Guardian Angel: A sweet way to name some of our Spirit Guides

Do you have a guardian angel working with you? It is likely that you have at least one angelic being in your Spirit Guide Team. Take a look and find out today more about who the guardian angels are, and what they can bring to your life. It's delightful connecting with them.
You may have a guardian angel in your Spirit Guides Team.

Are you connected with a Guardian Angel?

Hi there! I hope you are doing fantastic. Did you have a chance to check out the article about purple auras? If you haven’t, take a look, as it may help you out to find out more about your aura, and your energy. Today, if you read this article, you will find out more about your Spirit Guides Team, specifically about Guardian Angels that perhaps are connected with you. Guardian Angels are easily identified since many Christian religions also acknowledge their existence. As always, this article will have a more spiritual approach (and not religious) to the subject when talking about angels, or any other spiritual being.

The way I approach guardian angels is as with any other Spirit Guide. There are many beings of light out there, even our Spirit Guides are surrounded by other beings of light. As years pass for me, I conclude that the more labels and rules we add, the more we restring ourselves from connecting with these wonderful beings. A Guardian Angel is like any other angelic being, but generally, these focus more directly on your well-being on an ongoing basis. Keep in mind that they have unconditional love, so all you need to do is to open your heart.

Characteristics of a Guardian Angel

To give you an idea, I am sharing with you how I perceive these beings. It will help if I share with you I am mainly clairvoyant, and clairsentient, so I can see and feel them. I always perceive them as beings made of light. Possibly they have indeed these “bodies” because these beings are etheric, and they live in a plane of non-duality. These beings reside (for the lack of a better understanding) in the angelic plane, which theoretically belongs to the higher fourth dimension.

A Guardian Angel comes from the angelic plane, somewhere intangible in space.

A Guardian Angel comes from the angelic plane, somewhere intangible in space.

Some of these beings have always existed, they do not have death as we do in the third dimension. They don’t need it because they do not have to learn lessons, these come from planes where duality exists. A guardian angel is a powerful spiritual companion, and you can have complete trust in them.

In general, these beings work to protect your energy from negativity and fear. This doesn’t mean that you will be above these two, they are part of duality, and they form part of your human experience. However, when it truly doesn’t serve your Highest Purpose, they will help. Furthermore, during readings, I usually see that every individual has a group of “minor angels” (as I call them) surrounding and protecting them. These never approach during readings, but they show themselves as healers always “working behind the scenes.”

How do these beings impact your life?

The foundational purpose of a Guardian Angel (and pretty much any angelic being) is to keep your energy at its best possible. These beings are always aligned with your Highest Purpose, so if you need to experience difficulty, be assured you will, however, if you don’t need it, they will do all in their power to remove everything that serves you no purpose. They also contribute, normally through healing, to cleanse bad energies, as well as to help materialize any aids that will help you.

In a way, they are quite aligned with the Universal Laws because they are always in sync with what is the most necessary. Better than Swiss clocks, aren’t they? Quite awesome for non-linear time beings! Jokes aside, they are fabulous assistants to ensure that you navigate through life in the way you need to. A Guardian Angel can in a way support you through the act of random, facilitating the flow of favorable results. These beings have access to your Akasha, therefore, they will always act in alignment with your soul agreements and life purpose.

A Guardian Angel will use white light to promote your energetic balance.

A Guardian Angel will use white light to promote your energetic balance.

If you are working on developing your connection with your Spirit Guides, your Guardian Angel will come super handy, because one thing they do best is to assist you to connect with Spirit. However, these beings will never take action unless you ask them to. You don’t have to pray to them or do any offering in exchange, but just, ask them, the same way you would ask something to your best friend. You need to open up your Heart Chakra and invite them in. From here, these celestial beings will raise your vibrations so it is easier to match those of Spirit.

Keep in mind that a Guardian angel can help you will anything that you need. If you are aligned, most likely everything that you need, and maybe ask for, will flow in your direction because it is what you truly need. It is important to always ask, set the intention, and allow yourself to receive. Make sure that you truly feel it in your heart when you are projecting your intentions since these beings will always respect your free will, as well as point you in the right direction. This applies to literally everything in your life. One situation I observed is that the more you connect with angelic beings, the better things flow in your life, so daily practice is imperative for you to keep building up your connection.

Some misconceptions

You must let go of some misconceptions when talking about a Guardian Angel, archangels, or angelic beings in general. I respect all religious traditions, but I cannot agree with all their statements, especially when talking about prayer. It is the angelic beings that find the will to help physical beings across the universe like us. I am sure someone in your life always wants to help you, loves you to your bones, and suddenly you start praying to them for help. Wouldn’t that be awkward? All your spiritual helpers feel completely equal to you, so you should never approach them as if they were superior beings, but as the good friends they are.

On top of this, these are very easy beings to connect with, the easiest ones because they precisely act like a bridge between you and higher dimensional beings. You don’t need to make any sort of ceremonies or rituals to please or connect with them. You connect with them directly through channeling as well as through feeling it clearly in your heart. You will always feel a warm feeling in the middle of your chest. Take this as a little “green light” telling you that you are connected.

Your Guardian Angel will help you to connect with Spirit.

Your Guardian Angel will help you to connect with Spirit.

If there is one way to also evoke angelic energy, and if you feel the calling, you can follow the Enoch path. By learning Enochian you will start to speak the language of the angels. These uplifting statements translate into tangible evidence of angelic energy through the vibrations of sound, thus composing the Enoch language. This is a powerful and alternative way to connect with angelic beings, including performing some rituals. However, we are not going to focus on this since the day-to-day needs that you may have from your Guardian Angel as well as other Spirit Guides will suffice with a telepathic and direct spiritual link.

Another point I want to mention is that a Guardian Angel is not a loved one in Spirit looking after you. Sometimes, loved ones in Spirit become Spirit Guides, joining your Spiritual Team and assisting in your life, sometimes as helpers, and sometimes as a regular Spirit Guide. You cannot control this, since for example, the loved one needs to be spiritually ready for this feat, and maybe it is not something possible during the here and now of their journey. However, they continue to be the same beings they were whilst on the physical plane as the soul doesn’t change. Many of them will even keep important memories of their life here and connection with you.

Guardian Angels, like other beings of light work in a team

My best advice is for you to always approach your Spirit Guide Team as a whole, instead of focusing on specific ones. You will always work the most with one or two of them, while with the others, they will more or less present. Sometimes, you need best the energy of your Ascended Master versus your Guardian Angel. You may choose to connect specifically with one or another being, but for a general practice, is best to simply open up to them. This is one reason that in my readings I never limit myself to connect with Spirit Guides for example, but to connect with all sources of light. In Spirituality, flow is essential, so allow flow in your life, especially when working with spiritual beings.

You will find yourself working a lot with your Spirit Guides, and on top of that, you will feel supported by your Guardian Angel and other celestial beings. In a way, it is almost as if these angelic beings are also helping your Spirit Guides. You will find this especially true when working with healing. Angelic beings have some of the highest vibrations specially aligned with healing, so they will always be present during your healing sessions, whether you are the healer, or you are receiving the healing. Another reason to have your heart open to any being to come that can serve the highest purpose.

Your Guardian Angel will assist you during any healing sessions.

Your Guardian Angel will assist you during any healing sessions.

Another great reason to always invite your Guardian Angel in is that they will always help you to connect with all sources of light. For example, let’s say you want to do a past-life regression. Here, you will tap your Akashic Records to receive information from your past lives. You need to have very strong vibrations to match the energy of your Akasha, and here it is not about being better or more developed, but having your heart in the right place. Angelic beings will raise the vibrations in your heart as well as in your aura, and this will make it a lot easier for you to connect and receive the information you need.

If you are an astral projectionist you may also meet with these angelic beings “in person” (in your Astral Body.) I recommend that you are capable of experiencing a complete astral separation, and journey, and come back with enough recall to write down about your experience. I can help you get better with Astral Projection through this course, as well as guided meditations, and coaching… you name it. I love astral projection to the core, so I am delighted to help you get out of your body (for a while, as you must experience Earth too!) You can evoke your Guardian Angel to assist you during your astral separation, so you will go easily through the stages such as sleep paralysis, as well as raising your vibrations further.

How can we communicate with our guardian angels?

Now that you know all about these beings, it is time to start connecting with them. I am giving you some easy points for you to follow. Remember to not rush through these, it is not a race, it is developing a relationship with your astral helpers. It is not complicated, but it requires some time. Each individual develops in a different way, no one is better or worse whether they connect faster or not, please make sure to keep this personal with yourself, and keep moving at your own pace.

I recommend you investing every day 10 or 15 minutes where you can sit in silence where no one will distract you. You want to clear your mind from all the day’s thoughts, silencing it as much as you can, or at least, bringing it to a deep state of relaxation while there are lulls of silence between fleeting ideas. Here, you want to open up your mind and your heart, inviting them in, and just allowing them to receive. Don’t force it, don’t push your mind, don’t rush or get impatient, just relax, let go, and allow yourself to have. With some practice, you will start receiving feelings, and possibly thoughts in your mind, as well as the possibility of feeling their presence.

Connect with your Guardian Angel when you sit in silence.

Connect with your Guardian Angel when you sit in silence.

If you keep a daily practice, you will eventually connect with them. I recommend you get extra support through the Spirit Guides courses because you will learn how to channel and connect with them. You will find easy exercises for you to practice daily to help you improve a little bit every day. Another important way is to work on your energy through self-healing, as sometimes your limiting self-belief or negativity you are holding on to may bring you further from them.

However, you should always evoke them from the heart, because your Guardian Angel and other celestial beings will help you with the very healing you need to connect easier. Isn’t this awesome? Simplicity is out there, you need to understand that. Only the ego brings unnecessary difficulty. Find a genuine desire, and start investing some time today, you will see that soon, you will feel something amazing, and from there, there is no limit!

Why a constant connection serves you well

When you add angelic beings to your life, things get easier because this is precisely what these beings bring, and easiness to everything spiritual. One fantastic thing is that they keep your vibrations high, something essential in this tough society we live in. For this reason, you want to check on them throughout the day. You don’t have to think about them constantly, but for example, when you wake up in the morning, or when you enjoy a break. If you are going through a hard time or a challenge, don’t hesitate either to invite them in, and for you to feel closer to their energy.

From here, you will keep growing a connection with them. Maybe at first, you don’t see a lot, and you don’t feel very drawn. Keep at it, because as soon as you experience their presence, it will become much easier (and exciting) to connect with your Guardian Angel, as well as any other being.


Q: How many Guardian Angels do we have?

A: There is not a specific number, the amount of beings of light around individuals differs. A lot of factors can change this number, however, having a greater or lesser amount doesn’t make you more or less spiritual.

Q: Can we choose our Guardian Angel?

A: In a way, we choose them before birth, but in a way, this is more complex than that. In a way, your Guardian Angel is perfect, it doesn’t matter whether you choose them or not.

Q: Are Guardian Angels only for Christians?

A: Certainly not! Angelic beings help all individuals, regardless of religion.

Q: Do Guardian Angels have names?

A: While we have named the archangels, no angelic beings have names for one simple reason: names are a fact of duality and angelic beings don’t have duality.

Q: Can Guardian Angels force us to make choices?

A: A Guardian Angel will never step beyond our free will, this is precisely one reason we need to evoke them if we want their help. No being of light will ever force you to make a choice. If you feel pushed, focus on raising your vibration, and ask help from your Spirit Guides to connect with the right beings.

Q: Are Guardian Angels always present?

A: As the rest of your Spirit Guides Team, Guardian Angels are always present. They see above linear time, so they perceive more than what our human brains can process, but certainly, for what we can understand as “always present” they are.

Q: Are Guardian Angels spirits of deceased loved ones?

A: No, angelic beings have always been and always will be angelic beings. Loved ones in Spirit may become a spiritual helper and work with your Spiritual Team, but they do not become Guardian Angels.

Q: How can we communicate with our Guardian Angel?

A: You can connect with your Guardian Angel through meditation, channeling, or even astral projection. You are always connected, so a lot of times you need to clear your mind and open your heart to communicate. Be certain that you will receive it.

Q: Can Guardian Angels be shared or transferred?

A: Angelic beings, like many beings of light, can by-locate, meaning that they can be in many places at once. Be certain that your Spiritual helpers work with many souls across the entire Universe, even if some of these are your loved ones (who transcended to Spirit Guides.) If you no longer need to connect with a certain angelic being, this one will disconnect with your aura, and a more suited one for you will appear.

Now you know more about Guardian Angels. Do you think you have one in your Spirit Guide Team? Feel free to leave a comment about it! Next week, we will talk about Spirit Animals and their meaning, to be more specific, we will talk about the meaning of connecting to these beings and how they can help you out. But all of this, next week!  See you next Wednesday!

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