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Hello everyone! How is your throat chakra? I wanted to share more about getting more in touch with yourself because it is essential; you need to know yourself. Connecting with oneself is true spirituality. Within today’s society, getting in touch with yourself is a must. Nowadays, we are not taught how to do this, and because of this, we are weaker as individuals, as we never get to search for our most inner potentials. Many people act like a bunch of code reacting to an interface. Most people continuously seek external stimuli because they fear their minds. When we start to get in touch with ourselves, the big questions arrive. Unfortunately, we are extremely disconnected from ourselves as well as from other people.

We have slowly added more and more mechanical stuff to our lives, bringing more monotony to our lives. Believe it or not, it does affect the overall happiness of one individual life seems to be the same, all day, every day. You have seen other similar posts, touching different topics but always with one goal, for you to find time for yourself because nowadays, those moments are rare and precious (no, spending some quality time listening to some music while playing on the phone is not the time for yourself with yourself. Once you become friends with Silence, you will know how much more worth it to connect with yourself, rather than checking out a few random kitties on Instagram! Therefore, go for it!

Who am I? Why am I here? Do I know myself?

Get to know yourself is essential today, and if we learn to avoid a little bit of what society is bombarding us with, we can gain a considerable advantage. You will grow stronger. It will become much easier to find yourself following these few pieces of advice:

  • Reduce your cell phone usage. It is precisely those lull moments that we do nothing where we can do some good thinking. Nowadays, most pull out the phone. Now and then is great, but always? Maybe your brain has something to share too! I mentioned in several posts how important this is!
  • Find introspection time. I like to call this “brain time.” You want to reduce as much as you can the external stimuli. No music, no phone, no television, no nothing other than a notepad to take notes. It is incredible what you can do with this. Write down everything that comes to you. You will realize that you will be helping yourself a lot in your daily life. It becomes addictive, and you grew much more confident and connected with yourself.
Feel empowered by learning more about you.
  • Listen to your dreams. You have a great messenger within yourself: your dreams. Sadly, we often ignore this great messenger. Our society does not teach us to listen to our dreams, but they can help us. It is one of the main reasons I share so much about dreaming, lucid dreaming, and the importance of a good night and rested sleep.

Get to know yourself. Meditation helps!

I am just naming a few, but, in the end, when you get to get to know yourself, you have to do the same as if you wanted to get to know somebody else. Spending good quality time with yourself is essential during these times, unquestionably crucial. I recommend this at a professional level because introspection has helped me grow personally and professionally! You can use the power of introspection to find the weakest and strongest points of your business. This way, you will know how and when to step up and keep growing!

Even the Forecasts help us to know more about ourselves.

Who am I in this vast Multiverse?

We are a society of followers, and we need to find and understand our individuality and realize that we all are perfect in our way. We all have our two cents to contribute to this world. The dollar economy is “made of two cents plus other two cents plus…” The more you know yourself, the better indeed. The better for you and even for those around you. You get to work on your self-improvement, and you will also find where you need to change.

There will be a time that you will crave to be with yourself. While music is a great companion, it is also good to remain silent now and then, and the “sound” of silence is impressive. If you find the monkey-mind going nuts, this means that those thoughts need to be organized, processed, and archived. Like a computer! Reducing the external stimuli will help your brain rest, self-organize, and become stronger once done. You would do this on your computer, right? Well, the mind is pretty much a computer as well.

It is essential to get to know yourself!

I am writing this today, the 20th of January of 2021, and I have to share: It is more essential than ever to get to know yourself and find a haven within your own mental boundaries. If you want to grow a connection with your thoughts, skills, and emotions, invest time for introspection. Reduce screen time, especially social media, and invest time in yourself.

Add some mindfulness to your life.

So, to get started to get to know yourself, in summary, I can share:

  • Find five to ten minutes’ worth of silence a day, listen to it, therefore, take some notes of what you get.
  • Add five minutes to your shower time. While you do, listen to what your mind has to say. Allow passive thoughts to flow through your mind as the water flows around you.
  • Set some time for brainstorming. Set aside five minutes and write everything down everything that comes to you about yourself, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can do this for business as well.
  • During introspection times, you can use your prior brainstorming results for self-analysis and self-improvement in any of your living areas.
  • Write down as many dreams as you can recall and try to find meaning. Dreams are compelling. Especially when those dreams are recurring, very vivid, or they stay hard in your mind.
  • If you have a partner and you are living together, it would be excellent (also for the couple) to ask the other person to help you find your potentials to empower them and your downfalls to improve. It is also essential for each of you to have your own individual “brain times” as well. Therefore, it will enhance.

And the most important of all, PERSEVERANCE. Make it a must in your life! These two journeys will help you visit lower world. Therefore, try them out! As well as connecting with your higherself.

Continue empowering your life while you get to know more about yourself.

You can also do a lot for yourself. I am sharing a list of excellent reads, all related to lifestyle, spirituality, and advice about daily doings, such as meditation. These entries will help you add something new to your life and help you out to improve your life day after day. To get started, I want to share some essential reads. These will help you understand yourself better, your spirituality, and the fact there is much more beyond the physical plane. You will realize that sometimes, you can find wisdom within yourself:

If these were not awesome reads already, make sure to check these out. All of them will help you to empower your connection with yourself!

And they keep on coming.

If you apply these points daily, you will notice changes within weeks, and within months, it will be amazing.

I do hope this gives you a push in life. It did on mine; it has done it on hundreds. I taught this simple lesson. In the end, we all know this, and we all know how to do it. And if you discover that you have lost a part of yourself, I invite you to try a Soul Retrieval, a very powerful shamanic healing.

Breathing is essential, and here, it will help you to a great extent.

Next Wednesday will be the first of August and (obviously) the first Wednesday of the month. So you know what is coming! I appreciate a lot all your messages, support, and views. It will be ready in a week! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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