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What about a walk-in? Let’s talk about the walk-ins phenomena, you might re-discover yourself.

What is exactly a walk-in?

Written by Fernando Albert

June 10, 2020

Have you felt a change in consciousness and personality? You may have experienced a walk-in.

Very good! You see that little by little, it is improving, although there are other difficulties and problems, some we are overcoming. In fact, last week’s forecast is quite positive. There is a rare phenomenon, but there are souls who “have had” a walk-ins event. I want to share about this very unusual event today; it might amaze some of you.

I wasn’t planning to write about this; in fact, I would share an astral projection of mine. However, through helping one person, I realized that I had never talked about walk-ins. This incarnation medium is a rare phenomenon, and it doesn’t usually happen, but sometimes it does. It brings many changes in the person, starting with the soul. Yes, yes, you heard it right. It is not something that I can talk a lot about, but I can share a few things.

When a soul leaves its body and a new one takes its place.

Actually, it does not have much secrecy, and I have already revealed it to you in the title. People who have had a walk-in can be very intriguing, especially for these types of people. In the past, I told you about the four types of souls on this planet, do you remember? I leave you a list with the links:

And that’s it, at least to the extent of our knowledge, these are the soul types here. The ones who come from another planet and others from the angelic plane. Other souls from the planet’s consciousness, or those who are from here. However, there is a little thing that can alter the factors. Let’s see, starseeds or incarnated angels reincarnate in a human body, generally to help make this civilization better, awake, and full of love, usually through gifts and so on. However, we forget much of our consciousness and memories from these lives when reincarnating on this planet.

The walk-in phenomena.

The process of awakening humanity is beyond the reach of human knowledge; we know very little. However, we know that the planet Earth has a great transition. The spiritual awakening of humanity is essential to continue raising and evolving in this Universe. For that, there are all kinds of souls on this planet. Starting as a baby and growing as a human, but with a specific purpose. Therefore, this phenomenon does not occur with starseeds nor incarnate angels (in principle.) I am also unaware of elemental souls doing a walk-in since all those souls generally come from the Earth-soul.

Sometimes, it is necessary for unknown reasons that a soul from outside of this world is needed. It is almost impossible to know why, but sometimes it is necessary, and “starting from a baby” is not an option, so a walk-in is required. I have seen this only in human souls. Sometimes, a person has a severe accident, an overdose of something, or illness, and the soul leaves the body and crosses. It is sometimes announced with a temporary clinical death, for example, or even being in a coma. It is easy to know that this person “was dead” for a few minutes.

One soul goes; another one comes.

If the soul is gone, but the body is still functional and contributes to global awakening, this phenomenon can occur. Perhaps that person has the potential to awaken dozens or hundreds of people around. Therefore, instead of wasting the grown physical body, an angel or extraterrestrial soul may decide to reincarnate in that same body. That soul will have more memories and connections with its place of origin than one born from a baby. Furthermore, this soul keeps all the memories, feelings, and behaviors of the soul left behind its former and now healed physical body.

A walk-in may be a challenge.

But what do you mean by “a change of the soul”?

We are not our bodies; I am not Fernando Albert. I am a soul that drives a human body that is called Fernando Albert. A body that received a social security number, with an appearance and genetic characteristics from parents. Here, Fernando Albert’s human body has always had the same soul, me (a soul that originated elsewhere in the cosmos, not here.)

But as I mentioned before, sometimes there can be a walk-in, a change of soul. The human body of that person will look the same, act the same (especially at first), and inherit all memories and personality. But there are changes because the soul is not the same, although the body, name, ego, etc., are the same.

You can spot this by looking at the Akashic Records with photos. Before and after photos of the traumatic moment will help through the eyes to compare the Akashic Records. These change because they go with the soul, so people who have a walk-in will have different energy between the before and after photos.

Unfortunately, this is usually not easy for anyone.

Let’s see, by changing the soul, the personality changes a lot as time passes. A walk-in happens where it is most needed, so it will usually be challenging for those around you. Let’s pretend a very religious and faithful family. For some reason, there is a lot of fear and negativity within that religious belief. Not only family but many friends are involved with this religion. A person has a car accident and is in a coma for two days, but he recovers. Perhaps that person’s soul “jumped” from the body before the hit and crossed to avoid trauma to the soul, but medicine accomplishes full recovery from the accident. An incarnated angel or starseed soul can take advantage of this already adult body to spiritually awaken (or internalize) everyone around this person (now with another soul, an awakened one.)

Little by little, this person will have the new soul’s personality, even if he remembers everything. For example, in this case, his belief in that religion will cease over time. There would be a lot of tension and turmoil. But even in a family that doesn’t have a specific spiritual orientation, they could suddenly have a super spiritual person thanks to a walk-in. And maybe the rest of the family is very scientific, for example. These things usually end in divorce. The person who walked-in may also feel lost and not understand what is happening to them (unless they know about this phenomenon of walk-ins.) A psychologist may have difficulty helping such a person or even misdiagnosing a mental problem. But understand the walk-in phenomena helps.

Don’t worry; it is neither so terrible nor so common.

You will likely not see something like this unless you are the person that inspired me to write this! Unless you happen to be a walk-in as well. Sometimes it is complicated, but sometimes the family together overcomes this change, and they all end up growing. But come on, this is a complicated event, and walk-ins are not common. If you are reading this, you will most likely never have a walk-in (unless you already are !!) because you have already awakened spiritually, and you will already bring your grain of Light. And as you are spiritually awake, it is more difficult for people closest to you to happen. Also, as I said before, a walk-in is a scarce case. I’ve seen only a handful in over ten years.

And this is all about walk-ins. Next week I am going to speak to you. I am going to share one of my experiences on the astral plane. How it feels, and all that, I know you will like it. It is quite impressive, and we always have a lot of articles about astral projection. But hey, I’ll tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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