Archangels: 1 or more might be connected to you!

Do you have any Archangels in your Spirit Guide team? It is possible that you do, and today, we are going to talk about all of them. You will find out about the significant traits of each one, and how you can maybe connect to them and receive their wisdom.
Archangels may be present in your Spirit Guide Team!

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Archangels are powerful Spirit Guides who assist us in our spiritual journey

Hi there, how are you all doing? Have you been able to check your aura yet? If it’s not yellow, hold tight, because we will be talking about all the colors throughout the next weeks. However, today we are commenting about beings of light who form part of the Spiritual Team of many individuals. These beings are called archangels, and you may be connected to one or more, so we are checking them all out today.

One significant point when talking about your Spirit Guide team is the fact that sometimes it changes. We have talked about the different types of Spirit Guides, and while some of them stay with you throughout your entire life, even lifetimes, others come and go, and generally Archangels are one type that tends to change a lot. Each archangel has different characteristics, and they may be in your Spiritual team for one or multiple purposes.

The goal of this article is for you to learn about the different archangels. You must take this article as a guide to allow you to ponder and reflect on your findings. You are not to learn everything verbatim but to find resonance with your heart. If you find you resonate more with one archangel versus another, you might be connected to this one, so it will be very interesting to find in your heart how each one feels to you.

A brief overview of the Archangels and their significance.

Each archangel has a different purpose and reason to assist your life from the light.

Each archangel has a different purpose and reason to assist your life from the light.

Firstly, as I shared above, you may be connected with one or more archangels. It can be that you will not be connected to anyone at the moment, and this means nothing negative. You may need a different type of Spiritual help, and the combination of beings of light surrounding you, as well as your guides will play the exact and necessary role you need in your life. You need to open your heart and allow yourself to receive.

You can always sit in meditation, for example, to connect with your Spirit Guides, and set the intentions for your archangels to step forward. You will be able to perceive who is close to you, and you will feel it from the core of your heart. Remember, you are not better or worse whether you have which archangel or how many, the purpose behind connecting with any being of light is for you to need their wisdom or not. For each lifetime, you set different goals, experiences to have, and lessons to learn.

Your Spirit Team will also build in a way that you can fulfill your life purpose, so it will be perfect for you. If you have the intention to connect with a specific archangel, you can do so through meditation, and asking your Spirit guides to connect. If it serves your highest purpose, you will likely be able to connect.

Let’s talk briefly about each one of them.

I feel drawn to mention each one of them, the ones I heard about by connecting with (through readings), as well as information found in the Akasha. I could also include some minor learning from some books, as well as online to give a general approach to most archangels versus the five or six I  know the most. Therefore, you will find a very mind and possibly brief approach to each one of them. The purpose of this article is not to lecture you (at least, not only that), but for you to have some foundational awareness allowing your heart to do the rest. What comes from the heart, flows and reaches where it needs to get.

You will see that I am not using images around the archangels, and the main reason is that archangels will look human because we are human and this is a look we relate with. Other beings across the Universe will possibly see the archangels in the same body these beings have. Neither the archangels have a gender, nor they have a human body. They have etheric bodies that reside in the Astral Plane. So, I am using images that could relate in a way to their energy and gifts.


Archangel Michael is a powerful protector.

Archangel Michael is a powerful protector.

Archangel Michael is one the most well-known archangels, known as the protector and guardian. If you are connected with Michael, you will likely have a strong Spiritual defense, with a very just and open heart. You will be able to deal with difficult-to-handle energies, especially when you do it in the name of helping other individuals. Lightworkers that channel the energy of Michael will find themselves receiving a lot of help when protecting the individuals they are working with. It is fantastic to evoke Michael when you are working energetically with someone, especially in the name of protection. You will feel great reassurance when you bring Michael’s energy in, knowing that the person or space is protected.

How can I invoke Archangel Michael for protection?

There are a few ways you can evoke Michael’s energy to help you out. The easiest way is to ask your Spirit Guides to help you reach Michael’s energy. If Michael is not part of your Spiritual Team, your Guides might still draw him in if it serves the highest purpose. You must focus on the energy of your Solar Plexus because from here, you will possibly channel Michael’s energies. Feeling gratitude in your heart is always a plus, but this is true for every light being you connect with.

From here, visualization can help you a lot to find out the help you are seeking. For example, you are pursuing having a stronger energetic defense to deal with big negativity, and as you visualize this happening, you will already feel stronger


Archangel Raphael brings healing and light.

Archangel Raphael brings healing and light.

Archangel Raphael is another very well-known archangel who mainly works with healing. If you are seeking healing for yourself or healing for other individuals, Raphael may connect with your energy to assist. Many healers work with Raphael the most because he facilitates very profound healing, especially at a physical level. You will find that Raphael’s energy is very sweet, very much down to the heart, and very soft. If you are sensitive to energy, you will feel Raphael’s gentleness if you channel his energy into you or other individuals. You will feel taken care of and nurtured with his light. If Raphael is present during a healing session, you can be assured it will be a very special one.

What is the role of Archangel Raphael in healing?

As shared above, Raphael is one of the archangels who mainly works with healing. Raphael’s energy is more grounding, so in a way, his energy is ideal and best for physical healing. You can also receive a fantastic aid for emotional or spiritual healing. In my observation, evoking Raphael’s energy is especially good at treating physical illnesses, even more so if they are viral problems. Raphael’s vibrates at a very high frequency that suffocates viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other unwelcome agents.

Channeling Raphael’s energy to remove negative energy (for example, during a home cleansing), is also very efficient and helpful. He will take away all the bad energy that doesn’t belong, and will transmute it into a positive, and highly vibrational energy.


Archangel Azrael removes heavy emotional burdens.

Archangel Azrael removes heavy emotional burdens.

Archangel Azrael is also well known, and he is also a powerful healer. However, Azrael is more aligned with mental and emotional healing. His energy is fantastic for the physical body, but it is even more for the nontangible part of you. Maybe in your lifepath, you help many individuals with their life burdens, and if so, you may be connected to Archangel Azrael. This being will assist you in lifting burdens that are weighing you down, especially when you are lifting the burdens of other individuals. If you go through a lot of emotional difficulties, you may also find Azrael connecting with your energy if healing such wounds serves your Highest Purpose. You will experience powerful healing.

How does Archangel Azrael help with mental and emotional issues?

Archangel Azrael works directly on your heart chakra, as well as on your mind. Sometimes, without realizing it you may be holding tight to these burdens, making you unable to release them, despite how much you desire it. In this case, you can evoke Azrael to assist you. You can ask your Spirit Guides to help you reach out his energy, and receive it. You will release with a lot more ease all the energy that doesn’t belong to you, almost as if “someone was sucking up the energy.” You only need to allow yourself to have and to let go completely.

Another excellent outcome of working with archangels, in this case, Azrael, is that you will feel massive love and light. Azrael is fantastic not only for cleansing and releasing, but expanding the energy of your heart center, bathing you in white light, and empowering the energy of the space that surrounds you.


Archangel Uriel enables wisdom in your life.

Archangel Uriel enables wisdom in your life.

Archangel Uriel is an amazing problem solver and inspirerer. If you work with him, and you invest your time in brainstorming, for example, you will be extra inspired. You might find yourself having claircognant situations, basically meaning knowing things out of the blue. However, this “out of the blue” comes directly from Uriel. This is very true, even if you are not psychically open, you will sometimes have sporadic psychic insights through clear knowing thanks to this Archangel. You will also find that Uriel can greatly empower your Solar Plexus, and your power in general, maximizing your capabilities to be self-sufficient and more assertive, especially if you seek to develop these traits.

What is the significance of Archangel Uriel in solitude?

You can find yourself, throughout your life, in solitude, which should not be confused with loneliness. The latter is a feeling belonging to fear that we don’t want to experience. When talking of solitude, I am referring to the power to be independent, and the independency within. Uriel can help you find your strongest traits so you to access them and wisely progress in your life. If you seek empowerment and self-growth, you might be able to evoke and connect with Uriel.

Furthermore, Uriel is one of the archangels that navigate quite well the Principles of the Universe, and thanks to that, we can tell that Uriel is very good at assisting you in situations of probability, promoting the energies to flow in a more favorable direction for you.


Archangel Chamuel brings unconditional love.

Archangel Chamuel brings unconditional love.

Archangel Chamuel is defined by the capability to expand and multiply unconditional love. This Archangel always connects through the Heart Chakra, and if you invite him in, he will open and expand your heart center a lot. One essential aspect is that Chamuel promotes self-love, and the capability to find the beauty within yourself. Before you can love anybody else, you need to learn to love yourself. This can be a difficult journey, but Chamuel can help you if you evoke him and allow him to work on your Heart Chakra. It will be easier for you to find the things that you love the most about yourself, as well as having a different perspective from what you don’t like so much about yourself.

How does Archangel Chamuel contribute to relationships?

One of the archangels who can help you as well with your relationships is Chamuel. Since he connects directly to the heart chakra, it will be easier to connect and match the vibrations of all the Heart Chakras from the individuals involved. By unifying the energies that are already connected, and pushing away the negative traits of the human ego, unconditional love will flow with greater ease, and bring wellness to the relationship while pushing away negativity.

Chamuel works a lot through the Principle of Vibration, meaning that he is capable of also adjusting the vibrations of each individual if that means enhancing a better connection. If you allow Chamuel to work on you and your connections, you will meet with wonderful results. You will gradually feel more connected with those who surround you and with yourself.


Archangel Haniel brings love and light to families.

Archangel Haniel brings love and light to families.

Archangel Haniel is from all the archangels, the one that works in healing personal connections, but more especially, family. Pretty much all families have some challenges, but this doesn’t mean that such energy needs to dominate. If you have a clear intention to find healing in your relationships, you can evoke Haniel’s energy. Furthermore, you do not have to also evoke Haniel when there is difficulty. His energy is exceptionally great for empowering bonds, of all types, from friendship to romance, and even family. What it matters is that each individual involved does their part in improving the relationship, because only that way, is how the energy will flow best.

Can Archangel Haniel mend relationships within families?

At least some individuals (better if everybody) must have a clear intention from the heart to find betterment in the relationship. If so, you only need to allow Archangel Haniel to work with your energy and loved ones. Open up your Heart Chakra and allow as much energy to flow as possible. It is important that also the family takes some effort into making things happen. None of the archangels can bend free will, and none will function on their own. You are the one in the physical plane, not them, so you need to do your part, everybody needs to in this case.

Once this is true, you will see that things flow much better, witnessing better synchronicities to enable positive and healing situations. For every person that allows it (just by feeling they want to improve the connection), Haniel will connect the Heart Chakras from all individuals among each other, to promote a greater energy flow and more kinship.


Archangel Gabriel will maximize your communication abilities.

Archangel Gabriel will maximize your communication abilities.

Gabriel is another well-known archangel, and this one will empower your wisdom, creativity, and clarity in your life. If you are seeking to get to know yourself better, you should evoke the energy of Archangel Gabriel, because you will find great assistance. This archangel works a lot with the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Throat Chakras, enabling you to have a stronger personal presence, and for your words to make a greater impact on the individuals who are listening to you. If you are an artist or someone connected to creativity, you may find Gabriel as part of your Spirit Guide Team, which will make it much easier to connect with.

How can I connect with Archangel Gabriel for creative inspiration?

As with every other archangel, you need to open up your heart and allow yourself to receive. I would recommend you also open your Third Eye, and while you do, you evoke Gabriel’s energy to enhance the energy further. You must learn how to clear your mind, and here there is a fantastic guide for that. Gabriel will assist you when you work on expanding and clearing your mind, as well as cleansing judgment from your consciousness.

Make sure that you see what your mind projects happening, almost inviting the energy to arrive. This will maximize your creativity and will help you to bring greater inspiration to yourself as well as to other individuals. With a widely open heart chakra, you will attract other individuals with great magnetism. You will project fantastic energy into whatever you create, making it much more significant.


Archangel Ariel brings natural healing and expands your third eye.

Archangel Ariel brings natural healing and expands your third eye.

Ariel is one of the most down-to-earth archangels since the connection with Earthy energy is very profound when we talk about this archangel. Ariel is very much aligned with all crystals, so if you use gemstones in your practice, you may want to ask your Spirit Guides to connect with Ariel through the gemstones. Assuming it serves your Highest Purpose (why it wouldn’t!) you will be able to connect with Ariel. Normally, during Shamanic work, I connect with the Spirits and Earth‘s energy. You can evoke Ariel’s energy when doing this type of work since this archangel aligns very much as well healing with nature, and all about natural healing, and using the power of the planet.

How do you invoke Archangel Ariel?

If you are working with natural energies of any sort, you are already building up synergy with Ariel. This archangel may be already connected with you. However, if you want to feel this archangel’s presence, you can make a small trip into nature. It will be even more significant if there is a liquid element nearby, to promote the natural energies of flow. Once there, you want to open up your heart and evoke Ariel’s energy. From here, focus on how nature is feeling around you. You will suddenly feel a spike in energy and warmth, reassuring you that Ariel is around, enhancing the energies you are working with.

If you work with nature, you can get a lot more out if you evoke Ariel. For example, when doing shamanic healing, healing with crystals, and sound healing through drumming, to name a few. Even if you just go to nature to have a great time, you could enhance the experience if you connected with Ariel.


Archangel Metatron empowers positive leaders.

Archangel Metatron empowers positive leaders.

Archangel Metatron is in a way, the leader of all Archangels. It is important to not think about ranking because angelic beings for starters don’t have duality. However, Metatron always shows up as a bigger Archangel, with a profound and assertive energy of leadership and the bringing of profound impactful changes. I work with this Archangel daily and one fantastic thing he brings is a powerful assertiveness. I am very assertive on my own, but sometimes I sense this “out of the blue” energy that lifts me even further, allowing me to perceive this is Metatron working in my Spirit Team. You can meet with a lot of power against opposition and blocks when you evoke Metatron’s energy.

What is Archangel Metatron’s role in bringing about change?

Metatron will give you a great push to your energy, and it is one archangel that works with all of the chakras. From giving you a deep connection with the Earth to ensuring a profound connection with the Spirit, always keeping a fantastic balance and righteousness. You will experience the positive sides of power, where you use it to help other individuals, never using it to harm others or for your gain. If you are right, and you have a great passion to make an impact on other individuals, you will make it happen.

Archangel Metatron will maximize your self-confidence, sometimes giving you that definitive push that you need to become awesome. Evoking Metatron will assist a lot in your energy, and while you need to take action to make things happen, you will find a great aid. As Metatron also maximizes your passion, you will meet with the energy that you need to succeed.


Archangel Zadkiel will empower your passion in life.

Archangel Zadkiel will empower your passion in life.

If you are pursuing a passionate life, you want to evoke the energy of Archangel Zadkiel. This archangel vibrates at a very high frequency, but also with a very much down-to-earth energy, promoting profound earthy sensations such as sex and life passions. If you are walking your true life purpose, you will find that Zadkiel might be connected to your energy. You will fill up your heart with joy and passion if you are aligned with your purpose for this lifetime. What matters the most, is that you bring passionate things into your life, and while you enjoy and continue pursuing these, you will have great support.

How does Archangel Zadkiel assist with forgiveness?

To be passionate, sometimes you need to let go of things, and a lot of times, this could be connected with forgiveness. Many times, this forgiveness should be with yourself, out from self-sabotaging yourself with destructive comments due to a lack of passionate feelings and gratitude in your heart. Finding forgiveness is not easy, but necessary. The first step is to have a true desire for this, a passionate feeling to free yourself and start to live the awesome. Here is when you can evoke Zadkiel to maximize any favorable energies to facilitate this.

You will start adding positive energy and replacing the negative one. You will find it in your heart to reward yourself, to push for passionate moments, and to bring delightful experiences to your life. When you allow yourself to have and clear yourself from blocking the energy, you will receive.


Archangel Jeremiel will ensure your life is balanced and fair.

Archangel Jeremiel will ensure your life is balanced and fair.

Archangel Jeremiel will promote balance in your life, especially when you are seeking to clear any disbalances you are facing. This could be from cleansing karmic situations to learning life lessons, or receiving what you are meant to have and for any reason, you haven’t. When you find your life is out of balance, you need to take physical action to bring a change, you cannot just wait for things to happen. However, while you do your part, you can always evoke Archangel Jeremiel because, from all the archangels, he can help you best, alongside your Spirit Guides to reach a proper state of balance and rightfulness.

Can Archangel Jeremiel guide you in challenging situations?

One reason you need to take physical action is that Jeremiel will help you in seeing the big picture of things, as well as open the perception about yourself, and your surroundings. You will have a great amount of energy to find the desire to invest in the necessary reflections. This will enable a greater power within yourself in understanding the reason for many things, and even the necessary steps to bring a change if necessary. You will see your Solar Plexus chakra empowered, as well as your self-trust by reducing or eliminating your limiting self-believes.

Jeremiel works very well through the Principles of the Universe, meaning that you can have a better energetic flow by aligning yourself. This means that you will be more confident because you will be able to perceive things better and have a deeper understanding. On top of this, you will have a certain sense of security that things are where they need to be.


Archangel Jophiel will transform your life in the most positive way.

Archangel Jophiel will transform your life most positively.

Archangel Jophiel is an amazing archangel who will assist you in your life transformation. When you work on yourself to improve something, you can evoke the energy of Archangel Jophiel. He is another well-known Archangel who will enable your life to be most positive. Jophiel will work a lot with your Solar Plexus and your Heart Chakras in a way to enable enough self-trust and love to self for you to take the necessary leaps forward in life. You will find yourself with more energy, more confident, and more inclined to keep going, despite being challenging or not. In a way, you will find great joy in doing things, and this will fuel you during the most challenging parts.

How can Archangel Jophiel assist you in maximizing your joy?

If you open your heart, and it serves your Highest Purpose to connect with Jophiel, you will start to feel stronger. It will feel like a positive confidence that grows within you, like a warmth that makes you smile because you know you will accomplish what you are doing. Through your Heart Chakra, your vibrations will rise, and when they do, you will attract more alike situations, multiplying the positivity. Furthermore, you will connect more easily with other individuals with the same intentions, pushing away those who have intentions that do not serve any purpose to you. You will avoid several negative experiences, especially if they are unnecessary in your path.

You will see that it is super easy to work with Jophiel, his energy is kind and mellow, but also with a confident warmth. A certain self-trust, far away from the ego, but feeling confident and able to accomplish your challenges. You will transform into the person you desire to be with much greater ease.


Archangel Raguel brings harmony and balance to your life.

Archangel Raguel brings harmony and balance to your life.

If you are seeking harmony and peaceful times, you want to connect with Raguel. This archangel helps to bring good synchronicities to your life and will promote an easy flow of things. Furthermore, it will also make things flow better, even if they are stuck. Raguel’s energy is very soft, with a great gentleness that is always willing to help. In a way, it is like having rear wind on your back, lifting you, and making it easier to walk. I would recommend that you evoke Raguel when you are dealing with a lot of stuff that “it’s not up to you.” In a way, things will flow better for you, and what you cannot control will be a little more favorable, whenever possible.

How does Archangel Raguel bring balance and synchronicity to you?

One essential step to evoke the energy of any of the archangels is to open up your heart and allow yourself to receive. This is especially true with Raguel because he works through the Sacral and Heart Chakras, so it is important to have these two open. It is super helpful that you make visualizations to materialize your wishes. You should try this wish-making meditation and also evoke Archangel Raguel since he excels at materialization by making things flow better in your favor.

You can easily channel Raguel’s energy into you, and the best way is to ask your guides directly. Maybe Raguel is part of your Spiritual Team, but in case he is not, you can ask your Spirit Guides to connect with him, and if it serves your Highest Purpose, he will connect with you.


Archangel Raziel helps with discoveries and navigating through the mysterious and new.

Archangel Raziel helps with discoveries and navigating through the mysterious and new.

One amazing Archangel for self-discovery (and discovery in general) is Raziel. Many individuals are explorers by nature, people with a profound desire to find out and discover new things, explore new works, and unlock mysteries. If you feel connected with this, you may have Archangel Raziel in your Spirit Guide Team. One of the purposes for us to be in the physical plane is to gather experiences and learn. However exploration and discovery is another trait that defines humanity, and Raziel empowers this trait. In fact, this is not limited to the tangible earthy plane, since Raziel can be a fantastic assistant when you practice Astral Projecting by enhancing your energy to empower your astral journey.

How can Archangel Raziel help you go down the rabbit hole?

Raziel will maximize your capabilities to get the most out of such a learning experience. He will help you to “open your eyes” and see even further ahead. Of course, when we talk about eye-opening, I refer to setting aside the ego and allowing yourself to profoundly receive the experience you are given. Out of all archangels, Raziel will inspire you the most to understand the unseen better, and to be more receptive to fully receive what you are exploring. It doesn’t matter in what plane of existence you are exploring.

You will experience energy maximizing your Throat Chakra enabling you to learn faster. Your Third Eye also will be expanded, enabling you to receive with more clarity channeled wisdom in you from other sources of light such as the Akasha. Raziel is a super interesting Archangel to work with, so ask your guides to help you connect!


Archangel Sandalphon brings healing through sound vibration.

Archangel Sandalphon brings healing through sound vibration.

Sandalphon is a powerful archangel that works with sound healers a lot. One reason that some music has healing capabilities is in part, thanks to this Archangel. Humanity has been connecting with Sandalphon for millennia since we have been creating music since the beginning of the human era on this planet. Among all the spirits that people have been evoking through drumming circles and any other ritual with sound, many times this archangel was present. He can heal through vibrations, and for planets like ours with an atmosphere, through music, which is a tangible source of sound vibration since we can both hear and feel them.

How can you tap into Sandalphon’s nurturing nature?

Sandalphon works through the Principle of Vibration and Rhythm materializing healing through maximizing energetic vibrations. One fantastic way is through music and joyful situations. You can even evoke him during a joyful moment, and project the intention to use all this energy to heal an area of your body in need, for example. Or perhaps to project all this positive energy into a difficult situation at work.

This is almost like a spiritual hack, but packed in an Archangel! You can overlap the joy you are experiencing in this here and now, and project it into a different area in your timeline. By overlapping a difficult moment with positive energy, you will attract more positive energy. Sandalphon will massively help you to succeed with these intentions. So, the more energy, passion, and joy there is where you evoke him, the better you can project the energy of that moment, into a different moment.


Barachiel will boost your confidence and lift you up!

Barachiel will boost your confidence and lift you!

Barachiel is an archangel that works a lot on your passion, activating the energies of your Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras. You will receive massive empowerment and a boost in confidence because your assertiveness will be way more at hand for you. The way I would approach this energy is sort of getting a lift. You must be ready for this lift because Barachiel will also facilitate life events and situations for you to tap into your true potential. One significant trait of this archangel is that he will be able to untap your untapped potential, so you must be also ready for it, since otherwise, it will never happen. If you are not ready, you will not get this boost, despite how much you desire it.

How can Barachiel can materialize your wishes?

You need to have complete clarity in what you want and need. Barachiel will never work above your Highest Purpose, so you need to make sure that what you wish, is something that you truly need. Barachiel is one of the archangels that also work very well with the laws of the Universe, having the capability to navigate them in a way to facilitates the materialization of what you need. Furthermore, he will tap your energy and your capacities. as you need to be ready.

Barachiel is the archangel of miracles, but all miracles start within you, and your energy, as well as your actions towards the goal. He will raise and maximize your vibrations, allowing you to attract with more ease what you need. It will be like if someone hits strongly the gas, and all the cars on the road move aside. Fantastic, but you still need to have a car and a steering wheel!

Archangels from other Universes

You may encounter an archangel from a different Universe.

You may encounter an archangel from a different Universe.

Besides these archangels, there are many more, known here on Earth. Furthermore, there are other Archangels out there, from other Universes. After all, our Universe is just a small spec across the multiverse, so there is a lot more out there than we can even imagine. It has happened in reading with one specific individual who has an Archangel from a different dimension/universe. I recall how important it was to not even pronounce the name, only the person that this archangel was connected with. I had to spell it out, because the way the person would pronounce it on the first time, would be the way to evoke this archangel.

This person is as especially as you, or anyone around you. There is no better or worse. There are some specific reasons that this person had connected with this archangel, and many other reasons that couldn’t be revealed because wouldn’t comprehend at this time. It is almost a big mystery, but the actual archangel was as real as the others, with their energetic signature. I have only had this one experience out of tens of thousands of readings, but I am sure there are many more.

Now is your turn to find any Archangel working with you

Firstly, please avoid praying. All our Spirit Guides are like friends, they see themselves as equal to us. You wouldn’t pray to your best friend to ask for help, would you? The same goes with the archangels, you don’t need to. You only need to find in your heart your truthful desire to connect and facilitate it with any pertinent physical action.

You can also help yourself with meditation, for example, a meditation to connect with the Spirit and receive a message. If you can channel (if not, you can start learning here), you can open up and evoke your desired archangel. Ask your Spirit Guides for help in connecting, and make sure that you are opened up to receive.

And remember, some archangels and Spirit guides come and go, but when they are connected to you, it means that there is a greater purpose behind them. Make sure to journal all the information, especially if you work with more than one archangel at once.


Q: Who are the main 4 Archangels?

A: All archangels are essential, but possibly the most popular are: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel.

Q: Who is the king of all angels?

A: There is no such thing as the “king of all angels” since angelic beings don’t have duality nor a hierarchy, however, from the human perspective we could name Metatron as the leader of all angels and archangels.

Q: What is the highest level of an angel?

A: Here, we are interpreting the energetic vibrations since all angelic beings are the same, and they feel the same among themselves. However, here we would be talking of a Serpahin, which they can connect with the 5th Dimension.

Q: What gender are angels?

A: Angelic beings live in a non-duality existence, and one of the meanings here is that they do not have a gender at all. Humanity interprets most of the archangels as male beings, but in reality, they are etheric beings.

Q: How do I find my archangel?

A: Through meditation as well as asking your Spirit Guides you will be able to connect with any archangels connected with your energy.

Q: How many angels does a human have?

A: It depends on many factors, but based on my observations, each individual already has a group of angels projecting white light and positive energy. On top of these, some individuals may work with different archangels.

Time to connect!

Now, it is time for you to ponder, and invest your time to connect to your Spirit Guides, and more specifically, any archangels connected with you. Next week, we will continue exploring the different Spirit Guides that may be connected to you. To be more specific, we will talk about the amazing assistance you can get from Elemental Spirit Guides since they use all the power from our beloved planet. I will tell you more in a week!   See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

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