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Wellbeing meditation: Time for a fantastic start of the day.

Wellness Meditation: Feel great again.

Written by Fernando Albert

November 17, 2021

Wellbeing: Meditation. Start the day on the right foot and feel great.

Hello! Are you taking better care of yourself? Do not forget that the body must also be cared for. And well, this week we are going to continue with the same energy. As I told you last week, I was going to make the entry for the meditation that brings you wellbeing. Therefore, this post is going to be short since I am going to explain meditation to you. I’m also going to give you a small promotion, I’ll tell you.

This is a very easy meditation. The soul of this meditation was born from a person who asked me to create a meditation for her. The goals of this person were to start the day on the right foot. Therefore, meditation begins here. This person wanted to reflect on his 27 years, and feel that he is that age again. This person’s goal was not to escape his fifties. The goal was to reflect the health during those years in his here and now. This person wanted well-being in his life, in all aspects. This person wanted a description of an athletic body, seeing herself in that body. Strong self-esteem, and abundance, with health and success.

As you can see, it is a simple meditation to do, which does not require spiritual knowledge. I want to remind you that well-being is achieved in many ways. It is not necessary to have specific appearances that the Society has programmed. By popular request, and finally, of this person, this meditation visualizes a slim and athletic body.

With this meditation, wellbeing will start in the morning.

At the beginning of the meditation, you are going to project a day that starts off on the right foot. For this reason, I recommend this meditation to use in the morning. You are going to project positivity and progress. In this way, you will start the day with a positive magnetism as you well know from the Hermetic Principles. And from here, you already focus your consciousness on the well-being you are looking for. It really is a very simple meditation. Here I explain a little about it:

  • A deep meditation that will help you relax, always bringing well-being.
  • Internal and subconscious healing, sometimes, is where we need to heal.
  • Start the day on the right foot, projecting your wishes towards their realization.
  • Visualize what you might call “A perfect body.” Note: By popular request, this “perfect body” is based on the standards of society.
  • Healing of blocks that prevent success in life, progress, and self-esteem.
  • Positive affirmations, which will open many doors for you and will also bring you deep healing.

And its technicalities:

  • Title: Perfect Version of Self (Wellness Meditation.)
  • Duration: 20 Minutes with progressive relaxation throughout most of the meditation.
  • Purpose: Strengthen your health. Start the day on the right foot. Manifest desired improvements.
  • Level: Great for all levels.
  • Subliminal: I am successful, I am healthy, I have a perfect body, Thank you for my life, I am fulfilled
  • Background: Instrumental Music.
  • Note: Do not listen to this meditation while driving or using heavy machinery.

Get your copy!

The well-being meditation is here, therefore it’s time to get your copy. You can do it here or by clicking on the image below:

Well-being in all degrees. Meet wellness.

I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Well-being is already in your lives, you just have to open the doors.

As you can see, it is much simpler than it seems. With these few details, you can already make a difference. If you put this together with other accurate advice on having optimal health, you will always enjoy well-being that will also affect you mentally and spiritually. It is time for wellness! Next week I am going to talk about the second set of chakras. I am going to explain a little more about the purpose of these chakras. But all this in a week. I will tell you next week. Did you listen to the Forecast for November 2021 yet?. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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