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A great lesson in life on a global scale. Understand the positive outcomes.

A life lesson may arrive in any form.

Written by Akashicsoul

April 29, 2020

A life lesson may arrive in any form.
A life lesson might be small or huge. The purpose is to learn something.

Hello Hello! How are you? Last week, when I was finishing the post, I felt like I had to write about this. In fact, I still don’t know exactly what I’m going to say. However, I felt the need to do it, and there is no better time than now! And I think I have spoken very little on one subject: having a life lesson. We live on a complicated plane, where there is duality, negativity, and above, fear governs.

(Tip: Observe happiness on the middle scale.) We have not discovered our full genetic potential, and we have bodies that get sick, hurt, and die. However, since the human-being stepped on this planet until today, a lot happened. Humanity managed to learn a lot through positive and negative situations. We have a lot of potential at the individual level but also at the civilization level. Life continually brings us situations (life lessons) that help us or even force us to learn something. These days we are learning a lot at the global and individual level. What if?

We are now learning forcefully, and one reason it could be that we, as a civilization, missed this life lesson. We missed it with something less significant, such as a warning. I hope we learn our lessons with this one big mess we have! I want to mention that staying positive plays a significant role.

Teachings arrive in many forms.

I really think this post’s goal is, as always, to add a bit of positivity. And perhaps, help you a little to see this global situation from another perspective. It is essential to understand that a life lesson can come in any form. Everyone has a life lesson to learn, many. And once you learn, the next begins. It is so, and for this, we are going through a very tough collective life lesson. We have to collectively discover and try to improve points that are not right in our civilization.

Now, as a civilization, we have a pretty significant life lesson. It has been quite rocky for a while already, hasn’t it? But it is not all fear and negativity as the official media present it to us. Neither I advise following the opposite. There are a lot of lies, which means fear in disguise. Nor do I want to go to the opposite side where it says that all this is nothing. It is indeed. It is a significant life lesson (minimum) to the whole of humanity. The important thing is that it is a lesson, and you have to learn it, no matter the subject. If the lesson is very hard, it is because as a nation, it is what we need,

Nor am I going to go around trying to make it look like a spiritual blessing. That’s wrong as well.

You need to call it by its name: Life lesson. Yes, these lessons always bring learning, and that’s a blessing. But using only “blessing” falls short. We were saying that a ball game is a series of athletes trying to hit a ball with a stick scoring points by running around. It would be somewhat correct but insufficient.

A life lesson towards Human Unity.

With my most humble approach, I see this problem as a life lesson for humanity to be much more united on a global scale. And all the information we receive (or the vast majority) comes with fear, negativity, and a lot of “divide & conquer.” Precisely, it is the very opposite of what we should collectively learn. In principle, this could mean a stronger lesson to see if we learn. Do not fear, though; there is no reason. Unfortunately, I cannot say whether this will be the case or not. But if there is, it will be in a different way, not just “a bigger-bad-der bug.” But at least there is a positive point to all of this.

(Do you remember when we talk about understanding the opposition over a year ago?)

Perhaps many people are screwing up, from disobeying protection legislation to feeling racial hatred due to the development of this global challenge, etc. However, there is also a lot of unity. The problem is that there is a collective group of “positive units.” Perhaps with the same goal, but with wrong ideas and beliefs. The life lesson also comes at a personal level, as half a planet has tons of extra free hours a day. It is a beautiful moment, as I have explained in previous weeks, of knowing yourself and knowing your spirituality,

There is something.

Occasionally I get messages like, What can I do to develop my spirituality? Or for example, lately, many people are using The Journey of self-knowledge and personal power, right now even more than that of the chakras. On my end, I can count by dozens the people who are trying to grow. Imagine the big corporations of meditation, much more. And this is good for you personally if it is your case and for everyone collectively, because positive energy is contributed to the global consciousness.

The stars may hold a life lesson for you.

The human being has made many discoveries by chance. Such as, for example, Penicillin (as per Fleming). Observing and analyzing our world has brought us much wisdom and knowledge. Thanks to this we can get to know the animals, what plants we can eat, where a particular country is, etc. Thanks to the research, we have developed many aspects. If you are over 30 years old or know what a Game Boy is, it was a significant advance. Although your cell phone is now millions of times more powerful with lower energy consumption and size, think one thing: A computer as big as a room, with the same power as that Game Boy, sent human beings to the Moon.

The life lesson arrives when something is not learned.

Some aspects of humanity, such as medical development, happened forcefully. Medicine, in some respects, goes a long way. There are machines to perform operations beyond our imagination (my wife saw one beyond imagination eight years ago!) Also, we can combat many medical problems. However, aspects such as the mind, the nervous system, and endless “chronic” illnesses are almost unknown. There is way too much suffering in this world, and it is time to stop it.

I have personal reasons to blame western medicine for many things, but it doesn’t stop there. There is much more. Mental health is essential. Not having a mental/psychological medical history does not always mean having a healthy mind. Spending hours on your phone a day is an indication of a psychological scale. I am not a psychologist, and I do not have the authority to talk much about it or say it depends on what. However, we all know the attitude when there are addiction problems (to alcohol, for example.) So you have to be careful with that topic. Easy with social media, you don’t need to check Twitter every day. It’s okay! An always busy society is also bad for the mind. And as a society, we cannot see it, so we receive a life lesson, well, plenty.

I have a series of 30 royalty-free ebooks that touches on this topic.  I did not write them. They are royalty-free.

As the Earth cleanses, cleanse your conscience.

An opportunity to reconnect with ourselves. Discover and re-discover the wonders of life and from our conscience. Global emissions have dropped dramatically, and perhaps it is a positive aspect of this problem. The planet is healing, and we are part of this planet. Eliminate constant (or most of it) noise, and now that you have time, invest it in your personal and spiritual development. You will grow much more than you imagine, and if it were so collectively, humanity would see the unimaginable.

The benefits of a problem.

Probably, if there were human integrity and unity, this problem would be non-existent or negligible instead of a global problem. But it has not been that way. However, it has been seen that some people have a big heart. Perhaps some of these people understand the life lesson we are going through. And all this will have an impact on humanity. We have seen the ugliest and most beautiful aspects of our existence. Humanity will realize things that are always something to learn.

It is time to wrap things up, but I also wanted to mention that even competition between countries helps solve the problem. However, it is from an egotistical point and with economic interests. In fact, it is how nature evolves. However, the life lesson is that we realize the value of things: Our health, finances, spirituality, and even our purpose on a planetary level. It is an excellent opportunity for personal and spiritual development, as well as collectively.

You can even challenge yourself!

And well, next week it’s forecast time. It will always be available on day one on YouTube, but next Wednesday, I send the entry with the video over here. So I hope you get the most out of it anytime you have a life lesson. You will get the most out of it. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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