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The Lower Plane is part of the Astral Plane, but I will share with you why not to fear it.

You can easily avoid the lower astral realm, where negativity resides.

Written by Fernando Albert

November 11, 2020

You can easily avoid the lower astral plane, where negativity resides.
What about the lower astral plane, and why is a little protection already enough to avoid it?

Well, well, well! Here we are for another week. What did you think of the forecast? This month we begin the fourth year of forecasting! Anyway, today we are going to talk about the astral plane. But to be more specific, we are going to talk about the lower astral plane. So far, we have only talked about the positive part of the astral plane, and I have taught you how to have astral travel. With proper protection, you don’t even have to talk about the lower astral plane. However, following the suggestion of one person, I am going to talk about this plane.

I’m going to explain a little about how it is, how to avoid it, how to get out of this plane if you arrive, and a few more things. I think it will be an interesting read, and perhaps, if you are afraid of astral travel, this post can help you leave it behind.

In fact, it’s not just this person, but several who have asked me similar questions about low-vibration beings, beings with negative intentions, and the “dangers” on the astral plane. I want to start this post by saying that you do not have to be afraid, as astral travel is always safe. If, for whatever reason, you do not like or do not like or do not make you feel good, with thinking about your physical body, you return or raise your vibrations to leave the lower astral plane and go up to a part of higher vibration in the astral plane. However, I know that this is a topic you want to read, to take it into account to explain it a little.

Like hot air-cold air … the energies of the lower and upper astral plane classify in layers.

I really like to use the example of air to compare it with the astral plane. Because I mean it if you visualize light, you will never go to the lower astral. And it has a straightforward reason. We all know that a bag of cold wind will always go down, and a bag of hot air will always go up. When the two meet and “have nowhere to go,” a storm is created. Well, let’s put the storm aside because that doesn’t happen in the astral. However, we can compare the lower astral with the higher astral thanks to this.

Similar energies attract each other. We know this well because it is a reality, even on this physical plane. On the astral plane, it is the same; that is why it is straightforward to protect yourself from negative energy. Basically, to make it easy, we have the lower astral and the higher astral. The lower astral is much closer to this physical plane where you read this than the higher astral. I have always explained in many posts that it is important to visualize white light, love, positivity, and happiness. In this way, your soul will vibrate at a high frequency. This frequency will join other similar frequencies in the higher astral. In fact, what religions call “Hell” would be the lower astral since all negativity, fear, and pain come together here.

And could things go wrong?

My answer is clear and firm. Not in the astral plane, in the physical plane, it is possible, and I will comment a little more below. Let’s see, by visualizing a bubble of white light during your astral projection, and it already guarantees that you will not be able to go to the lower astral plane. Therefore, it is safe. Negative entities, energetic leeches, and other badness exist, but not in the higher astral. Therefore, if your vibrations are high, you will always go to the higher plane. It is impossible for there to be beings with negativity on this plane since negativity does not exist here.

If you have doubts or notice something strange, you have to visualize white light and ask your guides to fill you with love. Very soon, you will notice that you rise and your being fills with happiness. With high vibrations, you will only meet other beings of light, loved ones, spiritual guides, and positive things that will fill you. Beings of light will protect you.

I’m going to tell you a little experience that I had one day when I accidentally reached the lower astral. You can see that the solution was simple. It is not very long!

With protection you can avoid the lower astral plane.

Personally, I think it is challenging to go to the lower astral plane intentionally. If you have all that negativity in your heart, you probably can’t even project yourself. However, there is a way that, by accident, you could arrive. However, do not be afraid as it comes off right away without problems. This form can happen by accident if you astral travel from a lucid dream, or rather, a semi-lucid nightmare.

From the labyrinth to the lower astral plane.

This experience was more than ten years ago. I discovered that you could have astral travel from a lucid dream. You let yourself fall on your back and visualize an astral separation. Therefore, I flew to the top of a building, and fell down on my back.

I was in a hallway, all on fire, but it didn’t burn me. There was an Ifreet and a Demon. I wasn’t afraid of the demon at all, but for some reason the Ifreet scared me. They made me walk to a place, and I thought “I’m in the lower astral plane, I’ve screwed up, what’s going to happen now.” After a while, we got to a room and there were stairs down. The Ifreet left, and I realized that I was still in a dream. I sent energy to the demon to push it away and I went (still afraid of the Ifreet) to the stairs to let me fall, even if it was low, it could work.

As I did so, I fell to the ground and the ground as if it were made of paper fell apart. I was in a dark vortex and then I appeared in my room floating. There was a hanging lamp (anomalies in space-time are normal), which scared me, because I arrived scared of the mini nightmare. I could see that the energy was not the same, and everything was blurred, but for the worse. I just visualized white light, love in my heart and asked my guides for help. In a few moments, everything cleared up and I began to feel love. I already left the lower astral plane and reached the higher astral, having a wonderful experience.

And so it was, as you can see, it was not that difficult to solve the problem.

If you don’t have dark purposes, you won’t have these negative experiences on the astral plane. As I said before, it is possible that you could not even project yourself if you have negative or dark intentions. However, this does not mean that negative entities can’t interpose themselves in our life, but on this very plane! Several people asked me about what happens with these beings. I want to tell you that you will not need to fight against these beings or defend yourself from attacks on the astral plane. I repeat, visualizing light is enough. To the consciousness of these beings, you fade and disappear from them. However, on the physical plane, there are times when these beings can harm.

I spoke to you about death in an entry, and one of the things that I commented to you is that in the most unfortunate case, the soul does not want to go to heal, and it remains vagrant in this plane. These souls inhabit the lower astral but very close to this plane to the point of interacting. Not only human souls are here, but other low vibration beings like energy leeches, etc. I don’t really like to focus on this because once again, with the protection, you will already have many advantages.

What happens to these lower astral beings, and what happened to me?

I have found myself on several occasions having to do banishing rituals or exorcisms. I have been able to see cases of possession. Which really is not like in the movies. You do not lose all free will or anything. But in extreme cases, it makes the person very sick. During years of experience, I have found that these beings are sucking the vitality of the person. They are interested that the person is alive to be able to continue absorbing his/her energy. So the myth that they would seek the death of the person is false. If you read otherwise, it is only additional negativity and fear that does not exist.

A negative person, who lives in fear, who does not have gratitude, and it seems that they only attract negative experiences are the people who could attract these negative entities. That is why it is important to have positivity, as there are always positive things to be grateful for. (As miserable as you are, you can read this, right? Other people don’t even have a phone.) This way, you will attract more positive energy into your life, and you will never have energy problems of this kind. And if you already have them, most of the time, a change in attitude, white light energy, and changing your emotions can solve the problem. It is rare to need to go to the end of an exorcism.

And why do these lower astral plane beings influence us?

Sometimes what we call a “vagrant soul” can end up interacting on this plane, usually not with positive intentions. Maybe we use soap and water to clean bacteria, but nobody cleans energetically. Energy accumulates just like dust, and in places where the energy is negative, it can become very negative. Places like hospitals (even abandoned ones), slaughterhouses, prisons can have spirits of this type. It is necessary to go with energy protection, even on this plane.

Sometimes you can go somewhere, abandoned, for example, and feel nasty vibes. Sometimes you can perceive negativity and a lot of activity from negative beings, even more so. This can happen even on the train tracks if a person has committed suicide, for example. In fact, many years ago, when I had less protection, passing near some railroads, there was a spirit that made me quite sick for an hour (we had to go home.) Looking for information, we found that a person had jumped on the train many years ago. In case something like this happens to you, healing (from someone) and self-healing, asking your guides for help, and burning palo santo or white sage, you can solve the scare.

However, with optimal protection, it will be almost impossible for you to have any problems. Neither on this plane nor the astral plane, but I can tell you that you are less vulnerable even in the lower astral than on this plane. Remember that if something strange happens when you are out of your body, you return. From your cat touching your body to a very negative entity touching your astral body, and everything in between! The normal thing is to return to the body “for nothing” sometimes, so it is a “jumper” that triggers right away.

So, as I shared, visualize white light in your heart chakra, and you will elevate to a higher plane of existence of love and peace.

And that is all of the lower astral, now you know a little more, and you are certain that it is easy to leave this plane behind if you reach it. Next week we have a new Journey. We are done with the three shamanic worlds. However, there is always more to explore. This exploration brings you closer to meet your guides who accompany you, where you can receive messages and healing. I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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