Are you a starseed? If you are, you know within. However, take a look here!

Starseed: Does your soul come from other civilizations? Read more here!
Are you a starseed? Find out here!

If you feel you come from the stars and have a purpose, you may be a starseed:

Hello! First of all, have you heard the forecast? I already wanted to make some articles like that. This week we are going to talk about starseeds. Today, we have a topic that I wanted to play for quite some time, but I wanted the blog to be a few years old first 🙂 There is a lot of online information on this topic, including interactive tests and apps. However, I want to base this entry on everything I’ve been learning these last fifteen years. Besides, I am a starseed myself, and I will tell you how I discovered it.

I am going to abide by the facts and experiences regarding starseeds. I need to keep it neutral as there are different soul types here. Starseeds, incarnate angels, elementals, and of course, humans. All of the equal value. Today’s article can be both reassuring and saddening for starseeds. It may sound more indifferent to elemental and especially human souls, but it is an exciting topic to read nonetheless! If you are reading this and are a human soul, you already have a spiritual awakening that may help you understand everything a little more.

A great topic for post-third anniversary celebrations!

Chronicles of a starseed.

I am going to tell you, in short, some anecdotes of mine. People who are starseeds will understand this much better:

The innocence of a child.

  • Since childhood, I always looked at the stars feeling a huge desire to “go up there.”
  • My feeling of homesickness was constant, unable to feel at home. I felt (feel and know) that my home is in the stars.
  • I was obsessed with the whole subject related to other worlds, other dimensions, and aliens since I was little.
  • As a child, I always thought that I didn’t want to go to heaven (Catholic family). I wanted to go to space and explore planets. (Starseed and incarnate angels can think of such grim topics early in life.)
  • Since childhood, I had metaphysical perceptions, spirituality, and a mental age much higher than the real age.
  • I felt insulted when someone questioned the existance life on other planets based on the life we ​​know on this one.

I could give you a long list of personal, mental, and spiritual aspects, but it does not provide a pleasant reading. It is not necessary, as focusing on the positive brings abundance.

The moment of realization.

  • I traded healing sessions with a friend in exchange for massage sessions. She was the masseuse of a Buddhist shop where I was the medium. One day, she explained what an incarnate angel is (next week) and felt she is one. She also brought up the subject of starseeds. She claimed I could be one. As she explained it to me, it resonated a lot, and I started searching online (at that time, I was only doing healing sessions and reading the Tarot.) The fact of discovering it helped me understand many things about myself, even from my family.
  • I had great relief; I could find an answer to why I always felt like an alien… Also, I reinforced my reasons for my homesickness. For now, I only wonder about the eventual time I will return home. (We all like “our hometown,” don’t we? Unfortunately, mine is/feels 391.4 light-years away, so in my case, it’s time to wait!) I already knew that I had a purpose that further strengthened the fact that my soul decided to come to this crazy planet. And just for that, being here, I can bring my little grain of salt (or light).

Starseeds come with a purpose and meaning to this planet.

An awakened adult.

When it comes to being an adult and understanding things, it is easier to deal with the most negative parts. For example, after knowing the origin of my soul, I felt more nostalgia, but then, I started to understand it. Therefore, I did not allow it to affect me. Because you will know that you are here to fulfill your mission/purpose, you must also enjoy life as much as possible. However, I know that some of you (especially other starseeds) have some “not very pretty” ideas in mind about being reincarnated here on Earth. However, it is not necessary to focus on that. It is much better to focus on the positive to attract more.

Even so, adapting to this world is a bit more complicated for some of us. Duality is a pill hard to swallow. I have worked with dozens of souls that are starseeds who have a hard time coping on this planet, making life uphill. And I’ve had mine too. But, if this is your case, you must work more than anyone else in your root chakra. I tell you from my own experience, you will have to connect well with the Earth and your body to make the most of your life. If you are reading this and live on Earth, you have to focus here. (And I know it’s not what we starseeds like to read the most, but it’s what it is! It is necessary for your meat suit!)

A side note.

You will realize that in many things, you think differently than others. Moreover, there may be things that practically the entire humanity loves, and you hate them. You are not alone; apparently, about 1% of humans are starseeds. Of course, we are in a substantial minority, and that will make us feel entirely like aliens! (pun intended) But it’s not a good feeling! Make sure you’re authentic in what you do! If it does not ring you a bell, don’t follow, regardless of thirds.

Assistance for Humanity.

Every soul has its purpose, no matter the soul’s origin. However, starseeds usually come with some gifts. It can be, for example, being excellent with numbers and becoming a great engineer. You may have some spiritual gift, be very good with your voice, or love writing and drawing. No matter what channel you use, spiritual or not, but you will bring light in some way to this planet. Although I am not an example because I dedicate myself 100% to this, I know lovely souls that are starseeds. They bring a lot of light through the inspirations that their art pieces left to us (painting, music, reading, etc.).

Therefore, instead of focusing on feeling trapped on this planet, find out why you are here. Duality is a hard pill to swallow, but it is the reality of now. You will find passion in what you do, and you will understand a little more why you are here. There may be illness and/or pain from the loss of loved ones. You can even feel an inner emptiness bigger than some black hole you have visited in another life outside here. However, if you focus on your purpose and try to take advantage of your life, you will leave a mark. That is precisely why you are a starseed on this planet, to help Humanity!

Some starseeds incarnate through a walk-in.

Don’t ever forget.

Everyone has a purpose. Being a starseed does not mean being better or being above others. In fact, sometimes we, “outsiders,” take the worst part in some aspects of life. I will not say more, but whoever has to understand it will follow.

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Next week we will be chatting about an interesting topic. It about the incarnated angel soul type. Hence, an excellent read! What characteristics are typical for an incarnate angel? You may feel it even resonates with you! But I will share more next week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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