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What is the Akasha and what is it for? The history of your Soul is here.

The Akasha holds the history of your existence.

Written by Fernando Albert

November 20, 2019

The Akasha holds the history of your existence.
What is the Akasha, and what exactly does it exist for? Find the story of your soul.

Hi! What do you think of the good news of last week? I really appreciate all your messages about the blog and its content. Thank you! I love being able to share and help in this way. This way, this information can reach many people! Please drop me a wire and share the entrance. If you liked it, I am sure that more people around you will like it. This week we are going to talk about the Akasha. We have already talked about the Akashic Records in previous entries like this one. However, it was never the focus of attention, but today, it is.

As in all my entries, I rely on my own experience. What I have been learning and discovering in thousands of readings. Of course, in addition to what I learned in workshops, books, etc. There are hundreds if not thousands of pages that speak of the Akasha. Even Wikipedia doesn’t let us down on that either. However, I want to share my experience with the Akasha and bring a grain of sand so you can reflect. You can really get to know yourself at a soul level, and that is great.

The forecasts invite us to reflect on these.

The Akasha contains all the information of all existence.

The akasha is in the astral plane and contains all the universal information in this and possibly other existences. Every soul, every object in existence, and everything that exists has its “entry” within the Akasha. Therefore, it is also called Akashic Records. All experiences and events are recorded here, absolutely everything.

The Akasha is eternal. It has always existed and will ever exist. Just as there are souls older than the Universe we know, it is also true for akashic records. The Universe (in itself) has an entry at the Akasha since our Universe is part of the bigger multiverse. Even the Akashic records themselves have their own entry into the Akasha. Yes, in themselves!

Let’s simplify things a little.

Imagine you are walking down the street. Your “geo-location” is being recorded in your Records. Your eyes are like cameras, and your ears, microphones, recording everything. Besides, all your actions represent a keyboard adding all this information in your Akasha. As I am doing now with this entry, as I write it. All the experiences you receive from life and third parties are like articles added to your records. Your emotions are also recorded, both positive and negative.

It is possible to consult your own Akasha and get information such as the story of your soul. If you can open your Akasha consciously, it will be the best way. If you can channel but you have trouble keeping the connection stable, this course will help you. For more than three years of blogging, I have been creating tools and courses that will help you get it:

  • Through meditation: With this guided meditation, you can access your Akasha.
  • It requires having a high skill (this course will help you); however, this “will open,” and you must access it from the astral so that it is not a dreamt version.
  • Visiting them with astral projection: If you have accessed from a dream, it will be easier for you astral. However, if you know how to make stable astral projections (here I teach you), you can “jump” to Akasha, and you will be “in astral person.”
  • A reading from a third person: If you prefer to obtain the information without searching for it, a person who can access the Records will help you. I will be happy to do it, here I tell you how.

Nowadays, you can access the Akasha if you wish.

The Akashic Records are not “as far” as it was before. The planes are getting closer and global awareness, little by little (veeeeeeeeeery little by little), is growing.

The Akasha has its own Akashic Records.

As I said above, the Akasha has its own “entry” within the Akashic records (itself). Also, in my personal experience, it depends on what or who those Akashic Records are. I see them differently. You don’t have to see them that same way as each person sees them differently.

How do the Akashic Records show to me?

People and animals.

I see myself in the middle of a hallway with red velvet carpets. In front, I have a double hand-carved wooden door. At that moment, the door opens. Upon entering, I still see the red carpets. On both sides, there are some spiraling stairs downwards. The steps also have the same rug. In front of me, there is a balcony and a table with a chair. Everything is fully carpeted. Looking forward and below, I can see the second floor. Here are several sofas, but no tables. Everything is full of shelves loaded with books. There are two large windows to the right and left of at least 6 meters high (and perhaps, a couple of meters wide.) The windows have high-end curtains, as well.

  • Typically, older souls have more books; they are tighter. It is as if there were five books where there is only room for one. It is difficult to explain, but it makes sense astrally.
  • In readings, through the windows, it usually looks sunny. However, in readings to people, there are cases that I have been able to observe worse weather and even storms. In these cases, healing is needed, and that’s why I like to include it in the readings. In this situation, it does not mean being a bad person or having karma; they can be other reasons.

I “sit” in the chair with the table. Ironically, both the table and the chair have a fundamental appearance, from a furniture discount store. Here I find a book with the information I need. Once finished, everything fades away.

And if I don’t have permission, what?

Sometimes I don’t have permission, but I ask for help from the guides of that person who is not permitting me. I see his or her Records as a sealed glass building on an island floating in space. I’m outside. The doors are massive. About 15-20 meters tall. I can only see through the window (and sometimes it gets so dark that I see nothing), and hopefully, a guide of that person can “come out” from the building and tell me, “this person does not permit you, but if, you need some support right now. ” Or a different message, but something brief, and I stay outside. After that, everything fades away.


This version of Akasha is the simplest of all. I am in a forest, it is not very dense, but there is a lot of diversity. All the ground is grass, and the rocks have moss. There is always a very soft breeze that I notice on my face. I see some trees in front, and in the trees themselves (looking at them), I already get the information I need. Somehow like “the trees tell me telepathically.”

I never denied permission from a plant to open its records, and I have never observed bad energy neither. There is no malevolent consciousness in plants or animals. Perhaps this is why the plant’s Akasha always shows positive.

Apartments, offices, houses, and vehicles.

In my case, here the Akasha changes a lot. In this case, I see a small room full of metal filing cabinets. The lighting is a fluorescence bar, leaving a dim and weak light. Maybe a little sad or very industrial. The walls are white, and there are neither ornaments nor windows. Plain white wall. The floor is a warehouse-like floor, fundamental. It is always the same. However, the filing cabinet may be more or less full of files.

The file cabinet opens, and I already get the information I need directly. I’ve never seen a guide here; everything is much more inert. If the energy is not good, there is a little rust in the filing cabinet, but really, nothing more.

Crystals, pendulums, and other spiritual objects.

When I first opened the Akashic records of a quartz crystal, I could see that the Akasha is very different. I’m like in a big open field, all grass up to the horizon. The sky is always very blue and sunny. There are five stone shelves that, together, make the shape of a circle. A bit like Stonehenge, but smaller and only five. There may be more or fewer books according to the wisdom that these objects have been collecting.

The awareness of these objects is not negative. However, it may occur that people with bad intentions misused these objects. I saw this happening once, and I saw damage on the rocky shelves, some of them dented, some missing a boulder. Some of the books are on the floor like a bugler walked by. There is a mess. However, it was still always sunny.

And that’s how the Akasha shows to me according to the soul.

As I mentioned before, you can see a different Akasha and remain correct. You may see your own records such as a cell phone, a computer, a file cabinet, a bookstore, or even a book or papyrus. You will find them in the way that most connects with your personality and consciousness. And, of course, all forms are equally good. The akasha adopts a three-dimensional form that is familiar to us to understand the information.

And I tell you one more thing:

There are thousands of websites and courses that explain that to access the Akasha, you need prayer and the person’s full name. I also completed that workshop more than thirteen years ago. However, I have not needed the name or prayer for more than ten years. The Akashic Records are eternal, so they are not bound to linear time. Your name is correct for this life, this life that you (soul) are having. However, in past and future lives, you will have different names and last names. You may even go to a civilization that does not use names or even understand duality.

Therefore, your full name is unnecessary to open your Akasha. I need your permission and that you understand a little more about the Akashic Records. It is much simpler than it seems, and there is no need for mumbo jumbo behind it.

I already wanted to make this entry since it is an essential reading that will expand your awareness, I hope! (This journey can take you into the Akashic Records.)


The Akasha for learning life lessons is great too.

And finally, this is all with stuff about the Akasha! Next week, I am going to talk about sleep paralysis. There is a lot of unnecessary fear here, and I will share one of my sleep paralysis experiences. I will summarize how to deal with your sleep paralysis. But all this, in one week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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