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Karmic Connections may be very powerful.

Written by Fernando Albert

December 21, 2016

Karmic Connections: What is up with these?

Hello everybody!! Have you already worked on those Heart Chakras? If you have, surely you notice a significant improvement in your lives. In case you do not know what I’m talking about, you can read the blog entrance to the Heart Chakra here. This week we will talk about the Karmic Connections. Why we always connect with a specific type of person, why we cannot stop thinking about someone, or why we attract particular loops or recurring experiences. Sometimes we meet people we believe we have known all our lives, even though we have never met them before. But let’s start at the beginning. What is all this about the Karmic Connections?

Most of you, or rather all of you, have already had many past lives. You all connected with many souls throughout your existence. Our actions right now are influencing us and others. Likewise, our efforts of the past influence our present. And, besides, all those actions will affect our future. It’s a mess, I know. Just think that all our past life actions will influence your current life and your future lives.

Karmic connections can be for love, friendship, work … and much more.

Perhaps all this sounds a lot like karma, and, in a way, it is what it is. But I want to focus on the Karmic Connections. Karmic Connections are those that happen when two souls reunite with the primary motive of cleaning up a karmic problem between them. It may be resolving something from past lives. It can even be an agreement that both souls have made before being born in this present life (whether negative or positive). I’ll help you identify them:

The most common occurrence in karmic connections is that there is some unsolved problem or some spiritual lesson. It is possible that in a past life, we have hurt someone and possibly have generated karma by not treating the other person with respect. Many times, in that same life or “between lives,” we promise ourselves to improve that mistake, and, many times, we want to reincarnate ourselves to “this time I will do it right.” The other person may have the same spiritual mistakes or lessons to learn.

And it is even more possible that some of the other person’s unresolved problems are with you. In this case, both souls decide that they will find themselves in the next life, so a spiritual agreement is generated to connect with that specific person. And without any surprise, we ended up getting to know that person. We could say that you have a Karmic Connection with that person. It is possible to see if one has such connections through the Akashic Records.

Karmic connections can be very positive.

Ego could be your friend, but also a dangerous advisor.

Thanks to the Ego and perhaps to a society where the level of rivalry is sublime. We do not learn unity but separation, pride, and other negative aspects that we all know of today’s society. We generate karma. All this hinders the spiritual connections, spiritual contracts, and goals that we have put. Sometimes, during a lifetime, we do not solve all the karmic relationships. Just because you have said I the agreement does not mean that we finished. It is something we can quickly forget, and the society in which we live incites its forgetfulness. Knowing yourself helps!

I am sure that you have experienced an adverse episode with someone. (In love, for example.) And that apparently, the same thing happens in all the relationships you have. It can be very confusing and frustrating, but it is essential to understand the situation and learn from it. That way, I will not repeat it. You may have Karmic Connections with several people, but you will realize precisely what you need to fix or learn upon repetition.

It happens because we agree with ourselves to overcome a particular challenge. When it presents itself, it replicates until we learn the lesson. That is why it is imperative to observe all kinds of relationships or repetitive situations and learn from them. That way, we will grow spiritually, learn the lesson, and it will not repeat itself.

Karmic relationships always have meaning.

There are situations where we want to connect with souls to accomplish a goal that both souls together can achieve. It does not always have to be love or friendship. Sometimes the purposes are much more specific, and once they are carried out, both souls will continue with their own lives. Other connections of this kind can happen because two souls have had good experiences together (no matter in what form).

There are more types of connections: Such as connections between parents and children (there is much more information about this than you can imagine). Or twin flames and the known to all, soul mates. But I will write about this, and more, in a future entry (here).

I can help you understand these here.

And what to do with these connections?

Now you might be asking: what do I do with these Karmic Connections? There is nothing to fear, nor is there anything negative. The goal of all this is one’s personal and spiritual growth. Learning depends on the lesson and the desire to progress. It is often good to find the reason for a repetitive situation as it will help us identify it more efficiently. We can uncover an explanation through meditation (to find your answers) or through psychic readings.

Many times, all of this is not necessary. Since a reasonable level of communication with the other person is more than enough. Especially if that person also maintains excellent communication with you. When the possible problems that have caused a karmic relationship are solved, that relationship can become very strong and deep. Especially at a love level, if there was any at first. So, you do not have to worry about this. You must observe yourself, observe others, and if you are very lost, you can find help through a psychic or meditation. It is good to question.

Learning life lessons individually or collectively clears karma.

All karmic connections have a purpose, always.

Well, we have reached the end! I hope you have found it fascinating. It is a topic that sometimes brings confusion and gives us the feeling that we have fallen through an endless hole. But, if you put your heart into it and do things right, those connections can become very deep. Next week we will talk about a similar theme, but perhaps, more interesting. We always affirm, “I did not choose my parents.”  What happens if I say that this statement is not correct?  You will be wondering, why? But you must wait until next week. You can’t miss it! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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    • Fernando Albert

      I am glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂 Merry Christmas for you too!!

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    Thanks Your Fernando for helping me and M. You are the best! I wish you a very good year 2017!


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