Is it possible to experience Ego Death during astral projection?

Ego Death: Is it possible to experience during an astral projection?
Ego death is possible in the astral plane.

So, is it possible to experience Ego Death in Astral Projection?

Hi there, how was the forecast? I am sure some of you are going to be excited! You guys have been asking about this topic for a while, and it’s here. Both Astral Projection and Ego Death are two topics that bring a lot of attention. Especially the second, since many believe you can only reach it in “certain ways,” but there is a natural, free, and accessible-to-everyone way to experience ego death. Take a read over spirituality too! A great topic to talk about shortly after the celebrations.

In short, you definitely can experience ego death during Astral Projection. However, Astral Projection does not mean ego death, and they are not the same. I shared a little about this topic in a previous blog post. That Q&A video for Astral Projection, remember? If you don’t, no problem, you can check it right here. I wanted to make that video because these questions are quite common. However, I feel this alone is worth having its blog entry as a reference guide for all of you already into Astral Projection. (Nothing to do with physical death and reincarnation.)

As I mentioned, ego death is possible during an Astral Projection.

As I said, ego death is possible, but definitely, you need to be skilled at Astral Projection to do it. You can find around this blog many entries about astral projection. I also have a complete video course that starts with the basics and gets you to mastery. And to be straightforward, this is the way to induce ego death in astral projection:

Firstly: Go ahead and astral project.

You must separate from your body. Partial separations will not provoke ego death. You are in your Astral Body now, but you still possess some ego and self-identification. (Part of your ego always losses when you project.) You can check out the free astral projection guide, where you get a foundation that can help you to get started with astral projection.

Once you are out in the astral, visualize yourself in space.

To avoid being close to your body/planet earth/other grounding stuff. You do still keep a degree of ego here.

Once you are floating in space, the next step.

You want to start visualizing your astral vibrations (or astral body as you feel it) to become more intense, focus as much as you can on the feeling of love and bliss. You do still have an Ego, but you are starting to lose the sense of self. Also, as love increases, you stop caring for your very own existence/self. You feel much higher and whole than that what you feel out from your regular individuality.

At some point, you will start feeling much more disconnected or “far away” into your projection. Now is time for you to feel in your heart that you desire to erase everything. In other words, you want to be “nowhere.” Here is where your ego starts to get “destroyed.” Love, bliss, joy, oneness is all you perceive now. Focus on “erasing yourself,” where you focus that you cease to exist while your soul/astral energy grows. You will gradually transition to losing the perception of everything else. Your ego is vanishing away.

At this point, it gets hard to explain.

You will be like pure consciousness, but nothing else. Like if you are a ghost without “a ghostly bod,” as you can imagine from a cartoon. You are just aware, but you no longer have a body nor even know/understand/feel what an actual body is. At this point, you have already lost your ego, and thus, triggering ego death. Time will cease to exist, but it will neither matter. It is like you erase your entire brain, and you only know the meaning of love and oneness. You do not need anything else; you do not know more anyway…

Eventually, you will return to your body. Astral memories fade fast; however, you can “hold it in.” What can and will be obliterated almost instantly is the beautiful experience you just had, so make sure to write it all down ASAP. Your afterglow will last days, possibly weeks, or even months. But why wait that long if you can trigger this at will? You need to astral project and do these steps

Higher Planes of existence exists where ego death happen.

How does an astral projection-ego death truly feel?

As I said, it is tough to put into words. I can only say it is fantastic and addictive (told by someone with a deficient addictive type personality/physical body system). At this point, you will be timeless. You will feel a ridiculous amount of bliss, love, and freedom. This physical plane we live in is “an empty white room” if you compare regarding excitement. Nothing else, nothing will matter to you. You won’t even be thinking about the projection itself. Still, you will be in that state with a feeling of forever until you find yourself back in your body, extraordinarily empowered and happy. Remember to write this down as soon as you can!

It is not that hard, is it?

Like everything else in life, it takes practice and dedication to master this, but every person can do it. As you can see, it can be triggered.

There is a small point: It can happen that when you start working through your ego-death (stage 4-5), you might either return to your body or not recall the rest. It occurs because you have lost lucidity/awareness and maybe, you fell into a sleep stage as well. With practice, you will be able to drop your lucidity (you have to for ego-death), but not your awareness/consciousness. You will need to lose your astral lucidity to experience ego death.

In an ordinary dream, you may have or not have an ego -but it will be a “dream” ego-; however, in a lucid dream, you will have your regular ego as if you were awake. This ego also goes with you to the astral plane, and you need to leave it behind entirely but keeping your awareness. It is much easier than it looks like, and once you experience it, you will understand how hard it is to put into words, but how easy it is to rid of your lucidity but still keep your awareness and know what is going on while it is happening.

By the way, I have a radio show with podcasts you can download for free about this. Furthermore, check out other planes.

The key is to experience ego death fully conscious.

It can happen through meditation, psychedelic substances, lucid dreams (also called super-lucid), and of course, astral projection. You will never see this world the same way again, but you also will appreciate more life and understanding at a deeper level the true meaning of physical third-dimensional life. Your wisdom gets to grow and to expand.

By the way, I just released a new chakra course, where you can get the most out of your chakras and aid your astral travels. Check out the new course at an excellent discount by clicking the image below:

Expand your chakras with this video course.

While we live and learn mainly from the physical plane, this is not true for our entire existence. We all leave the physical plane for several hours a day (easy…), and we learn stuff from that plane. What plane do you ask? That “plane of existence” that you access from your phone, computer, etc. Some people have even different life and personality online (not recommended) or can run their physical lifes with online foundations such as this blog. You get to learn a lot online, right? Sure thing, pretty much everything you desire.

(Take a look at this curiosity: the dimension zero.)

We can learn things from other planes of existence.

You can also heal nightmares and learn more about your subconsciousness during a lucid dream (the dream plane). The same goes for the astral projection (the astral plane/higher astral planes). And this is precisely next’s week’s topic. As usual, I will base it on years of self-research and gain knowledge from literature (yes, some from this “online plane” and actual physical books. They are very nice. This topic is about what you can learn at the Astral Plane. Stay tuned!  I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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