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The Power of Self-Healing through visualization. Check out some of these techniques!

The power of self-healing is accessible to everyone!

Written by Fernando Albert

December 27, 2017

The power of self-healing is accessible to everyone!
A gift for you: Spiritual Self Healing Therapy.

Hello šŸ˜‰ How are the Holidays going? I hope you guys are having a wonderful time. Make sure to rejoice during these times of radiant energy; this way, you will be ready to start 2018 withĀ positive vibrations and feel happy and empowered. And maybe, I hope this article will contribute a little to that! I am going to share aboutĀ self healing.

A small Christmas gift: A set of self healing techniques.

So, it is time to open my humble present for you guys…Ā It is nothing really, but just the self healing and auto-protection techniques. I use these a lot, and I have been asked many times during readings about these. So, it is a good time for me to share them šŸ™‚ Many of you might know some or all of these, as I never hesitate to teach them during a reading, but from now on, you will be able to find them here as well. Protect your soul!

Self healing techniques that will bring light to your life.

I want to keep it very simple, as it is straightforward. You are welcomed to modify these visualizations to fit them with your very own visualizations. I am giving you the raw idea. Before applying these, be aware that you must find five minutes’ worth of peace and relaxation to do this technique. If you have a restless mind, maybe you want to help yourself with some soft music and even some incense and love.

1st – Technique.

White beam finale: Power self healing technique.

This one is great to bring general self healing, especially if you feel you need a boost in your entire physical body. You will get a definite lift. I also believe this is a perfect technique regarding prevention (negative energies.)

Once relaxed

Visualize, there is a vast sphere of white light above your head. You can only see it partially, as it is massive. I want you to imagine that a beam made of white light starts to flow towards your Crown Chakra and enters it. Allow it. Visualize that your Crown Chakra is a sphere turning white. Once white, visualize a thicker beam of white light going down to your next chakra. While you do, you notice your Crown chakra sends “smaller beams of white light” in all directions (360Āŗ radius.) The thicker beam enters your Third Eye chakra. The very same effect will happen in your Third Eye. (It is a powerful self-healing technique, other chakras will be affected too)

Rays of white light are launched in all directions, while the primary beam keeps going down your Throat ChakraĀ to trigger once more the same effect. Visualize this until your Root Chakra. Get to visualize your physical body entirely luminous, full of ravenous white light beams traveling in all directions. They go through everything, empowering the positives, destroying all negativity within. Keep this last part within your visualization for a few moments until you feel it is ready to come back. I am not a big label guy, but sometimes it is nice to give it a name for a change. This one is called White Beam Finale.

2nd – Technique.

Spirit Bomb: Good for self healing and protection.

This one is a simple but powerful technique. It does not have much of a secret; however, the more we can physically relate to our visualization, the better. To some degree, our subconsciousness accepts better our very own healing when it is closer to the physical (for apparent basic instinct we all have.) It is on this principle where this technique becomes very powerful. This one is great to target the healing at a specific area of your body or someone else. It is exceptionally significant for self healing, but it is suitable for protection too.

Once relaxed

Focus on the area you channel to send healing. Use your index finger (writing hand) if you are unaware of your channeling points. Ready? Focus right above (or next, depending on where you plan to create this) and start visualizing the energy focusing on this area. However, imagine that the energy begins to form a sphere of white light. Instead of a flowing stream of white light, visualize that this field gets thicker and thicker. It is incredibly bright, brighter than the sun, but it does not bother.

You notice how this sphere grows in size, and the more you channel, the more you build it up. Imagine it huge right above/in front. You can even put sound to the very energy you just concentrated (electricity, power, whatever makes you feel fantastic. Got it? Well, focus on the area (or the person) you desire to heal and toss it. Visualize this sphere entering the person’s physical body and exploding within the person in a burst of massive white light, all staying in the target (can’t escape.) Done! I am not a big label guy, but sometimes it helps give it a name for a change. This one is called “Spirit Bomb.”

3rd – Technique.

Orbital Shield: Extremely good for protection.

This one focuses on protection. You want to do this one after any of the above two. I add this protection technique on top of any other protection techniques because, based on what my guides said, it gains more power (I can say it does as well.) This protection technique is more of a seal, so it goes beyond just a typical “bubble” type of protection. This seal is that “do not get too close” defense. Of course, it is only blocking negative energy. Apparently, for some reason, this seal lasts a considerable amount of time, weeks, or even months… but this is up to each one’s energetic situation as well as surroundings. It may drain up all your energy. Self healing techniques help to empower this one even further.

Once you are healed and still relaxed.

I want you to visualize your bubble of white light. Imagine it as thick as possible. If you recall the visuals from using theĀ Spirit BombĀ technique, use it as the edge of your white light bubble. Then, I want you to visualize you have several small white light spheres (you can even program a few tiny spirit bombs with this intent.) Visualize that these small spheres start to orbit around you, sort of like an atom (check the little graphics.) Visualize also the “energetic” paths that these tiny spheres leave behind. These paths are of golden, green, and white colors. Visualize one single color for all these paths. The end of your visualization should be yourself white, a thick bubble of white light. (Remember: Self healing first will empower this.)

This white light bubble has hundreds of tiny spheres of white light orbiting at breakneck speed, showing their trails left behind. Set the intention for this energetic shield to keep outside all the dark energy. Set the intention to transmute that negative energy into positive (this way, you contribute too). Any negative energy in your aura will be because you have generated, but these spheres will touch and destroy this darker energy, transmuting it into positive energy.

By the way, I want to share a great meditation for experiencing profound energies.

It’s more of a powerful protection technique than healing, but good nonetheless.

All the pure white light will still penetrate this seal and empower it. Keep this visualization for a few moments and realize this shield is now active around you. You are sealed! I am not a big label guy, but sometimes it’s nice to give it a name for a change. This one is called Orbital Shield.

Note: Do not attempt to block empathy with Orbital Shield, use a regular white light bubbleĀ or your energy will be drained rapidly, still unable to block empathy. If you are in a crowed place, it will most likely backfire. Trust me, I learned it the hard way (this is an edit I am adding, actually!). You gotta “eat” your empathy’s feedback, I am sorry :P. Regular white light bubble is still the best way to help yourself a little in this situation. Otherwise, empathy will “eat up” the external orbs draining your energy as more of these orbs “auto-generate”.

And well, these are the techniques!

Quartz crystals bring self healing when we hold them.

An unusual aspect of a quartz crystal is its healing potential!

I wanted to share quartz crystals are great companions for your healing and self-healing times. Check out why:

  • They maximize the white light. Channel through a quartz crystal, and it will amplify the energy… making it stronger. As a clairvoyant, I can tell you it is perceivable! They are also great for empowering crystal grids. Any intent for the said grid will get empowered if you add these crystals.
  • Some are great for energy storage. (You need to read the crystal to know.) They are fourth-dimensional so that they can hold an endless amount of energy. You can give this charged crystal to others, and it will be healing them until they ran out of juice.
  • They are amazing cleansers. These crystals absorb negative energy. For this reason, you need to cleanse your quartz crystals. Carrying clear quartz crystals is already a form of self-healing… or better said, cleansing.

To name a few, the most important and related to today’s entry, which is coming to an end. If you want to learn a few more of these techniques, especially aroundĀ cleansing chakras, I invite you to head over here and check them out, especially the solar plexus one, which is very powerful! All these self healing techniques will help you out. By the way, cord-cutting brings healing too.

Adding Reiki to your life will maximize your healing potential.

GettingĀ attuned to Reiki will add a lot of greatness to these techniques. I offerĀ attunements as well as theĀ Reiki ManualĀ by itself. You can check it out below:

Learn Reiki for self-healing and to heal others.

I wish you a fantastic transition from 2017 to 2018! Next week is the time for the January Forecast.Ā I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the read! See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

Thank you!

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