Why are sleep paralysis dreams so scary? I tell you my story and some tips!

Sleep paralysis dreams: A small but terrifying line that you must cross!
Sleep Paralysis Dreams can be scary, but... deal with them!

Why are sleep paralysis dreams so scary? I give you some advice, and I tell you my story!

Hello! I hope you like the article about the Akasha. Today’s topic is trendy as more and more people realize the wonders of astral travel and lucid dreams. However, here, we have a small bump that sometimes defines the difference between getting to travel or not. That “bump” is called sleep paralysis, and these dreams are scary. Unfortunately, it is a problem that every person has to overcome. I have several entries that help you with sleep paralysis. However, today, I share some new things.

I want to comment that this blog has many entries about lucid dreams, and in fact, I have a double-entry on sleep paralysis. However, I have never counted any of my dream paralysis. If you like one or two, it will also help you see that they are nothing more than hallucinations and dreams forming.

A horror movie lives inside your head: I welcome you to your sleep paralysis dreams.

Sometimes, sugar-coating things don’t help; in fact, it hurts. Just as I tell you that sleep paralysis dreams are safe and harmless, I also tell you that it is scary. To my knowledge, it is not known why all these hallucinations occur during sleep paralysis (a mechanism for you not to move in your dreams, something studied by medicine.) Therefore, I tell you my suspicions:

1. The fight or flight mechanism is activated.

The natural thing is that your conscience falls asleep first, and then your body falls asleep/paralyzes. However, you can induce an awake mind and, deceiving the brain, get your physical body to be paralyzed because the brain thinks that your consciousness is asleep. Here we can induce lucid dreams and astral travel. It is a trance state that is also safe, but, especially if you don’t know it, you can be terrified. This primitive mechanism that we all have notices and triggers “flight,” however, your body is paralyzed, so you can’t. This (if you don’t know what is going on) can generate terror.

Your brain is(was) forming a dream. When coupled with fear, you dream/hallucinate with the fact of being paralyzed. The brain will generate images that have to do with paralyzing you. For obvious reasons, that is already scary and also related. Common ones: A block of concrete on your chest. Someone or something is pushing your chest. Presences and beings or magic that are paralyzing you. Fe, trapped, sunk, or even absorbed by your bed. But remember, they are only hallucinations. Youree brain trying to understand what is happening.

2. All the crap we have in consciousness.

How was that horror movie? It didn’t scare you, did it? You are a courageous person. How good! I am/was also, but now I don’t want to see something with such low vibrations. But come on, I’m glad … How were your sleep paralysis dreams? You may already know the process and everything well, but even so, you end up in terror because you’ve seen demons trying to tear your heart out. Or maybe you noticed the tip of a knife, noticing as if someone had passed by your side. You even noticed a faint breeze, and you feel that there is someone there, watching you. It seems they are going to kill you, eat, possess, or do something very, very bad … You can’t move, you can’t do anything, not even scream.

Maybe if you hadn’t seen that horror movie, you wouldn’t have that paralysis. But of course, it is possible that even so, you have such terrifying moments. What kind of information do you put in your head? What are you watching on TV? Do you watch the news, crime series, very violent movies, negative things? Yes, I know you should be in a cave away from our “wonderful” civilization if you don’t. And if that’s the case, I don’t think you read this. There is a lot of crap everywhere that our consciousness filters. However, when the brain begins to form a dream, it is also organizing.

It will shuffle everything you have in your consciousness/memory, and that can be shown in a state of trance or sleep paralysis. One of the reasons that it is vital to have a little awareness when reading, to listen, and seeing things. Be mindful of what you add to your consciousness.

3. Events of the day, life, disease, and trauma.

Each person is a world, and we all have better and worse moments in our lives. However, in these difficult times, your sleep paralysis dreams may be harder for this reason. Even in anxiety, for example, You can awaken the mind before the body (and here we have the state of sleep paralysis.) In difficult moments, you realize that it affects your dreams a lot.

Traumas we have suffered throughout our lives also influence the hallucinations we have during sleep paralysis dreams. On a spiritual level, if we are cleaning negative energy, it can also affect us, making us feel more vulnerable.

Some medical conditions or medications can alter your REM phase and sleep quality. Unfortunately, some negative side-effects can occur more easily in most cases. Never stop your medication without checking with your doctor. Try to understand your medications. If they cause bad sleep paralysis dreams, increase or decrease dreams, or otherwise alter you, try to understand why. If your doctor tells you, “it’s what it is,” use some mantra that reminds you that “it’s just the pills” and “only sleep paralysis dreams.”

You can break from sleep paralysis if you focus hard.

4. Global awareness.

Okay, maybe you tell me that you know what you are doing, take care of yourself physically and spiritually, and be aware of what you see and hear. I’m also glad to know that you don’t have any disease either and/or that you don’t need medications that alter your sleep, either. You’ve even had a great day, and you’ve been on a run of weeks for great days. However, your sleep paralysis dreams were as terrifying as they could get. Why? Global awareness!

Perhaps you have never been exposed to negativity because even your parents already gave you spiritual awareness from a young age. You have less chance, but you can also have this kind of terrifying hallucinations because of fears and global negativity. Global consciousness affects us all, especially if you have a lot of empathy. All the energy of human civilization affects here, and unfortunately, right now, at the end of 2019, it is not the best energy.

The important thing is to understand that it is a natural process.

You can use sleep paralysis dreams to induce an astral journey (focus on high vibrations through your body) or induce a lucid dream with WILD (ignore the vibrations and visualize a dream.) Therefore, think of sleep paralysis dreams as an opportunity to induce something because, among other things, it is one of its uses.

To finish, I tell you a couple of my short ones, especially one of them, authentic.

The typical demon/shadow.

One of the reasons that global consciousness affects us all. I was lying in bed to make an astral trip. I began to notice a void inside my ears, a sign that I will have sleep paralysis dreams. A few moments later, I noticed how my body weighed a lot; I was as if embedded in bed (pun intended). A few seconds later, I noticed a presence, and I could see a humanoid shadow. It was a meter or so high, with claws running around the bed.

Demons and things like that precisely don’t scare me. I tried to move to destroy it, but I couldn’t. I visualized a sphere of light coming out of my hand to throw it into the shadow. The orb came out of my hand; it acted as if it was “homing,” going, seeking after the shadow, and disintegrated it. In a few seconds, I noticed more vibrations and the beginning of an astral journey.

California: Earthquake or sleep paralysis dreams?

In this case, it was spontaneous sleep paralysis. (So this way, you have two examples.) I was waking up from a dream and not thinking about inducing anything. However, suddenly, I began to notice the whole bed vibrate. I seemed even to hear things around the room vibrate. At that moment, I thought if it would be a small earthquake or aftershock. I decided to ignore both and go into a lucid dream. A few moments later, very long moments, I still felt those vibrations.

Since there are a lot of quakes in California, I questioned the situation. I noticed that the bed was vibrating much more strongly, and it seemed that everything was clinking, even things falling. Therefore, I began to question if it was an earthquake. It started to feel like one since everything shock much stronger than usual. I tried to get up, but I felt trapped since I could not move. I realized that it was impossible for me not to hurt if the roof had fallen on me, so sleep paralysis. So, I visualized light and floating in space. I got propelled out to the astral (I forgot that I would go to a lucid dream.)

So you see, sleep paralysis can be extremely real!

Sleep paralysis shouldn’t be a nuisance!

However; there are a few essential reads that may be of interest to you, so check them out:

And finally, this is all with stuff about sleep paralysis! Next week will be the first Wednesday of the month. Therefore, it touches on the latest forecast for the year 2019. 2020 seems to promise in only some aspects, especially after the Spirit’s messages have been sharing. But all this, in one week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Why are sleep paralysis dreams so scary? I tell you my story and some tips!

  1. Pradnya Prakash Sawant says:

    Thank you so much for your helpful information. I was really needed this type of information to come out from my fears.. In this month February 2022 I have came out from my chest but before coming from chest I hear vibratations and sounds and right after that I move and came out from my chest outside as I came out I got scared and I again pushed in my body. After that day I traveled astraly but not came out of chest.. So I really needed information regarding this and your articles are really going to help me in my journey. So really so much Thanx for writing this blog.. May God bless u always and give you long life to guide people.

    1. Thanks for your message, Pradnya. I am very happy to help, and share 🙂 Happy Travels!

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