Next year is almost here, but, what it is exactly “a year”? Happy 2019! 

Time: Next year is almost here, but, what it is exactly a year? Happy 2019! 
What is time exactly?

What is time, exactly? ¡Happy 2019!

Hello, everybody; 2019 is already “loading” since 2019. It is here in less than a week! Did you like the gift last week? Are you guys ready for it? 2018 has been quite a tough year, bringing us a lot of progress and healing, but in an extremely abrupt way. I am sure many of you resonate with this, but in the end, it all means improvement, and that is always a good thing. Global consciousness becomes more hopeful, and shifts happen. It is a moment of good energy. It is a time of high energy.

First of all, a few things to keep going with the celebrations 🙂

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Something to ponder on right off the bat with 2019’s start!

So, besides these, I want to bring something more. I want to talk about time. But rather than a long read, something I want to do is for you guys to do some questioning on your own, so I am going to comment on a few things for you guys, and I would like you guys to ponder a little. Pon some time and introspection though into these, you may come up with some realizations:

Does linear time exist?

Think about it; we live in a third dimension, where everything is third-dimension. How come time is bi-dimensional (linear)? It can be very well our wrong way to perceive time. I have an early blog entry about this, but what are your thoughts.

Do you perceive any time anomalies?

We all have observed this, I am pretty sure. Within the last several years, time seems to stretch or dilate randomly. It goes beyond having a good time or not. While one hour feels like one hour, lately, sometimes that hour flies by, but other times that hour is endless. It does not matter if you are having a good time or not here, but time still feels weird, don’t you think?

How does the past feel?

I truly mean it. Think about things “in the past.” A week ago, a month ago, even years ago. I bet that some things that happened last week feel like they happened a long time ago. However, when you think of something several months back, it may feel like “it was just yesterday.” Don’t you relate? We all buy this linear time, even when our perception of it changes!

It is relatively easy to bend time, you probably do it every day, and you do not even notice!

Time is fragile and a thing from this plane. As we are in the physical plane, time technically goes at the same pace; one second is always a second. However, with just jumping to the Astral Plane, we can notice that time ceases to exist, we cease to perceive it. Think about this for a moment? Now think of a dream and how time is erratic in dreams. You may dream of an entire movie within five “physical time” minutes, or you may have a small dream, and an hour has passed. Even if you go deep into meditation, you can alter your time perception as well!

What is time, exactly?

I believe that time is an illusion where we built our civilization around it. We work with linear time because we programmed ourselves to do so. The same goes for our technology. It is programmed based on our linear time. But what if I tell you that time is not linear and everything happens at a simultaneous time. I am sure some of you are aware of the “Elliptical Healings” I sometimes work with. Stepping beyond the belief of the linear time and working on the past. Doing this has greatly enhanced the healings, proving once more that time is not linear. What are your thoughts?

We perceive time as linear, and 2019 is here!

You can be in better control of your time. With the right focus and organization, you can get the most out of your time, rather than having time pulling for you regularly! When you start questioning, you always find improvements. It does not matter what you ask; it can still get better!

After pondering, what do you think of time now?

These questions, when you ponder more in-depth on them, you come up with certain realizations, and you start to perceive things a different way. Maybe, you get to see the bigger picture easily. The good thing is that you can apply them in your life and improve it upon making certain realizations. I want to invite you to think of these as we “transition” to the next year, and feel free to share your findings if you wish to!

Do you want to check more exciting stuff? Head to the resources section to discover more!

So, we have reached the end. The last article from 2018 will be a great memory sometime in what we call the “future,” however, ends bring beginnings, so it does here. Next week is the first week of the month, which means the first forecast of the year will be here for January. But of course, this will be next week, so, see you next year! LOL! Happy 2019!  I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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