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Music may be the catalyst for a powerful healing and empowering experience.

The power of music is amazing.

Written by Fernando Albert

August 28, 2019

The power of music is amazing.
The power of music affects us all to many degrees.

Hi all! I’m sure you’re more aware of your smaller chakras, aren’t you? For this week, we are going to talk about a more casual topic that we all like. And that theme is music. Music has much more spiritual power than we imagine. The vibration of music influences our lives. I am not a music expert. I will share a reason that I was not fond of music for many years of my life.

Music is a vibration in sound form.

Everything is energy. It doesn’t matter if you can perceive it or not, but the energy is always there. I like to talk about these topics, mainly if it influences life. It is undeniable, and everyone knows it because music is very present in our society. It is part of our lives and spirituality.

There is a bit of irony in this article because I could say that I liked music little to nothing for many years of my life. Now, I’m not the “most musical” person out there, but I’m not always as if I were at a funeral! Sometimes we forget to harness the power of music to achieve specific goals or motivation. I want to comment a little on the spiritual aspect of music, or at least, as I see it. Based on my own experience and so I tell you my story a bit.

Please take a look at the forecast messages, as when it asks for self-work. Music can be your best friend.

There is much more than rhythm and instruments among different types of music.

As we all know, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of different types of music. It is an art of self-expression, among many other things. Since we are not all the same, we have created many kinds of music. In fact, this has been done since ancient times. Since the beginning of time, everyone knows that human beings have used music very ritualistically, very healing. It is perhaps today, where more music is heard and less used for rituals. Nowadays, music has become part of our daily lifes, but we do not give it all the significance it deserves. To the point that, as a society, we are not using the full potential of music.

Not all music vibrates at the same level. Nor do all the chakras vibrate at the same level, nor do all the people vibrate the same. For this reason, each person has their musical preferences. However, many people do not realize that these preferences are because their frequency has synergy with that favorite song. It is precisely what, years ago, made me believe that I wouldn’t say I liked music. It was true until I started to realize the potential that some music has. Furthermore, I realized that pop music is a massive mismatch with me.

The social mistake of “serial numbered” people.

One of the main reasons why I always “hated music” is thanks to the commercial world. It did not match my soul, period. We live in a world of labels, fashions, celebrities treated as deities, prejudices, and more. Humanity, or much of it, has lost its personal value to be one more sheep of the flock. Sadly, there are situations that if you are not one of those sheep, you become the black sheep. However, it is taking to unhealthy levels. Pop music and “radio” music is the kind of music the masses like. There is only this type of music in most stores, malls, supermarkets, and other public places. Sometimes with an annoyingly high volume. It is perhaps remarkable for most, but…

What if you do not like pop music?

That’s my case; it’s not that I don’t like it. I wouldn’t say I like it. It is one of the very few things in this world that I could hate. As soon as I perceived better the vibes and energy from pop music, I realized that it is utterly antagonistic to me and my energy. The fact of having to put up with it to buy a pair of pants, for example, fed my displeasure. I prefer instrumental music above all, or with very high or low-pitched voices. Nonetheless, to say, many things in the world of pop culture are opposite to me.

Music can tame the wildest creatures.

What is behind all this?

I want to share that it is essential to analyze other music types since you can get a surprise. (I’ve tried pop, but nothing) Hip-hop music, for example, is known that (initially) is anti-system music, full of hate that blocks the chakras. However, Hip-Hop songs make you question your thoughts, tell you about the universe’s unity, or even that there is an excellent potential within you. Hip-Hop is a genre, for example, that (some) can help you wake up spiritually and personally.

It is vital to notice what one is listening to, especially if it has lyrics. The chakras have a vibratory frequency (for example, the root chakra is “Do”). Music alters the vibration of the chakras. If you listen to music with negative content (even if it’s dancing in the disco), you can reduce the vibration of your chakras. You can also weaken your self-esteem or potential with some pop and regatón songs. Reggae music, for example, contains notes with high vibrations (higher and spiritual chakras) and also has messages that can help you with your spiritual awakening.

However, they have a high religious content, and although it does not fit my beliefs, it vibrates well anyway. Choirs and opera can open up the chakras a lot. However, I also recommend spiritual protection if they sing in Latin or strange languages.

What else?

If you listen to music without paying attention, it will keep you company and nothing else. People use a lot of music because, deep down, the human being feels very alone. Our souls know Oneness and Unity. Therefore, human duality sometimes hurts. However, if you observe how a specific song affects you and what chakra affects you, you can take advantage of it. I have my mix of different music types to listen to (sometimes) while, for example, I write this. However, I have always loved silence and hearing my ears. I never have enough of it, even during hours a day. Luckily for the sake of sound, I’m married. If not, this would be almost as silent as a rock. Hahaha.

It is very nice sometimes to listen to the songs of Earth. It can be nurturing!

Other uses I give to music:

I have found some songs that, for me, activate specific chakras, feelings, and energy. It does not mean that mine will work for you. As I said, each person vibrates differently. But here are some of my examples:

  • Three instrumental songs, two from Interstellar and one from an animation one. (To activate with great power the law of attraction and my professional development.)
  • Two songs of spiritual cleansing. One with lyrics of an animated film (the same as above), and an instrumental, new age, and spiritual.
  • Several instrumental songs. To strengthen my energy and make my “imaginative trips” (i.e., neither shamanic nor astral).

That’s pretty much it. I don’t use music to hide emotions or thoughts. Nor do I use it for escapism. In those difficult times, I prefer silence. I grew up with a lot of silence, classical music, and opera. I know that adds to the mix too!

The use that each person gives to their music and sacred and unique.

And It must respect it. Although those of us who are not in the “fashion wave” suffer a little more, we must endure it, period. I only recommend that you give yourself moments of silence. Don’t have music all day and listen to the “song” of silence… and therefore, to your ideas!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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