The best way to induce lucid dreams become great at them. Part (2-2)

Lucid Dreaming Manual: Learn how to chain lucid dreams and have loads!
With this lucid dreaming manual you will be able to chain dreams.

You will have as many lucid dreams as you want. Keep following this manual.

Hey, hey! So, you already knew what was coming, right? Here is the second part of this guide (you can check the first part here in case you missed it) to have a solid foundation in how to Lucid Dream. So, let’s go for it! Today you will be able to add more to your “dreaming roster” and get to use them tonight. Let’s keep going with the lucid dreaming manual.

I want to share doing reality checks is always a must to make the dream longer. I can have many lucid dreams, some great to share, but I may have had so-so lucid dreams and non-lucid dreams like everybody. Last night I had one, took off flying to make it stable (it was already, but I always do it as advice on prior’s post.)

Upon reaching a big building, I wanted to go to a bigger one and then consider what to do. I woke up on my way there but never did a reality check, even though the dream was of good quality. It was also time to wake up, so this also plays a part (I naturally wake up always almost at the same time.) I was at the end of my REM phase; otherwise, I would have lost a longer lucid due to not anchoring to it first. No problem, it will happen tons of times. However, the more used you are to get always check your dreams, the better. Even if you know you are in a one!

Dream stabilization is always a must; I want to share it in every single lucid dreaming manual.

Last week I shared the commonly known technique WILD, summarized to make it easier. The DEILD technique consists of starting to do the WILD method right after waking up from a dream. This one is tricky, and it will require you the use mantras. To do it, you cannot move a muscle when you wake up, not even open your eyes. You can manage with DEILD by using mantras; it is almost the only way. It would help if you programmed your mind not to open your eyes when you wake up from a dream. I honestly prefer to use mantras for other things, such as, “My lucid dreams are long and clear” or others where I can enhance or increase the amounts of lucids.

An enhanced DEILD technique.

So, I came up with an enhanced version of the DEILD technique; it will require a lucid dream, any lucid dream as I shared last week. While the DEILD technique has a substantial fail ratio for most, L-DEILD has a 100% success ratio. L-DEILD stands for (Lucid-Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream). Yes, it requires a lucid dream to execute it. I said it was an enhanced version, not the magic solution!

But it is a very newbie-friendly ability. Primarily because at the beginning, most people get to have short and low-quality lucid dreams. However, this technique only needs a lucid dream. Even those shallow and horrible quality tiny lucid dreams may work to execute L-DEILD. Maybe, you look at your hands, and as you feel “I am dreaming,” you see the dream collapse, and an imminent waking up… does it sound familiar? Well, even in lucids like these, you can L-DEILD it into a full and beautiful long lucid dream.

How to L-DEILD?

  • So, you know you are dreaming right now. You are in a lucid dream (it does not matter, dream content); remind yourself or repeat mentally “I stay still” and close your (dream) eyes. Keep them shut, regardless of what happens or you feel. You can also visualize the next dream you want to be.
  • You feel your body in bed, possibly vibrating. And pretty much in the time of a split second, you will find yourself back in the dream, almost with everything as it was before.
  • It is impressive because you are dreaming, and suddenly, you are back in bed, and even more unexpectedly, you are again dreaming, entirely lucid, prolonging it!

Everything remains in place except for small changes from the prior dream. In my case, it is the weather and the number of people. L-DEILD is a technique that I only share in these lucid dreaming manuals!

For lucid dreaming challenges, it is excellent, you will see.

Yes, it is that simple, the reason is that this technique makes your brain think you are still sleeping (you haven’t move anything at all physically), so it forms another dream right away. Somehow, you are pushing your brain here, and so it copies the prior dream. Your brain will “render” pretty much the same dream, with little to no changes as shared last week. Doing “/hop” is fantastic. You exit your lucid and re-enter it.

“/hop” Is a term from the early internet of “refreshing” a chat window. You leave-&-re-enter the channel as you typed /hop. It is like a bounce. You are out of the channel for a tenth of a second, then back in.  Chaining two lucid dreams most likely the same feeling, you are the tenth of a second in bed, and right away, back in the dream.

Empower your dreams by chaining, learn how with this lucid dreaming manual.

Since I learned it (in an actual dream), it worked for me every time. So it did for others who tried this technique when I shared it.

For some unknown reason, it is common to have one change; the weather sometimes changes when you re-enter the very same dream. But other than that, everything else is pretty much the same, great for people doing a lucid dreaming challenge, for example (unless it has to do with the weather and you had the needed one before! Oopsy!) But except in particular cases, it is an improvement and not a backfire.

Something I never get tired of sharing in a lucid dreaming manual: False awakenings are more deceiving than mirages.

You may find yourself back in your room; nothing happens… everything is still. Maybe you opened your eyes already. No vibrations, no nothing. Do a reality check because both DEILD and L-DEILD (making WILD count three) can easily trigger a false awakening. These are very pesky, and you know why out from the prior blog post. You might have forgotten in the prior lucid to keep focused, or maybe, you are in a dream! The second is the most likely result.

Perhaps you are ported back in bed, but you are about to have a long lucid from the beginning, so you have plenty of “dream time” to do so! So, it works great because the worse that can usually happen is “getting lost,” and you need to do a reality check to check whether you are awake or asleep (or even in the astral.)

Woah! What an awesome dream I wrote down… nice… huh? Am I in bed again waking up?

And before saying goodbyes for this one, I wanted to share with you to ensure to do plenty of reality checks after you attempt to chain dreams or use any of these techniques: WILD, DEILD, L-DEILD. Do them in your dreams to make them stable, and make sure to do them every time you find yourself in bed, whether you wanted to wake up or prolong the dream.

False awakenings also occur after one of these dreams often; your mind tricks you with a non-lucid dream where you dream you write your whole lucid out, to awaken to realize it was a dream, with the lucid part completely wiped. You will buy you wrote it down, and you will let go of it. If you have a false awakening even when trying to wake up, keep waking yourself up, doing a reality check every time you wake up, or false-wake up.

If you woke up for real, wrote the dream down asap, and get back to bed right away. Do not waste additional time and beware of the lights (voice recorder with a monochrome screen ideal here.) If you keep false-awakening, wake yourself up, as I shared in the previous entry.

Temporal mental hallucination and “feeling lost in the space-time continuum.” Where the heck am I? Am I even awake?

Your mind is “quite strained” (but in the right way, because it still rests fine during sleep). Sometimes, even unsure where you are. Go back to bed and attempt the WILD technique above again. It will work with much more ease, and you can get lucid dreams easily or even astral projection. Also, you will have dramatically more chances to trigger DILDs (turning lucid in the dream out of the blue or a reality check) when you are not attempting other techniques. It can be like a big blend of dreams, astral travels, and lucid dreams, and thanks to this manual, you can experience it too. Check out this crazy chain of dreams I had here.

If, for some reason, you wanted to stop the lucid dreaming for the night, but you become lucid, go ahead, find a bed and go to sleep in the lucid dream. Visualize just an empty void and relaxation (this can trigger an astral projection, though). Or trying to get very involved in the dream, you will eventually lose lucidity. Maybe you can go to some lovely beach and enjoy the sun, or go to space and float there till you awake. In the previous entry, there are some “forceful” ways to wake yourself up.

And that’s it! Suitable for this lucid dreaming manual.

Now, you have an easy and summarize way of how to lucid dream. Even just because you have read the whole thing, it gets in your subconscious, so it blends in future dreams, reading a little bit the chances to lucid dream more. So, even reading this will play in your favor.

By the way, I have a lucid dreaming course that you can join right here. The course is straightforward and shares the basics of the most advanced skills. It is an online video course, which you can complete at your pace since it has lifetime access; you will learn lots!. Anyway, I would share a quick guide here, so it is a little more for me to share now. Well, quite a bit, actually, hehe. It is a complete lucid dreaming video guide.

Lucid dreaming course guide. Enjoy your nights!

You can induce a lucid dream at will.

So, as I shared, we will leave behind the lucid dreaming topic for a bit. Keep sending suggestions and ideas for blog entries, as I enjoy loads of sharing. Next week, we will be talking about empathy and global empathy. We already have a blog post about empathy, and a lot of you, have related, and I loved that. So I am going to sharing a little more about empathy and global empathy.  I had a surprise for you! However, it will happen next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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