The best way to induce lucid dreams become great at them Part (1-2)

Lucid Dreaming Guide: An easy way to become lucid dream like a champ!
A simple lucid dreaming guide.

How to lucid dream? This lucid dreaming guide is going to give you some easy steps!

Hello there! How is the forecast? Well, I guess the third double blog entry since the existence of this blog needs to happen right after the second double blog post. However, I wanted to bring a complete lucid dreaming guide, for you all to refer to it and get better at lucid dreaming. As I said last week, this would be the previous week for lucid dream topics for a while. I guess I accidentally lied since next week we will have the second part of this entry. However, it is worth it. Once done next week, time to shift the topic into something I am looking forward to sharing.

How to lucid dream?

A question asked non-stop, every day more and more, something becoming popular and that is great. We become aware that besides this physical plane, we have the dream plane, the astral plane, the mental plane, and many more…. we are indeed a tiny spec in this existence! As explorers, now we get to explore these fantastic words. Not so long ago I created an Astral Projection guide, and accessible guide, all summarized in one blog post (you can check it out here), and since then, I have been asking for one about Lucid Dreaming, so here it is.

The truth is that since I have been sharing a lot on my blog, possibly I never ended up doing a lucid dreaming guide, where I compiled all the information, quickly explained, and very summarized, this is why it will take two blog entries!. So, I am going to share, based on my own experiences since birth, learnings, and teaching others, an excellent and easy lucid dreaming guide, which you will be able to read it entirely if you keep going! So, go for it and start lucid dreaming!

First of all, I want to share quickly the essentials you need, get the most out of this guide!

A few techniques that will help you deepen your lucid dreaming ability, to enhance, empower it, and improve it:

You must own a Dream Journal.

You must have a dream journal right next to your bed, a must-have. Make sure to write everything down, even feelings or faded memories you may have. Every time you wake up, especially if you recall a dream. You will enhance recall and lucidity. You will progressively improve your dream memory.

Make sure to do plenty of Reality Checks.

Make sure to do many reality checks during the day, even if you know you are awake. How confident are you? Better test! Question the fact that you are awake for sure because if you do that a lot during your waking days, you will do it in your dreams, and turn lucid. You will use to do it and if you will do it in dreams, triggering a DILD. Check your hands, check gravity, look around you, analyze. Check everything is normal, and nothing is out of place, because if it is, you are dreaming.

It is something essential that you will find in every lucid dreaming guide.

Spend time thinking about lucid dreaming.

Make sure you think of dreaming through the day, keep it in your mind. Read lucid dreaming literature, talk about lucid dreaming, and share about dreams with others. The more you put into your consciousness related to dreaming, the better, as you will have higher chances for a lucid dream to form out of the blue because your subconsciousness has a lot of information about it.

Avoid watching TV/Videos, etc., before bed.

When you watch something on the TV, our brain becomes a receptor; we accept everything given, the same as in dreams. If you get your brain into “acceptance mode,” you will buy everything in the dream, hence reducing your chances for lucid dreaming dramatically. It is about teaching your consciousness to question everything, and TV before bed backfires because it is programmed to make us watch it and accept all we see.

Careful with very thrilling video games before bed.

While video games are good for dreams and excellent to develop dream control, make sure the game is not very stimulating so that you can be relaxed. Avoid shoot-em-up or platform-style games (Halo, Mario games, etc.). Graphic adventures are great (Life is strange, etc.). RPG (final fantasies, etc.) games can also be great when doing the right stuff. “Grinding” (just leveling up doing battles over and over) is the ideal. Avoid story progress in these RPG games. They have a lot of videos, and you want to avoid those due to the reason mentioned beforehand. Other than that, grind away!

For a successful outcome by using this lucid dream guide (and for lucid dreaming in general, a bit of “sacrifice” is essential.

It is a good idea to avoid heavy foods before bed.

After a good eat, comes a sound sleep, right? Wrong. While a good meal can lock you on the couch and have a nice nap, you want to avoid this at night. If you have a very heavy stomach, your sleep will be altered, decreasing its quality. You know the first thing to go will be a good quality dream, right? You do now! So, not stuffing yourself before bed is a good idea. Your physical body will have a better rest upon a lighter dinner instead of having to digest a brontosaur!

You must deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia.

These are your worst enemies, not only for lucid dreaming but because these are lethal if they keep on growing. Make sure to fight these if they are in your life before attempting lucid dreaming, get rid of them, and ask for help if needed.

If you know how to induce a lucid dream, especially avoid WILD and WBTB, but if you get a DILD, enjoy! Learning to lucid dream, especially if you do not have natural skills, will strain your consciousness and your sleeping time. You will have a lighter sleep (and you want to). It will be counterproductive, and it can give room for these illnesses to grow and ruin your night/dreams when they are present. Meditation helps too!

Practice in a Lucid Dream. Become an expert with this lucid dreaming guide.

Well, these are the basics. By the way, I have a lucid dreaming course that you can join right here. The course is straightforward and shares the basics to the most advanced skills. It is an online video course, which you can complete at your pace since it has lifetime access; you will learn lots!. But anyway, I was going to share a quick guide here, so it is a little more for me to share now. Well, quite a bit, actually hehe. It is a complete lucid dreaming video guide.

Lucid dreaming course guide. Enjoy your nights!

You can induce a lucid dream at will.

So, with the basics shared above, I am going now to share a couple of easy techniques, these are well known online, especially the first one, but this way, you got it right here as well. I want you to have something to lucid dream tonight!

Make sure you try this if you wake up naturally in the middle of the night.

Make sure you try this if you wake up in the middle of the night or early morning hours. Ideally, you want to be able to wake up naturally and not be startled by the alarm clock. At this time, your body will be deeply relaxed. Avoid doing this at night before bed, even if you are tired, your body will be stiffed, and you won’t rest properly. It will not allow you to WILD properly. In the morning or even midday is a good time to do it, but it might be a bit harder, but it is possible to do it.

Just lay on your back in bed and gently, close your eyes. Visualize your body relaxing as you visualize the feeling of lucid dreaming, only focus on that, will make it the fastest and securest way to keep your awareness. If you never lucid dreamed before, clear your mind or relax it as much as you can. I have shared in many earlier entries how throughout this blog.

Entering into trance estate.

You will feel that your body starts to vibrate and to make buzzing noises. If you are from California (haha), this feels exactly like an aftershock. I have found myself wondering (am I going to WILD or is an earthquake coming? I wanted to induce my lucid/astral so I  just focused on my vibrations peacefully (no, I am not insane, if you are from Cali, I am sure you agree with “just an aftershock or small quake”!) At this point, you want to start visualizing a dream or a place where you want to be. (If you tried to astral project you could here by focusing on the vibrations instead.) Ignore the rest of the stimuli, but keep visualizing your dream as you will start to see it form in front of you.

Repeat to yourself, “I am dreaming,” “I am in a dream.” Keep visualizing your dream as it forms in front of you. Keep doing this until you find yourself in the dream, but make sure when you do, that your affirmations are positive and in the present tense.

Am I dreaming?

Do a reality check even knowing you are dreaming, do a few within the own dream. When you do, you will make your dream more stable, and you will most likely gain quality (like if you focus a camera and suddenly, it becomes bright instead of blurry.) It will also help to prolong your dreams. Welcome to Lucid Land. Make sure to use stabilization techniques and then, have a lot of fun, you own this world now! You can even go deeper!

So, it is an easy guess what is coming up for next week. The second part of the complete lucid dreaming guide. You can continue reading here. I hope you have enjoyed the read so far. There is a lot of exciting stuff where you will learn how to enhance your dreams. But there is even more, as well as sharing how all of this genuinely feels, from my own experience. I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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