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Transformation: Discover the formula that will help you to accomplish it.

It is time for transformation. Learn how.

Written by Akashicsoul

July 28, 2021

It is time for transformation. Learn how.
Transformation: Discover the formula that will help you to accomplish it.

How is the week going? I hope you improve your throat chakras since good communication is a super important foundation in this society. But hey, this week we are going to talk about something fundamental. In today’s article, I’m going to talk about transformation. A small formula that will help you achieve your goals instead of just contemplating them. I know perfectly well that I am not reinventing the wheel. However, as basic as this topic is, it is something that people usually oversee. Also, connecting with my guides, they told me that I had to talk about this. Also, as a message, I was not asking you what to talk about here, so I know that it will help more than one.

We live in a very competitive society, and sometimes difficult. However, this should not be your mental focus, of course. Do not forget that by the Principle of Vibration, you will attract what you focus on. You learn many things in life from society and from the experiences that you have every day. However, there is still no big corporation (written in 2021) that teaches or brings tools to materialize transformation and success in life. This means that you are always going to have to seek these paths yourself.

Our society and energy.

We live in a society where global consciousness, unfortunately, tends more towards the negative. This is not the Earth‘s fault, but of the human collective consciousness that has this negative focus. You are in control of being above this negative energy. There are more and more information sources that, little by little, increase the positivity in human consciousness, and I hope here is one of them. You will be able to find a lot of help online, even here with coaching sessions, “Talk to Fer.” In fact, the final decision is always going to be yours. The goal of this article is that you get the most out of that final decision. You have the power of transformation. It is straightforward, and I will tell you how.

Transformation = Understanding + Action

As you can see, it is nothing to write home about. However, I wanted to get to the point. Perhaps you have never heard this formula, I have not seen it online either, but it is nothing to write home about if you stop to think about it. In fact, I feel that this formula is rather a cornerstone to achieve transformation in everything you desire. We live in a very fast-paced society, and it seems that every time we accelerate more, we do everything in a hurry. Society is increasingly anxious to reach the goal or solution as soon as possible. Even many times without paying adequate attention and even without lifting a finger. To successfully travel a path, you have to know about it first. Do not forget that you also have to move to travel this path.

Therefore, if, for example, you want to stop working for a company and run your own business, it is essential to know the whole picture to know where to go. The first thing I want to remind you of is the Principle of Mentalism. I remind you that this principle tells us that everything in the Universe is mental. Therefore, everything on the physical plane has its presence also on the mental plane and the spiritual plane. It is essential to keep this in mind in every step you take in the transformation process.

Having a why always helps.

For example, I’m sure you have thought about money, time, your preferences, and your job situation before making this decision. I am sure that you will also study how the market is to start that business you have been thinking about for a long time. Even if you have some projects and everything about how the business is going to be. Having a complete scheme is essential since, in this way, you will be able to know how to face each situation. It would be best if you had a “why” in each of your ideas. In this way, if adversities come, you will face them with much more assertiveness. However, we are not done yet.

Transformation arrives with awareness during decisions.


The first thing I’m going to explain to you is that you are not yet ready, even if you have a good foundation. The key is to get as much understanding as possible about the situation where you are seeking transformation. For now, we have only focused on the aspects most connected to the physical plane (money, time, preferences). As I have explained before, I do not recommend leaving the mental aspect of the spiritual one. It is important not to rule out anything since we might not reach that transformation due to some mental or spiritual aspects that we are overlooking.

To continue with the previous example, you can start asking questions beyond the mundane to project a complete understanding. For example, it would be great to ponder all the possibilities, both negative and positive, on a more mental level. You can focus, for example, on what changes, emotionally and personally, you could have once you reach the goal. It is important not to assume, since, for example, you may discover that a freelance job brings you stress. Until you solve the problem of stress, you will not be able to become professionally transformed. And as with this matter, you will have to plan and consider all the mental aspects that can take action on the matter.

And what about the spiritual?

Understanding on a spiritual level is also super important. For example, one of the most obvious aspects is the karma issue. This you can do if you can connect with your spirit guides (this channeling course can help you.) An important aspect of psychic readings is that they help to see the spiritual aspect of a situation. Therefore, in a way, you are already used to looking in more than one place simultaneously. Another spiritual aspect is seeing how this situation aligns with the purposes, desires, and goals that you have for this life. Meditating on the matter will help you.

For example, in this working example, you may discover that perhaps you have spiritual gifts that you can put into practice. This can help you decide to start a professional path in spiritual coaching. Perhaps this is the definitive aspect that will contribute to your transformation; start an entrepreneurial path. Still, we are not done yet.


Understanding is not enough, but it is the ideal fuel. There was an ad for wheels many years ago that said, “Uncontrolled power is purposeless.” Let’s say that power is understanding and transformation is destiny. Wheels are the action in the matter. As with everything in life, it is essential to have a strategy before facing a challenge. I have explained that it is essential to have a complete understanding of it. It is time to take the first steps. With the above example, you may have some idea how to get started. For example, a name, start developing a presence online, etc.

You are going to realize that to achieve your goal. You are going to have to take action on many issues. Universal energies like the Law of Attraction also help us progress towards our transformation. Even our spirit guides, but you are in the physical plane, so you have to take matters into account for everything. The point is to take one action after another until you reach your own transformation. In fact, before taking each action you can study the cause and effect (another Principle that we will talk about in a couple of weeks.) In fact, you can do this with each of the actions.


It is much easier than it seems since reaching transformation means planning things well and completely and making sure that you do not miss a single point before reaching the goal. As you have seen, it is nothing super complicated, nor is it an ancestral secret. It is something that we can all access. For this reason, doing things in a hurry and above can be very negative. So doing a complete analysis and taking action as necessary will bring you the results you are looking for.

Well, we’re done for this week. If you start using this formula for everything, your life will progress in a way that you could not even imagine. Sometimes you will have to find your willpower to fix some bumps, but generally, you will find progress and transformation. Well, we’re done for this week, and time to get ready for August Forecast. In fact, the forecast is already available on youtube (you can see it here.) However, it will be next week, as always, when it is also available here. So, I hope you have a wonderful week. I will be back next week. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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