Angelic Beings in Human Form: Exploring Incarnated Angels’ Characteristics

Incarnated Angels Characteristics and Significance: Find out the true purpose. Are you an incarnated angel? Find some guidance now.
Incarnated Angel Characteristics

Incarnated Angels Characteristics and Significance.

Hello hello! How are you? I hope you have more mindfulness after reading last week’s post. This week we will discuss a topic we haven’t addressed in a long time. We will discuss a type of soul: incarnated angel and its characteristics. But I want to discuss the meaning behind angelic souls incarnating on Earth as human beings.

As you already know, there are different planes of existence in the Universe, and one is angelic. On this plane, as on all, some souls reside and have experiences. However, souls from this plane incarnate on many planets throughout the Universe, including Earth. That is why there are human beings whose soul origin is angelic, just as others with a starseed, elemental, and of course, human.

Each of these types of souls has innate characteristics from their origins, so today, we focus on “angel incarnate characteristics.”

What is the angelic plane, and why do they incarnate as humans?

As I just explained, the angelic plane is one of the planes of existence of the Universe. The souls here have an angelic vibration. However, this does not give these souls a higher weight in the Universe. All souls are worth the same since each is essential for collective existence. However, the essence of the angelic plane is different from that of the physical plane. Therefore, I want to share a little bit about the characteristics of the incarnated angel:

  • It is a place of love. And this is the leading and only energy that is on this plane. The souls that have always existed as angelic beings only know love.
  • There is no duality. This is something significant that dramatically affects the angelic souls on this planet. For this reason, these souls have a hard time understanding duality. They are more susceptible to feeling loneliness or trying to fill gaps with people or situations that do not serve their highest purpose.
  • It is a plane without linear time. And although we all learn to navigate linear time from a very young age, like everything else, it is easier for some people than others. I couldn’t say exactly what this feels like because I am a starseed, and I experienced time in other civilizations. However, from what many have told me, it feels like a disconnect, perhaps having more difficulty managing time.

There is a lot of diversity in the Universe; only on our planet are there already hundreds of thousands of living species and millions to discover (Source: National Geographic). So you have to think that some souls/people have experiences that only they stand for. So very “earthly” things can give a feeling of disconnection with souls with etheric existences in other lives, which is difficult to explain. Still, if you are an incarnated angel, you resonate well with these characteristics.

More about the incarnated angel and its characteristics.

This is unique to each soul and cannot be generalized. However, they can be spoken by similarities thanks to the Principle of Correspondence and Mentalism. And one of them is that the incarnated angels who, for example, incarnate for the first time on Earth, begin to know energies such as good taste, fear, orgasm, or duality. These souls come to planets like this to start having an experience as human beings.

As we know, in this civilization, “there is everything,” both positive and negative, and if we include everything, this helps the soul grow and develop. In the end, the purpose of each soul is to expand its knowledge and experiences throughout its existence, which is infinite. Not everyone faces “something new” in the same way. In addition, there are things and new things and a new dimension; it is not a small thing.

Everything “usual” on Earth, something that your soul has perhaps lived for thousands of years, is new to the soul of the incarnated angel, and the main characteristics are also to have a lot of innocence. But this innocence comes from ignorance (at the soul level) of the dense physical plane, and this requires a time (which can be several lives) of “adjustment.” Therefore, if you know someone like that, it is good to empathize with them now that you know more.

And what do they come for?

Sometimes life is difficult for these souls, and that “energy innocence” is a peculiar characteristic of the incarnated angel. For this reason, they sometimes get too influenced by negative people if they offer something interesting. Their fight/flight mechanisms don’t see danger as much as other people can. This can lead to making severe mistakes, or feeling very betrayed, leading to depression or even less desired extremes.

Another problem is escapism, which can lead the incarnated angel more easily to misuse master plants or dangerous dissociatives. Generally, the path is a little easier if these souls have a spiritual awakening early. They will be able to navigate these difficulties a little more with at least some understanding of the reasons, helping them not to feel so lost. Having feelings of “not belonging,” of “being weird,” or of “seeing things differently from others” are, in the incarnated angel characteristics as well.

So if you feel lost and need to know if maybe the kind of soul you are, this reading will help you a lot.

What do you think?

The other article about the incarnated angel’s characteristics had many questions, so I’m sure this one will significantly help you. Next week we are going to talk about the Ascended Masters. Part of your team of Spirit Guides may have one, so we will delve into the subject. But all of this, next week! See you next Wednesday! So, If you do not want to miss a single update, click below to join our weekly newsletter, and you will gain access to exclusive content. Subscribe now!

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