Embracing the Path of Highest Purpose: Navigating Challenges and Transformations

Do you know what it means to say you want something that serves your highest purpose? Evoking this intention has a lot of power.
Highest Purpose

Highest Purpose

Hello, I hope you are well! Last week I brought you the new course on Kybalion’s Hermetic Principles, and I see that quite a few of you have signed up, thank you! I hope you like it a lot! Do you know what it means to say you want something that serves the highest purpose? Evoking this intention has much more power than you can imagine, and we will discuss it this week. It is essential, as always, that you are open to reflection and that you question this in your day to day.

Today, when a person follows a path of spiritual development, he evokes the desire to receive what serves the highest purpose. We generally know that this will lead us down a path that will have a desired and/or positive outcome on our approach. However, some may forget the true meaning when you evoke something like this. I am sure that you have been angry with your Spirit Guides at some point because what appears in your path is negative.

When the path we must travel is not ideal.

First, let’s discuss the concept of “highest purpose.” Here, we are perhaps referring to the agreements we made before birth, when we were only the soul, without a physical body, between lives. We have experiences and events during our lives that shape our souls, and many of them are based on agreements with ourselves. Karma is also connected here, and any need to straighten something out. Therefore, all of what we are experiencing, in part, is consistent with what we are seeking to experience.

Therefore, you must know that evoking the highest purpose dramatically impacts your life. There is a grave error, which is very common, where it is thought that by evoking this, one will only receive things that bring pleasure. I have seen many people protest because, as a result, they have had challenging life experiences. And why is this? It is effortless because when we want to receive the highest purpose in our lives, we will get what we need to continue progressing.

The experience that comes to serve our highest purpose.

As I have been saying, we will receive what we really need when we evoke this. This means that it is possible that the coming experiences will not be to our liking. For setting an example in something challenging that hurts everyone. Perhaps by evoking this, we have a severe problem in our love relationship, even reaching the point of breaking up. This relationship at first was beautiful, and you can’t explain how it could have broken.

You may not understand that perhaps in this relationship, you will see a future problem that will destroy you. This other person may hurt you in a few years when you are much more in love. In your Akashic Records, there is no type of Karma or agreement where you must have this break of heart. Therefore, this energy will benefit you in giving yourself a displeasure now, not a bigger one in the future.

If, on the contrary, you have some agreement to experience this heartbreak, the highest purpose may be that everything flows well in your relationship until the fateful moment arrives.

Everything is connected.

As multidimensional beings, there is much more to linear time and physical plane life. We live in a plane of duality, where lessons are learned through multiple lifetimes. All our actions, actions in our parallel lives, and of course, the activities of everyone around us, more taking into account the Principles of the Universe, will dictate how our experiences develop.

If we project our intentions to the highest purpose, we will receive much more than we need. This means having good and bad experiences that we are not looking for but that from a collective existence are necessary. This positively impacts an existential level because we develop correctly, from a linear point of view, more efficiently as we go through our different lives.

Along the path of life, any twist or change you make will continue to lead you in the right direction. In a way, all paths are correct because you will reach your goal sooner or later. However, in this way, by going the paths you have to go, you will avoid unnecessary paths. These will also bring good and bad experiences, but they may not serve your purpose, and you do not need them. An evil and necessary experience now could prevent multiple bad and unnecessary experiences.

A small accelerator: Think about accelerating on the right path when you evoke your highest purpose.

So that does it! From here, now you won’t forget the true meaning of “It serves my Highest Purpose.” It will not always be a path of roses, you may not even like it, but you will love the result, even if it has to be in your next lifetime. And with this being said, next Wednesday is February 1st, meaning forecast time. I hope it brings you plenty of guidance. But all this in a week! I will tell you next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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