Astral Travel: Get out of your body. Quick and easy Astral Projection Guide.

You will have the opportunity to experience astral projection for free.
Astral Projection simple steps.

Astral Travel (obe): The safest travel you can ever experience.

So, first of all, did you enjoy the forecast? Do you want to astral travel (obe) for free? Hey, hey, everybody! How are you all doing this beautiful week of May? I am bringing you a quick astral projection guide, completely free. Some of you have been requesting this one for a while. So, I was indeed looking forward to sharing it on the blog. So, this is that week where this finally happens! I did answer this one on Quora some time ago as well.

There is an entry I like to share because it will provide a great read and will help you to learn further about meditation, astral projection, and spirituality. You can read a lot more about this right here.

I also want to invite you guys to check out this article for the difference between a Lucid Dream and an Astral Projection. You will get to understand more the differences between these and identify them correctly as you experience them.

So, before we go on with the guide, let’s eliminate all the fears related to Astral Projection. There is a significant reason for you never to be afraid of the Astral Project. Because if you are, you will not astral project at all. So, just two words: Silver Cord:

The silver cord is indestructible.

The Silver Cord ensures you are always safe. It is commonly miss believed that you can be possessed of having your energy stolen. All of these are wrong, as the silver cord prevents anyone or anything from touching your physical body. If a negative entity would try to do something to you, you return to your body immediately! You cannot even decide not to; it is a mechanism of self-defense. You will always return to your body, always!

Maybe you are wondering how about sleep paralysis? Sleep paralysis a very delicate topic, becoming the deal breaker for many, but let me share with you more about sleep paralysis and why not to fear it:

  • Sleep Paralysis is a mechanical and natural process that we all go through; it happens every time we fall asleep. The mind paralyzes the body, so do you don’t act out your dreams. If the mind is awake (you have not lost awareness), you will feel the sleep paralysis consciously, and especially at first, it is quite a ride. It may be that your mind is awake and your body is asleep, triggering sleep paralysis with all its sensations. It always happens when you try to induce a lucid dream using the WILD technique, and the same goes for astral projection. Do NOT MOVE, do not try to move at this stage, or you will break your trance and blow it, just let go and ignore it. It would help if you were not bothered.

Astral travel (obe) is always safe. Only visualize the light if you feel otherwise or your physical body.

  • There are no demons, dark entities, archons, reptilians, Illuminati, leeches, evil spirits, or nine-legged snakes trying to eat you whole and steal your soul while a big block of concrete blocks your chest, and you can’t even move… do not worry, please! Yes, sleep paralysis can be scary, terrifying. It possibly happens this way due to all the junk that humanity has in its consciousness since it is just hallucinations created by our minds. But again, as I said, they are just hallucinations, and these cannot do anything to you. If you ignore them, they will eventually go.
  • When you reach this state, try to take deep breaths. Your body will be pulsating/vibrating, and you may hear loud noises and buzzing sounds in your ears. The buzzing can be incredibly intense, but it is not a real soul, so your ears are fine. There is nothing wrong with them. If you wanted to astral project (obe – out of body experience), you have to focus on raising the intensity of these, visualizing the desire to astral project. Shortly after, you will be able to pop out from your body!

Now, you know why Astral Projection is always safe.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Going on with this quick guide, and working with it day after day, will get you out there in no time!

How to Astral Travel? You can experience astral projection too.

  1. Clear your mind from fears and misdirections. 

    You will need to debunk all the myths. Astral projection (obe) is safe, you will always return, and you cannot get lost. You cannot get possessed, trapped, or lose your body; you ever return, ever, even if you do not want to:

    1. Read stuff about Astral Projection around this blog and other literature online and from books.
    2. Coaching sessions can always help if you are feeling stuck. One option: (click here.)
    3. Joining my Astral Projection course will give you complete access to 8+ hours’ worth of video courses. It keeps on growing as I release new classes now and then! Also, you will be able to ask me any questions that you may need help with. I invite you to check it out by clicking right here. And the is another course here.
  2. Silence your mind.

    It would help if you learned to silence your mind entirely for several minutes. It takes dedication, but if you put in your will, it is easy:

    1. Using a post-it, train your mind’s parrot to shut up! Get started with starting a post-it and focusing all your throughs on it (paste it on a blank wall.) Once you can, remove the post-it and keep a visual of it in your mind. Once you can, remove this only thought left from your mind, keeping a clear mind. Check it out in detail right here.
    2. Focus on your breathing. You do not need to focus on anything other than your breath. Help yourself with the previous exercise when concentrating on your breathing alone is still hard. As you focus on your breathing, keep relaxing your body.
    3. Using mantras is also helpful. Easy short mantras for you to repeat in your mind, such as, “I astral project,” or, “I am in the astral plane.” Do this with your mind, do not chant it.
    4. It is essential to get to know yourself, to get the most out of your inner peace. Check out how in this article.
  3. Relax your physical body altogether. Well… pretty much you need to forget you have a body, so you need to go deeper into relaxation:

    1. Guided meditations can help you with that, and you can find some at my site as well. Check them out here.
    2. Practice the 61-point relaxation technique. I might talk about this in the future, but meanwhile, you can find a lot of stuff about it online.
    3. Focus on your feet, knees, lower legs. Upper legs, waist, lower belly area, lower back area, upper chest area, upper back area, hands, elbows, shoulders, neck, face, forehead, your entire head, and right above your head (crown). Starting from the feet and going up in order (do pairs when it is the case, such as feet or hands), focus on each one of them. For each, take a deep breath, and as you let the air, visualize this area getting deeply relaxed or vanishing away.
  4. When you reach the vibrations, pull out. You are going to astral travel (obe) now.

    Once the three first steps are met, and you are in this state for a while, you will eventually vibrate. If you ignore these vibrations, you will go into a lucid dream, but if you focus on them and visualize floating… you are out! Use an exit technique to get out (obe) such:

    1. A hanging rope: Visualize a rope hanging right above you; reach it with your astral arms (imagine them if you cannot see them) and pull.
    2. Rolling out: visualize yourself rolling back and left until you suddenly have your astral body ejected from your physical body.
    3. Floating out: My favorite, visualize the sensation of floating, more and more, feel it around your entire being, until you find yourself in the astral body!

Maybe for some reason, you lost your trance, and you are either in a dream or you had a false awakening (still in a dream), and you can yet have a great time or even attempt to project from your very own dream. You can check my article about types of dreams to get to know more about how to understand what kind of dream you are (or if you are dreaming at all!).

Time to experience an OBE!

Welcome to the Astral Plane! Your astral travel is about to start. That’s it. It is straightforward, especially when you gain practice. If you already have experienced a few projections, you can even get out faster; keep reading!

We can surpass the speed of light with astral travel (obe).

It is incredible. Why don’t you try for yourself, go to a nearby star(s) (Orion, Pleiades) or even to another galaxy (Andromeda, etc.)? Are you asking how? Once you are out in your astral form, visualize the place you want to reach. You will find yourself there, momentarily. It is pretty amazing; it took me about 2-3 seconds worth of “video” (memory from the astral trip). Try it; it is fun!

Are you serious about astral projection?

Do you want to astral travel (obe)? There is a video course available where you can learn astral projection. It keeps on growing as new videos keep coming! And if you want to double (or triple) the fun, try to astral project with somebody else! It is quickly unusual and unique to share similar notes after one of these journeys. You can read more about it right here.

And in regards to what I was sharing above, let’s go right into it:

  1. Use a breathing technique at the same time you clear your mind.
  2. Visualize in order, one at a time: Both soles of the feet, knees, entire legs, root chakra to heart chakra, hands, elbows, arms, throat chakra to third eye chakra. Take a deep breath for each while you visualize the feeling of a prior astral projection.
  3. Focus on your crown chakra and take a more in-depth breath. Visualize your astral body pulsating very strongly, like if you are going to eject. Do it even if you do not feel the vibrations. Let go of the air faster than usual (but do not push your lungs), and visualize your astral body ejected from within your physical body.

Astral travel (obe) questions?

As the course has been developing, new questions and new videos keep on coming. I share some of these publicly, like the astral projection questions and answers entry, where you can find the first Q&As video (and the second over my youtube channel!)

I want to also share with you that it would be a great idea to learn about the chakras. You can do so right here. You will learn a lot.

One of the many significant moments:

It is a lot faster, but without practice, it will be much harder 🙂 But once you have a few projections under your belt, go ahead with this even faster way to astral project. If you can get this one down, it means that you can astral project within minutes from wherever! Awesome job! And since this was meant to be a quick guide, this is it for the post! But if you wanted to learn more about astral projection, make sure to check other blog entries!

Practice makes perfect!

Next week is the third Wednesday of the month (we got five this May!) We are up for another chakra activation, and it will be for the Heart Chakra, an essential chakra to focus on since it connects to your power. But this will be for next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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