Claircognizance: When you just know things, out of the bat

Claircognizance: When you know things just because you do know them!
When you happen to know things, you are Claircognizance: When you know things just because you do, you have claircognizance.

Claircognizance: Information of the spirit in your conscience, as if you knew it always

Very good! Last week we were talking about clairsentience, so this week we are going to talk about Claircognizance. In this way, we will cover all the psychic senses. You can read about all of them below.

The psychic senses.

Before starting, I will give you a shortlist of our “psychic/astral senses,” this way, you will become familiar with them. I will talk about all these in the future:

  • Clairvoyance: “To see clearly.” You receive visual visions, like remembering a memory. We see “a video” in our mind. It is the Psychic Sight.
  • Clairaudience: “To hear clearly.” You receive auditory visions; you may hear a sound or voice inside your head. It can be your voice or another. It is the Psychic Ear.
  • Clairgustance: “To taste clear.” You receive visions through taste to such an extent that your salivary glands can activate. It is the Psychic Taste.
  • Clairalience: ” To smell with clarity.” You receive visions through the sense of smell. It is like a natural smell, but only you can perceive it at that time. It is the Psychic Smell.
  • Clairsentience: ” To sense clearly.” You receive visions through emotions. Your feelings will alter per the message you receive. It is Psychic Feelings.
  • Claircognizance: “To know clearly.” You “just” know the visions you receive for no apparent reason. You access knowledge that you know is not yours, but you feel it and understand it as if it were. It is Psychic Perception.

Mainly these are the ones. Some are more common than others, but during psychic development, you can experience them all. Taste and smell are less frequent, but you will also experience them, and, in future articles, I will tell you all about them. Furthermore, I invite you to read more about spirituality right here.

What is Claircognizance?

Claircognizance or clear knowing is the fact of knowing things for no apparent reason. To explain it from a personal point of view, it is like, for example, in a reading, suddenly, knowing something to tell the person. As I see it, the spirit “deposits” information in your subconscious. The conscious “gets” this knowledge and “passes into your mind.” You realize you know that you are aware it is not yours, but you feel and understand it as if it was. Easier if you are a freethinker.

Thanks to claircognizance, you can help people even in topics that you do not understand. All my life, even as a child, I have seen myself helping other people. In fact, I asked myself how I could know about things I had not experienced during earlier ages. When an idea appears in your mind from nothing, it usually is claricognition. These help a lot for the forecasts too.

Something I strongly recommend

If at some point you receive a message for yourself through claircognizance, write it down. You will believe that you can not forget, “I can’t forget this” is what will happen through your head. Precisely, you will think that the information is yours. That it is within your brain, but no! While doing so, you “pass” the information to your memory banks. (In addition to writing it down, of course.) If you don’t, I guarantee that you will forget it. Channeled memories are much more volatile than the memory from dreams.

Claircognizance will bring you amazing wisdom.

The act-reflex of interruption.

Having a swift mind is very common in people with claircognizance. Ideas flow much faster and more clearly. It is possible that in that sea of ​​ideas, there is information from Spirit. For example, knowing in advance what the other person is going to say in a conversation. It is almost an act-reflex to say it in advance, interrupting almost without avoiding it (it takes practice.) Rightfully, my poor wife complains because “I think too fast,” and she can’t keep up with that speed.

If this is your case, you have to try to stop it. It is tough, but everything is achieved with practice (I am working on it!) I can tell you that it will also happen to you with friends. However, it is much easier to control it among friends. With your partner, you are more open and relaxed. You have to try to “slow the astral” a bit!

Claircognizance can give you many advantages in life. If you have it, use it and follow it!

And, if you have claircognizance, you are already used to everything that it represents. It will give you many advantages in life since also, with claircognizance, you can discern when a person lies, for example. What you have to do is to firstly realize your gift, then mix it with your life. Next week, I will talk about another topic that I have not talked about in a long time. Let’s go more in-depth with the theme of soulmates. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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