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Higher dimensional chakras: What are these and how to access them?

Do you know your higher dimensional chakras?

Written by Fernando Albert

November 24, 2021

Access a higher set of dimensional chakras fully available to you.

Hey, how are you feeling? Starting the day on the right foot is one of the keys to success. Therefore, I hope that the wellness meditation helps you. We have been focusing on the body for a couple of weeks, something that was already lacking. We are going to focus, at least a little, on another aspect that perhaps we have not touched on so much. As you know, we are multidimensional beings, and we not only exist in this third dimension. We have always talked about the seven chakras, including the eighth. A while ago, we also talked about secondary chakras like those in the knees. However, we have never discussed chakras beyond the main ones. Our higher dimensional chakras affect us too but in different ways. We are going to comment a little bit about these chakras.

Although I can not share much information, I want to comment on something. This entrance is a bit like the entrance of the soul or the walk-ins. We really know very little about humanity on this planet. This is for an accumulation of things, living in the third dimension and being part of humanity and its consciousness. Perhaps limited awareness as there is the opportunity to learn many lessons. But little by little, we are learning and looking further. With this post, I want to help you see a little further, and even that the Spirit teaches me as I write. Wisdom must run free.

Higher Dimensional Chakras: Let’s start looking at what’s next.

It is important to understand that I also want to share this post because (although hard to believe). We have a long way to go, but it is also important to look to the horizon. More and more people have interests in their consciousness, such as astral travel and lucid dreaming. These people also want to develop spiritually, and it brings positive energy. Through realizations and lessons, little by little, we all progress. All this brings a lot of energy and helps us to expand consciousness. The planes of existence are “closer” to each other. This also makes things much easier for us.

After our seven main chakras, we have a second set of higher dimensional chakras. Little by little, through meditation and also channeling, we discover that the world is much bigger than it seemed. We have discovered our main chakras. More and more, we are learning about these chakras and evolving our paths in life.

The first set of chakras is directly connected to the body and the physical plane. However, the following set of chakras is connected with our astral selves. We do not have to astral travel to connect with these chakras. As I told you, we are multidimensional beings, and our consciousness rises to higher dimensions. These chakras are connected to our consciousness in the fourth dimension. A few books speak of the third set of chakras, five, for the fifth dimension. In fact, this is probably the case throughout higher dimensions, towards infinity.

The path to the second set of chakras.

Well, after explaining all this, I want to share with you about these chakras. It’s time to start connecting with them. If you are good at achieving peace of mind, it will be easier for you to access these chakras. It is important to keep in mind that you must have the seven main chakras in good condition to access these chakras. This meditation will help you. You must enjoy silence, and you can reach this state with ease on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. I also recommend having a little spiritual discipline. Also, consider things such as the amount of negativity you receive each day, your attitude before going to sleep, and even your way of eating.

Keep one thing in mind: To access these chakras, you must maintain an energy balance. For this, you have to take everything into account. Also, knowing how to face difficulties and find synchronicity with the Universe. It is important to have a good connection with yourself and to find peace and happiness. I advise you not to follow big corporations blindly and use electronics conscientiously (both in terms of the time of use and what you use it for 🙂 It is also important that you have an open mind and that your ego is not a block towards its ideas that can expand you. It is also necessary that you have a certain energetic perception. Although clairvoyance can help you, your clairsentience will be much more effective.

Our Higher Dimensional Chakras connect us in Higher Dimensions.

The higher dimensional chakras.

On a small note, if you haven’t thought about it yet, we have higher dimensional chakras in all dimensions. That is, possibly an infinite number of Chakras, successively with a higher and higher vibration.

Therefore, from here on, we will assume that you have your body, mind, and spirit in balance. Just like consciousness, perfectly focused. The first of these chakras is the Eighth Chakra, which we have worked on a bit during these years. However, there are three more chakras. I could talk a bit about the Ninth Chakra as I have started to experience its energy a bit. However, I don’t feel like this is the time to go into detail or write without optimal knowledge. Although there is some information on the Internet, I prefer to be guided by beings of light, my experiences, and even your experiences when you share them with me.

And yet, there are two more chakras. As I have written this, I need to inform you that these chakras are connected with different “layers” in the fourth dimension. At this point, we know the existence of the lower astral, for example. Just as we know higher planes of existence where love resides. These higher dimensional chakras have the ability to transmute energy at an intense level. Apparently, from what my guides have just told me, the Tenth and Eleventh Chakras are connected to the highest part of the astral plane, where the vibration is raised to the maximum. In fact, they just confirmed to me right now that spirit guides who are Elders (you can read about the types of guides here) connect with us through the Eleventh Chakra.

What else?

My guides have just told me that also, through the Tenth Chakra, you will be in the capacity of power, from astral travel, to project yourself to higher consciousness. I mentioned to you some time ago that during an astral journey, you can project yourself to higher consciousness or even to a “vehicle” beyond the astral body. If added to a daily practice, this is something that can take your astral travel to the next level. Therefore, with the optimal vibrations already out of your body, you must focus on the Tenth Chakra and visualize that your energy is projected through.

I would also like to comment that the Ninth Chakra can also help you be more connected to the astral plane. This means that if you access the energy of this chakra, your astral travels will be much longer and better. If you can channel, you will also see that this Chakra adds to the stability and intensity of the connection. Therefore, we can see an added advantage over the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown chakras. This will enhance our readings and will also amplify the connection with our guides and loved ones in the astral.

To wrap up.

And well, my guides have given me more information than I imagined. I thought this entry would be more concise. As with the seven main chakras, I want to tell you that having the second set of higher dimensional chakras in balance is important. This already goes beyond doing some exercises. Furthermore, these exercises may be on the Astral Plane (such as meditating during an astral journey.) Therefore, we will leave this for the future.

And well, this is it. We have to discover much more and continue to grow. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Meditation and contemplation always help a lot. Also, remote viewing can help you perceive these chakras. And with this, we already focus on next week. It is already December, and we will have the last forecast for the year 2021. It has been an exciting year, so let’s see what the last month was like. But all this in a week. But all this in a week. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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