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Written by Fernando Albert

March 13, 2019

The importance of being a freethinker.

Hey, hey everybody, are you a freethinker! Spirituality is based on your innermost connection with self and authenticity. How was the forecast? Before we move on with that, let me ask. Have you already talked to your guides? I am sure that your first experience was memorable, so do not forget to write down everything in great detail. Today we are not going to talk about channeling; we are not going to talk about spirit guides, neither the universe nor anything, nope…

Today we are going to talk about us, the beautiful perfection that we are. I invite you to find moments for your introspection after reading this article and after reading another article where you will receive a lot from you: You: How to get to know yourself and get out the most from your life?

Something I want to say first.

I want to mention that staying positive plays a significant role.

I was inspired to write this entry based on several people’s suggestions to comment on the energy signature that we all have.  Why is it okay to be a freethinker?  I think these are exciting topics, and both, at some level, are connected.

We live in a society where, from an early age, we are educated to follow and obey. It is essential to have an order when doing things, to realize that everything requires learning and that we like to have things in common to share. Going towards a very negative extreme, fast, where it is easy to observe that society is decaying at extremely alarming levels.

Therefore; it inspired me to write something right now:

Society is a group of souls living a human experience. However, right now, living wrongly in a gray cloud full of unnecessary pain, chaos, spiritual and personal confusion. Fear and weakness roam freely through this cloud, controlling it and creating a poisoned and corroded atmosphere. These souls have a great inner light, a great desire to have an authentic and positive human experience. But due to this devastating cloud, those desires are shattering, although there is still something standing. The human being has a great gift to adjust and continue to prosper under virtually any situation. This cloud of confusion brought oblivion above all, hardly adjusting. The light never goes out, and hope always remains, however dim.

As the light shines, the cloud weakens. Humanity has enough light to end that cloud. But first, humanity needs to find its light again, far from the blue light of the screens. The light emitted by the heart and desire, together with perseverance and dedication is the key. Humanity has to face the greatest challenge: to find itself. But in a world where practically everything brings self-estrangement . The time that humanity finds its light, the cloud disappears and the whole society will improve astronomically.

Did you notice something?

Innovate and progress has slowed down at some point in history, and little by little, society is leaving that ability behind. The fear of growth due to complicating things, leaving behind the comfort zone, and exploring the unexplored is vast. Has not this been human nature since the beginning of time? What happened? The society is in that cloud that I talked about, where “progress” equals things like:

“Banana Wireless” has released the newest phone, “Enohp Llatiod 12.0 Super Premium Edge”, which has a zillion megapixel more and vibrates if you say ‘hello’ while the screen turns on.”

But it isn’t significant; we could do more, a lot more…

Thanks to the technology and resources that this planet offers, society can end with those main problems that plague human civilization and prosper. The goal of this entry is not the conspiracy because if doing nothing leads nowhere. The goal is to help you a little more to open your eyes. To that, instead of looking for the new picture that they just put on Instagram, look for what you can do today to improve your life a little bit. Connect again with your light so that you help others find their light so that this cloud, which has massively slowed down society, disappears forever. As a freethinker, you will lose interest in many meaningless things in life.

A natural freethinker

Be a freethinker helps you connect more with you, and therefore your light. I have not discovered this on the top of a mountain with a guru, but since childhood, life has always made me question things resulting from events and experiences, both very positive and very negative. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to find an answer about things, especially unfair ones where “nobody does anything.” They are still the parents who, with love or lack of love, block their children’s consciences, reducing it to what is necessary for the daily and mundane. In my case, it was not like that, and I grew more accustomed to being in my world, where there never existed that illusory limit between the physical plane and the astral plane.

In a way, I have been able to observe the world from a hill. Thanks to this, I have been able to watch the things that the world offers. Especially society, and decide whether to include it in my life or not.

Freethinkers have a head start in life.

I believe that having an open mind, being a freethinker, and questioning things is the only cure to a robust and dangerous disease that annihilates free will, personal identity, and in the end, happiness. Do you feel that you are lost? Pause a moment to analyze a little as society was 15 years ago; how the people on the street acted, for example, what level of education there was, what aspirations the pre-university students had, etc. Analyze all this today, the year 2019, any difference ?.

Do you think it’s positive?

As a result of your deductions, it’s time to discover why.

Come on, you start to realize things, and maybe in something you do not “go with the pack,” which makes you “different” and be a freethinker. You will get used to questioning the sources of information that guide you, taking the information that serves a purpose, and discarding the rest. They will leave behind a lot of information. Not because it is terrible, because you realize that it is not necessary (how many photos of kittens of strangers need to see the day?) With this, you will get much more out of your time, time which you will have the desire to Invest in nurturing and expanding your mind and spirituality.

All this, you will have more confidence in yourself, bringing you more expansion, more happiness, and more exceptional ability to help those who do not see their light. You will be surprised at the number of things you will strip, things that move all people away from themselves. Breathing is essential, and here, it will help you to a great extent.

In my life, leaving aside the screens and finding my inner light helped me know my pure essence. It’s worth it!

Be a freethinker and learn to be unique

And this brings us to the second (and shorter) part. And it’s about the energy signatures of each person. It is precisely the reason I wanted to write both in this post, because the energy signatures of each one are left more and more aside, to be able to follow fashion, to follow what society dictates, to follow and obey without questioning how they have taught us.

If you are truthful to yourself, you will discover all your potential with time, and you will like it.

Time to transform!

I invite you to try this little exercise, and little by little, you will get to be more of a freethinker. It will not take more than 90 seconds:

  • List five things that you like about yourself. You have 10 seconds… and counting!
  • You have fifteen seconds to explain what you are doing to improve something that you do not like about yourself. Come on, come on, tick-tock, tick-tock!
  • You have 30 seconds to explain your life goals and what you are doing to carry them out. Start.
  • What potentials you have to be able to share with others to improve their lives. Five seconds.
  • In a single word, state your best gift or ability. You have three seconds: 3, 2, 1, 0.
How did it go? Being a freethinker is not that hard!

You have been able to do everything on time. Yes? Cool!! That means that you are connected with your inner light. You know what you like and need. Therefore, you are in sync with your energy signature, which makes you unique.  It is going to give you many advantages in life. It is essential to have personal power and find a way to see what you want for your life. If this is the case, you will be advancing and opening always. But look, if you went wrong, let’s try these other questions. Another ninety seconds, are you okay? If the above ones went well, I invite you also to try… it’s always fun…):

  • You have five seconds to name that person you would dream of being like him/her.
  • Fifteen seconds to enunciate three things that you would like to have from that person.
  • Thirty-seconds to name fifteen celebrities.
  • Find out why it fills you with satisfaction to have a high-end phone and be always up to date.   Ten seconds.
  • You have thirty seconds to say things you would like to have.

What about this one?

Both may have been great, but if you have noticed that the second of the two was the one that did well, you must work a little to find your light. If this is your situation, you can rejoice because you have noticed that you were centradx in the wrong direction. If you are reading this, it is that you are looking for a change in your life. And whoever seeks, finds. And that’s worth gold, so, very good!

You will have realizations.

When you become a freethinker, you will indeed. From both exercises, you will realize the things that are missing. Perhaps you already have, but you are unable to see. It will help you take out all your potential and find your light and share it with the world. The essential is to accept yourself as you are and improve those situations that you can develop.

You will find aspects of yourself that you have the desire to grow, but others will make you happy as they are. When you know yourself, you are much stronger, and therefore it is much more important to follow your introspection rather than follow a fad or a popular figure. It’s beautiful to learn from others, and there is always more to learn but from the standpoint of personal development, not the mere admiration of this person or denial of yourself. You’ll get much further in all your goals and make a much more significant impact on the world when you are authentic. Being a freethinker is hard sometimes, but the big picture is fantastic.

And well, that’s all for this week! By the way, next week, a new guided meditation comes out. It will help you to empower your weakest living areas. It will be a profound experience! But all this in a week, of course! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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