a card that is very much connected to the Principle of Polarity. I invite you to meditate on it!

Principle of Polarity and Justice.

Now it is your turn.

It is time to start approaching things with this principle in mind. You will probably start seeing results. Much earlier than you imagine!

Next week we will continue to delve into the chakras. Let’s talk to see what happens when these chakras are overactive or underactive. And of course, some tips to open them. Next is the heart chakra, so we are going to be talking about this next week. Having this chakra open and protected will open many doors in life for you. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. Don’t miss the forecast! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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