Shamanic Healing: A powerful healing to find lost fragments of yourself, recover them and regain what is yours.

Shamanic Healing: Experience a powerful session and recover parts of you
Shamanic healing is what you might need.

Shamanic healing: Through a soul retrieval session, I will help you to recover lost parts of yourself

Hello, how are you? You already know that the last year’s forecast is already available, right? You can see it here. This week and now that Mercury Retrograde has passed, it is time to launch something new. I’ve been making shamanic healing journeys for months. It’s important to recover fragments of the soul that have been lost due to bad experiences.  Spirit has indicated that it is time to offer it openly since it is another opportunity to heal at a profound level. It is a particular type of healing. I’m going to tell you a few things here, (If you know the process, click here to contact me and/or book the session already.)

I always like to say: It may be the student who helps the teacher. It is essential to be open-minded with any person you meet. Almost a year ago, a person with whom I have the pleasure of helping with readings told me about the soul journey. Commenting on my virtually nil knowledge, he told me a couple of sources of information. I am cautious with the wisdom that I get if it does not come from Spirit. Still, by energetically analyzing these sources of information, my guides indicated that it would be a good idea.

Shamanic healing started to be part of my life.

Besides, one of my guides is very connected with shamanic wisdom. From here, I decided to grab some books. I found that I had already experienced similar things (but without knowing it) with a shaman friend many years ago in San Diego. I connected energetically at a deep level with the shamanic journeys (I’ll tell you already) and all the potential they have.

In a shamanic healing soul retrieval session, you recover part of your being.

I’ll tell you, but there are three “shamanic worlds.” In a couple of months, I will talk about them, starting with the Lower. I have other things that I want to share before. However, today, I bring up the subject because I want to get started. To be able to use the Lower World to help, bring shamanic healing, or find requested fragments of your soul. Even other little things that you need as your power animal or some emblem. One of the most important reasons to visit the Lower World is to recover parts of your soul that you have requested.

A shamanic healing session is usually ideal to do in person. However, with the energetic evolution of the Universe, distances are less and less significant for these things to work. (Twenty years ago, I could not make remote Reiki connections, now yes.) Therefore, the same goes for shamanic healing. I started doing “soul retrieval” sessions on myself first. I followed with closer people and also with people with who I already work with healing and readings. The time to openly offer this to everyone arrived. Shamanic healing is a healing that you will love.

What do you mean by “fragments “?

Sometimes we have difficult moments, a lot of fear, pressure, and even trauma during our life. Duality may be done much to our souls, perhaps more to those who do not have a human origin. When this happens, we may have lost a part of our pure essence. It is as if we lost a fragment of our consciousness. And for this reason, I have said “duality.” These fragments occur by problems in this life and in past lives where duality exists.

You can recover these fragments through a shamanic journey. I explain all the reasons and processes on the page to contact me if you want a shamanic healing session. The result I’ve seen has been great to the point of surprise. Both in myself and other people.

Shamanic Healing will unlock many of your inner secrets.

What happens during a soul recovery?

It is straightforward, and although I explain the whole process on the other page, I tell a little here:

  • You have to lie down, relax, and have clear intentions for a reason for your journey (for example, soul retrieval).
  • I will make a shamanic journey to the lower world to seek fragments of your soul or whatever you need to find healing.
  • I could find potentials hidden behind fears or bad experiences, bringing them to light, healing, and increasing my potential.
  • You could get some emblem or symbol that will help you with your intention.
  • Once the session is over, I will make a voice file explaining how everything went. I will give you messages (if any).

And finally, this is all I can share about shamanic healing! Now it’s your turn to try it; you can do it here. By the way, I want to share a great meditation for experiencing profound energies.

And then?

Reintegration is essential. You may also see something during the time that you are also making the journey. You may not even remember it. For this reason, it is essential to write everything immediately and do not let anyone distract you. Not even the cat! During a soul retrieval shamanic healing session, it is ideal that no one disturbs you. Let a few days pass so that the reintegration is perfect, and meditate a little each day on the session, Analyze what you have felt, perceived, and even seen, and fill your heart with gratitude.

You will realize that the level of gratitude will grow because you may notice that you have recovered a part of yourself, something that always seemed to be missing. I tell you more things on the page, and there you can contact me if you want a soul recovery session.

And finally, this is all I can share about shamanic healing and soul retrieval! Now it’s your turn to try it; you can do it here. This week, I will talk a little about the enormous impact that an action can have, however insignificant it may be. But all this, in a week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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