Séance: A circle to physically prove life after death

Do you know what Seance is? It is a circle where we bring physical evidence that life continues after death through mediumship.


Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great February. I am delighted that you have been trying the Abundance Meditations and very grateful for your comments. This week we are going to talk about a different topic, but super interesting in spirituality since we are going to connect with the spiritual plane physically. Do you know what Séance is? It is a circle where we bring physical evidence that life continues after death through mediumship.

When we talk about mediumship, we usually mean connecting psychically with a loved one who has crossed over and resides on the Astral Plane. By performing a reading of this type, the loved one in Spirit will connect with the Medium, and the Medium will be able to give messages to the person who receives them. Some of you have experienced this with me, and you already know how everything flows. These types of readings help a lot to be able to connect with your loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. However, connected through a Séance session, it gives much more play.

Listening is great, but I want to see my loved one!

Here comes perhaps one of the problems of ordinary mediumship. Many people have felt delighted and connected to their loved ones through me, and I am honored to help with this. However, there are indeed certain limits. One of the reasons that I prefer to do these readings only in person is for more memorable moments where the Spirit asks to hug the relative who is listening to me on this plane. I feel a heightened need to hug the person; when I do, the person can feel their relative. Very charming, but it doesn’t always happen and is impossible in a remote reading.

Connect with Spirit through a Séance Session.

Connect with Spirit through a Séance Session.

Here is where Séance plays an essential role. Basically, in one of these sessions, it is possible that you can see, in physical manifestation, your loved one. However, this is not as simple as sitting around a table and waiting for these events to manifest; they have to unfold. I will explain how these circles work to share with all of you. But I want to say right away that to obtain physical materialization. It will take many years of training and many requirements.

However, once possible, you could hear and/or see your loved one with your eyes without the need for any spiritual gift.

A circle that takes years to develop.

I can explain this topic briefly since I was part of a Séance circle for years until I changed countries. We have felt presences and experienced different events, although that circle did not have complete physical materializations during my time there. As I have explained, that is reaching the top, and you have many requirements. However, I will give you some guidelines to understand ​​how they work.

These groups are made up of:
  • The Chief of Séance (typically, it is one of the Spirit Guides of the Medium.)
  • The circle of archangels and spirit guides protects the circle. Furthermore, this group forms by the Spirit Guides of each member, Scientist, and other significant personalities in Spirit and other beings of light.
  • A medium (sometimes two) with physical mediumship abilities. Not all mediums have it, only some.
  • About 4-8 additional members, who don’t need to have gifts but have to be completely open without feeling fear, negativity, or ego.
  • It is necessary to ensure that all the members are energetically prepared for the session at the level of the soul, chakras, etc. All members who do not have metals, electronics, or the ability to alter the circle are also checked.
Séance circles also have rules and organization.

Séance circles also have rules and organization.

And these groups need to follow some guidelines, which in summary, are:

Each member must commit to visiting (sometimes two) weekly to the greatest extent possible if someone is missing. It affects the collective energy of the circle.
It is ideal to have a room dedicated only to Séance. An energetic state must be maintained, even when there is no session.
This room should be completely dark, removing any risk of light entering. The Spirit uses the Medium’s life energy to create ectoplasm, which the spirits use to produce physical evidence of their presence. This is very sensitive to light and is destroyed if exposed, damaging the Medium.
The sessions can never be interrupted out of respect for the work of the Spirit. All energy must return to its origins when the session ends.

And a function to follow:
  • During these sessions, the Spirit is constantly channeled to guide the process.
  • If able (some often do), other members will use their clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience to receive information. Although Séance focuses on physical evidence, mental and channeled evidence is also essential.
  • There is always a table, which during a Séance session, the Spirit could move. It is ideal that the table is heavy and makes noise if you push it. This way, during Séance, the table moves as if it weighed nothing, making this evidence of the spiritual presence.
  • There is usually music, chosen by the Head of the Séance, channeling this information into the Medium.
  • Small objects, allowed by the Boss, may also be small objects that the spirits could move, especially infant spirits that could play with said objects.
There are always transparent and humble intentions from the heart to bring this evidence to the physical plane.

And well, these points that I have shared are just a few, but they generalize how a Séance session works. As I said, the members arrive little by little once these circles start. The Chief of the Circle and the universal flows will bring the appropriate people to gradually form a circle of Séance since, in the long run, the members should not change so that the energy can continue to develop.

Once there is a base and several years of work, it is possible to start having physical manifestations, hearing the original voice of the Spirit that has connected, and much more. It is from here that there could be invited members to be able to find their relatives. Even so, these guests must comply with these rules, and their energies must be appropriate to receive this experience. Séance will change the life of all the people who experience it, helping the collective consciousness that life does exist after death.

And that’s it. This takes years to develop; many years ago, I was part of one in the United States. At the end of 2023, I will be honored to start a new Séance with great intentions for the future! Next week we will talk about the afterlife, that is, life after death, so that we will stick with the same theme. As you know, life continues after death, and we will discuss it. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday!

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Rev. Fernando Albert

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