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Human souls: They have traveled and continue to travel a long path of development and expansion.

Human souls have always been here at Earth.

Written by Fernando Albert

October 30, 2019

Human souls have always been here at Earth.
Human: Souls that began their existence and walked on Earth.

Well, well, well! And here I bring you the fourth entry on the different types of souls. We have already talked about starseeds, incarnated angels, and last week, about elementals. Therefore, we have to speak today about the souls that began their existence as human beings, and still today. They are here. The forecasts are based on this type of consciousness.

Humanity is yet another civilization in the Universe.

Since we speak at the soul level, sometimes I will use the third person because I am a starseed. However, we must not forget that, after all, we are all human right now. A person looks at another and knows that he is another human and not a lion or an eagle. I am using human hands in a human body to write this entry. An entry that if you are on Earth reading this, most likely, you are “driving” a human body. It is essential to understand this to prevent the ego from growing since there are no reasons.

Personally, I’d say you can classify planet Earth as a “lush planet” or “water planet.” In my humble opinion, I would call it lush, since although there is a lot of water, there is plenty of dry-land. Also, the terrestrial biodiversity is very high, perhaps not as much as aquatic but abundant nonetheless. Human beings are, in principle, the only beings on Earth capable of physically going out into outer space. Although we are not even taking baby steps yet, we have already existed on Earth. It gives us the potential to connect with civilizations from other worlds. If animals can, it is on another plane that we are not aware of, which shows that humanity has much to learn.

Therefore, the Earth has created a (human) being capable of traveling to other worlds (working on it), giving the Earth and humanity a value and galactic standing. Human souls know best the middle world too.

Human souls have high endurance.

I have to say that human beings, or rather, the souls that have started and are still here, have a lot of merits. This part, perhaps starseeds and embodied angels, we understand better precisely because human souls are accustomed to feeling both positive and negative extremes. It is much more difficult for souls who are human beings to take their lives because of adaptability problems, especially if there are no shortcomings. (Existing as a human is a “spiritual shortcoming” for the other three groups.) The souls that have always been and are human beings are not so afraid of disease and pain. Or maybe, they have a different way of understanding it.

Human souls may have a greater acceptance of physical body pain, disease, and even physical limitation. After all, it is what these souls know, and even without karmic need, they decide to return. For angelic souls, especially, and for many starseeds, it is more complicated. The vast majority of starseeds had powerful lifes on planets where there is no pain, negativity, or duality.

All this, although it sounds terrific, is sometimes a burden, especially during a human incarnation.

Human souls have created great things.

Souls that have always been human beings may be powerful.

I, as a star seed, have thought about it many times. When the end of my life comes, and I have to open the door called death, I will go to other lifes away from this planet and the physical plane. But after all, each life is one more experience (which records in the Akashic Records). One thing is real, right now, in the lifes of human beings, there are many problems. Starting from the inside (health) to everyone around us. But if we complete our life efficiently (get the most out of it for our good and that of others), we will have a lot of satisfaction. And you, (soul), will have a superior strength for everything you may have suffered on this planet.

Of course, it is not only suffering and negativity. However, it is a world of duality that has both, and they are mighty. You will find that “simple bad news” such as “the train is late” may be the most significant negativity they have in other civilizations. In others, there is no negativity at all. Of course, there are worse civilizations too, but we must always aim for improvement.

A very human thing.

Precisely, the “aim for improvement” is something that souls that have been and are human beings have. And that is perseverance. It could also be called stubbornness or even stumble on the same stone twice. A mistake is a new opportunity to get something to work. And that something only needs to work once to reach the goal. There are extraterrestrial beings that can surpass humanity. However, if we refer to the starseed souls that we are here helping, human souls may be the ones that have the most considerable perseverance. It is also easier for a human soul to find a blockage since the starseed or the incarnate angel frequently discovers its purpose.

The soul of a human being will be the most resistant in times of pressure. The fact that for a human soul, “this is what it is” gives it a lot of strength. A soul that comes from outside will always feel a small disconnection. (The soul remembers better worlds than this one.) Worsens in those moments of pressure (especially incarnate angels.) The human tends to fight, the starseed tries to change it, the incarnate angel runs away from it, and the elemental ignores it.

As you can see, the potential of souls that have been and are human beings have their merit.

And ending the entry of souls that have always been human beings, we have already covered the four groups. Next week, it’s the November forecast. However, in a couple of days, it’s the first to be available on YouTube. But I will share more next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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  1. Franziska

    Thank you so much, I have not found a helpful article on human souls so far, but this really resonates a lot and also is a loving perspective on humanity!

    Are “Wise Ones”/”Old Souls” a subtype of human souls? Simply very old humans?

    • Akashicsoul

      Thanks a lot, Franziska 🙂 As a non-human soul myself, I know why… However, when I write, I try to look beyond the tip of my nose. In the end, all souls have the same value. Absolutely there are “ancient human souls,” and generally, they are very wise, and they give to us empath the “ancient soul and good firm type of sensation,” the same way an old non-human soul can project. Humans are probably precious Universe wise. Hence all of us non-human souls being here, so humanity will (eventually!) have plenty of wisdom to serve a higher purpose in the collective universal movement. So, I would not even call it sub-type, as all human souls have their worth.

      However, these super old human souls are wise indeed, and usually, they have been already shamans and stuff like 6000 or 7000 BCE, as I have seen it in some people’s Akasha 🙂

      Thanks again for your message, I tried to be closest to the “being,” and the harder part “the feeling,” of human, since I am not one.

      Lots of light, Franziska!


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