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DOs and DON’Ts before bed. How to get the most out from your sleep.

How to sleep better.

Written by Fernando Albert

July 19, 2017

How to sleep better. What do you better?
Do you want to know how to sleep better? Avoid sleep deprivation!

Hello Hello! Talking of sleeping, did you astral project? This week I bring you an entry into something that makes a profound difference in our life. Next week I will officially launch a new course. This course deals with several topics to improve your life dramatically by making small changes. Today’s entry is touching a bit on that course topic, but I wanted to share this part with you.

Sleeping is essential. Not being able to rest appropriately has many adverse effects on health and psyche. However, this is not the goal of this entry. I want to focus on giving you a simple list. It will point out what to do and not do before going to sleep.

Let’s start with what you should not do at least 30 minutes before bed if you want to know how to sleep better.


Sports are very healthy and recommended, it brings many health benefits, but it has its best and worst moments like everything else. You shouldn’t exercise in the two hours before bed. It is especially true with vigorous and very intense exercises. Gentler exercises do not affect as much, but ideally, it is not to raise adrenaline and body temperature in these last two hours.

Caffeine and heavy meals.

Obvious, and we all know it, but it is not less worth mentioning, especially on the subject of copious meals. Dinner should be lighter and wait about a couple of hours after dinner before bedtime. If you are wondering how to sleep better, eating loads does not help!


Thanks to technology is a serious problem. It is essential that you at least let yourself spend a couple of hours before bed without thinking about work and, even less, working. It does not matter if you bring work from home, you are behind schedule, or you work from home… in the last hours of the day, you should put the mind in a state of preparation for sleeping. If you focus on work before bedtime, it will bring stress. Especially at the subconscious level, and alter your rest.

Very easy so far. These three are apparent and have been so for dozens of years… but we are not finished… there is still the most detrimental if you want to know how to sleep better.


Well, it is evident that he had to go out (wait, wait for the next one… I’m sure you already read it!) In our civilization, it is widespread to finish the day watching TV… Having a TV in the room is quite common (and something awful for resting). Falling asleep watching TV (whether in your room or on the couch) brings significant health problems. But I’m going one step further… No one should not turn on the television for at least the last hour before bed.

Television puts us in a receptive state, and our brain accepts everything it receives since it becomes more suggestible. The main reason why TV advertising is so efficient.) We become aware of dramas, exaltations, problems, information, and many more stimuli than we should gain when bedtime approaches. Plus, it ruins our dreams.

If you do not care about dreams, at least the TV is relaxing and not stimulating.

The TV is also poison for lucid dreams because it promotes that you accept the reality that offers you … Precisely this mechanism is the one that makes us “to believe that the dream is real while it happens,” and if our brain already works like this, the TV strengthens it. If you want to dream lucidly, I recommend that you turn off the TV a couple of hours before.

Use of smartphones.

One that is going to hurt many of you… As I said before, we are a society with an extreme and sickly addiction to smartphones. We are hyperconnected; there is no need to be online all day. It is prevalent not to be able to drop the mobile phone even next to the pillow. Sadly, in many cases, the phone is the one that touches the pillow first instead of your head. Many will say that they cannot fall asleep if they do not do something in bed… and if this is your case, you need even more the “yes” ones that I will mention below.

Avoid using the phone within the last two hours before bedtime. Social networks, games, the internet in general, news, and countless more things you can do with the smartphone, promote insomnia, and they can wait. Not only that, but we also carry our awareness of garbage and other information.

Internet “cookies” also “download” into your consciousness.

I work with many people, and every day, I can see how this problem affects short and long-term consciences. If you’re using your phone before going to sleep (or even worse, in bed), you’re punishing your brain. Your brain is trying to try to organize everything that happened on the day). You’re torturing your consciousness by adding more stimuli. It needs to be in a state of relaxation and not in front of a screen, emanating radiation directly in your eyes, even with a blue light filter.

I know that many will ignore this and continue to use their phones in bed (the level of mobile addiction is higher than many drugs, and there are rehabilitation centers for that.) For those who use the phone before bed:

Would you be able to NOT USE the phone for the last two hours before bedtime, for a month, for example?

The gift you give your body, mind, and soul if you do this will be so big… that neither Santa Claus can compete!! Here, a post I found with a lot of additional sources supporting my claimSmartphones effects on vision

Plan the next day.

Because of our busy lives, we sometimes find it hard to find time for ourselves. Many people, these few moments, spend them in front of the TV and the phone (and I do not say that you throw the TV or the phone away, there is a moment for everything, but we abuse many of these two devices.) It is good that a couple of hours before, plan the next day. Try to have this done before going to sleep because being in bed thinking about the next day makes it difficult to fall asleep, adds stress, and may wake up more often at night.

In a dream, you can go to incredible places. Learn how to sleep better to dream.

These are some of the most important to keep in mind before bed.

Many sleep experts (after decades of studies) recommend using the bed only for sex and sleeping. Nothing else. The bed is not recommended nor even to meditate (unless you have no other place), so you can see how important it is to use the bed only for what is intended. Now we go with what is right before bed:


There are millions of studies on the benefits of meditation. These multiple if you meditate an hour or half an hour before going to sleep. Stimulate your brain with a meditative journey that even takes you by the hand to the world of dreams! No social networking required 🙂 Daydreaming also will help you to materialize your wishes.

Piece things together.

We always have things left to do; we have so many things to do that sometimes we cannot finish in the day. It is essential to have something halfway and take a little time to do it to complete it. This way, we will release this from our consciousness and not be spinning in our heads when we get into bed. If it is something big, try to finish the part you are doing, leave everything ready to continue the next day, and know where you were going. Be aware of your needs.

Time of silence.

I have been doing something for a long time, and it is the best thing to do before bed. Not only because of the rest itself. Also, because of the positive consequences that it will bring to you. You will have time each day for your conscience “to talk to you. ” The thing is to remain silent for half an hour before bed. No music, no TV… no noise and no cell phone. At most, if you need the voice recorder (if you do not have a notebook nearby, you will need it!),

You can use the phone for that purpose, but before the session, Sut the phone in airplane mode, so there are no notifications or other stories that distract you. During this time, you do not have to do anything. It is not necessary to do something consistently… in fact, it is crap. In this period, particularly in the beginning, there will be a lot of noise in your mind. It’s due to the overload of stimuli of the day, and making moments of silence help to organize them. And isn’t it true also for deep sleep? Yes, of course, but we are unconscious. I do not want to wind up a lot, but realizations and great ideas can appear during that process.

Your mind has a lot to say.

Usually, we are unconscious (asleep), and we do not realize it … some receive something through dreams, but you know that it is straightforward to harm dreams and rest, and it is something that society does typically. During these quiet times, you will be aware, and you will have great ideas. I’ve been scribbling ideas over the past two years. I’ve been able to target more than 300 concepts… many of them have brought VERY positive changes in my life at all levels … unimaginable changes and realizations that change your life.

Avoid reading an article in bed nor some social media. Connect with your mind instead. You will be amazed. You will be surprised! After this session, go straight to bed and get to sleep (okay, you can go to the bathroom first!)

Not all the answers are on the internet.

These are the main ones, there are many more, many of the obvious, but these three cover a lot, especially the subject of moments of silence. That, plus applying some changes in what you should not do before bed, you will see significant changes in your life, from just two weeks… then grow exponentially.

After so much time doing it like this, I have also noticed that my mind is much clearer, ideas flow much better, and the attention span has increased. They are all benefits to put aside before sleeping that piece of plastic and chips… a pass. Your short- and long-term memory will also improve, you’ll be less forgetful, and you’ll be more focused (after all, lowering your phone use helps the brain be more relaxed and orderly.

Check literature about dreams.

The more you read about the topic, the better. You can get started right here.

A powerful, guided meditation for sleep.

Admitting that we need outside help to sleep is not something to be ashamed of. It is part of learning how to sleep better. However, many of the available aids are complicated to obtain. Either because of the decision of the doctor or even its legality (plus your health). They can alter your psyche in positive and/or negative ways, being less recommended for this reason. A guided meditation for sleep is a great solution. The side effects of it are relaxation, a more profound dream, possible lucid dreams, healing at the subliminal level.

Now, you can get a guided meditation to sleep. I have to say that after almost two years and improve this post, I am pleased about your messages saying that you can sleep better with this medication. Click the image below:

Meditation for sleep.

It is an excellent meditation, and for next week, a new course that will bring massive success in your life. Everything will happen next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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