All about being a starseed: how does it truly feel?

Do you know how it truly feels being a starseed? If you are one, you will certainly know it, even if you haven't heard about this before. Come and checkout this article, I explain all about being a staseed: how it feels, how life flows, and a lot more!
Being a starseed brings profound feelings.

How do you truly feel about being a Starseed?

Hi there, everybody! How have you been doing? Have you read the article about white auras? Make sure to do it if you haven’t already! This week we will talk all about being a starseed, such as how it feels, what it means, and what you can do to feel more connected. I want to share more about the challenges that are more aligned with starseeds, the spiritual path, and awakening. As a starseed myself, I intend to give you some guidance and support, helping you to embrace your purpose.

As always, you need to reflect on everything you read, especially if you feel and believe you are a starseed. If you are one, this means that you come from the stars, and your soul origin is away from this planet. You might resonate deeply with this already, and if so, the higher chance you are indeed a starseed, however, you need to reflect on it deeply. You will be able to resonate a lot with what you are reading but take some time to see how it applies in your life mentally, emotionally, and especially, spiritually.

A small introduction to the true meaning

I can talk from the heart by being a starseed myself. I wrote an article about souls coming from the stars. I shared my story and experience as a starseed from the first moments I recall staring into the stars as a very small child until I learned that my soul is not originally human. For every single starseed I’ve met in my life, including myself, we have always deeply felt that our home was in the stars. I want to share some points that you will likely resonate with you if you are a starseed.

  • I have always felt homesick since childhood, I was never able to feel at home and I couldn’t understand it. However, I would look at the stars and feel that home was up there somehow.
  • I have always been drawn to learning about other dimensions, aliens, alternate worlds, and all metaphysics.
  • Growing up in a Catholic family, I always thought that when I died and went to heaven, I would ask god to help me explore the Universe instead. Furthermore, I had perceptions beyond the physical senses, and a mental age much higher than the real age.
  • I feel and felt insulted when someone questioned the existence of life on other planets based on the life we ​​know on this one. I cannot understand why many struggle to grasp the concept of different lifeforms with a different molecular and carbon (or other) structure.

I want to share an important point about being a starseed, and this one is the fact that while you are indeed from the stars, right now you are incarnated as a human on Earth. Maybe it sucks, but you have chosen it, and now you have to embrace it. It is extra important you take good care of your Root Chakra, and do extra grounding exercises. In the long run, while you might not resonate as a human, you will resonate deeply with the wonderful planet we can call our (temporal, for this lifetime) home.

A starseed soul comes from another civilization incarnating as humans.

A starseed soul comes from another civilization incarnating as humans.

I want to remind you that whether you are a starseed or not, you are as worthy as any other individual. Being a starseed doesn’t make you better, or worthier as all souls are the same. You might have extra challenges versus a human soul since, in the end, this is their home of origin. You are here right now incarnated, as a human being, so you are a human, and every other human that sees you (physically) will perceive you as another human, specifically from planet Earth, Solar System in the Milky Way Galaxy (in case somehow you are reading this while you are lightyears from this little blue marble of a planet we have!)

Certainly, coming to planet Earth to experience human life is not one of the main reasons that starseeds come here, this is more connected to the incarnated angel soul. Experiencing human lives is part of the package, but pretty much all starseeds come to help humanity awaken once and for all. This doesn’t mean that a starseed soul can’t get carried away through many lifetimes with the “human drama.” Eventually, every starseed soul awakens and comes back to their understanding of bringing a path of enlightenment and healing to the severely wounded human civilization. This purpose is fulfilled in many ways, one of them through the spiritual channels, but others through research, discovery, and other tangible doings that help humanity evolve.

What are common challenges while being a starseed

From here, I want to talk about being a starseed who is spiritually awakened since otherwise, they wouldn’t be aware of most of these difficulties, although still likely feeling a sense of lack of purpose or emptiness without understanding why. The first point that an awakened starseed faces as difficulties are due to low spiritual energy on Earth. If you are a starseed your soul has certainly experienced far more advanced civilizations. I do not refer to technology specifically but to awareness and consciousness. This turns out to be even more true if you have experienced ethereal forms in former lives in a different galaxy. It comes in the form of an empty feeling, maybe even feeling trapped, or slightly suffocated.

If you can feel energy, you will feel it many times as a heavy energy, and as if “something was missing.” You will struggle more with sources of fear, especially if they affect (with fear) the spirituality of other individuals. A starseed can feel very disappointed towards themselves if they are not able to help other individuals awaken, but also develop strong aversion feelings towards sources that bring fear and spiritual slumber. I can tell from myself, that it feels that while I write this for you to read, there are people preaching fear and reinforcing the slumber of many. However, it will be your passion that will dictate how much faster you build versus what they destroy!

It is possible when being a starseed that you get frustrated towards humanity (you might and should be frustrated already, even if you are not one!!), especially in the current era we are going through. You need to watch your ego here and do not forget that right now you are human too. Remember your purpose is to help humanity, not feeling nor acting as if you were above it, because you are not. Doing your best for those who come to you, those around you, and of course, for yourself is what ultimately matters. Many, many have to help humanity awaken, you are not alone.

The lack of spiritual awakening in human civilizations is challenging for awakened starseeds.

The lack of spiritual awakening in human civilizations is challenging for awakened starseeds.

There is another problem that affects you while being a starseed and it is losing your purpose, your path, or maybe never discovering it. Modern society doesn’t offer a lot in terms of spiritual alignment, but more of a rat race and redundant life. Not all starseeds awaken, and certain, not from an earlier age, but probably into adulthood. If you are a starseed and you are not awakened, you will likely follow a mundane life (if you are reading this, you are awakening already.) Even if you are not intellectually aware, your soul still is, and you will likely feel an emptiness without being able to explain why or how. This goes away when you start to understand your soul’s path and history.

Besides feeling that you do not belong (even if you are extroverted and surrounded by friends), you will feel as if you are missing something. Most individuals can live a very much down-to-earth and mundane lifetime, enjoying and interacting only with what their physical senses can pick up. While being a starseed, this can be annoying.

Furthermore, some of these individuals will connect strongly among themselves versus other individuals who have their heads more in the clouds, although a great polarity here where these opposites attract each other, and nurture what the other is not seeing. Take this as a kid holding a helium balloon. The kid is anchored to the ground while holding the balloon so it doesn’t float away. The kid is looking at the balloon, able to see that there is a much bigger world out there than just the floor they are anchored and focused on.

There is an amazing tangible world, but the nontangible is as amazing!

There is an amazing tangible world, but the nontangible is as amazing!

If you think about it, it is a great analogy. The kid (an average human) gets the most out of the physical plane (the floor), and they can thrive in this state. However, there is a wide world out there, and one of the top human natures is exploring. It is time to learn that it is not all about the tangible floor, there are higher planes of existence up there. The helium balloon (an awakened starseed or incarnate angel) has the nature of floating up. If you free the balloon, it will float away unless it is tied somewhere.

If the kid holds the balloon, the kid will learn there is an amazing non-tangible universe out there, while the balloon will continue its purpose instead of floating away till bursting (give some thought to this.)

It is imperative that you stay grounded, especially true while being a starseed. I can personally tell that at some point I wasn’t grounded, feeling my tailbone area as if it had a two-inch hole through it. I felt air flowing through! Of course, no physical holes, but a damaged Root Chakra. Now that I am well grounded and connected with our wonderful planet, my Root Chakra is healthier, and I am even more connected to the Spirit. Powerful connections need a ground, always! Check your appliances! You need to also make a good effort in connecting with your surroundings, and enjoy life to the best of your capabilities. You are here after all, we starseeds all agreed to come here, so we need to get the most out of it.

Spiritual awakening and starseeds

I want to emphasize the fact that all starseeds at some point need to awaken in this lifetime. This doesn’t mean that being a starseed will guarantee your awakening, however, not awakening will mean that your soul will feel a certain emptiness. I get a lot of people who tell me they have a successful job, and a family with good health and finances, yet feeling an emptiness they cannot explain. Is this your situation? Starting to awaken starts a new and profound path, with first an understanding of many emotions that you carried since you were little.

Starting to realize some things can make you feel more trapped in this human civilization, and these feelings are hard to deal with. One problem is duality, something that many starseeds haven’t experienced, yielding to a profound degree of loneliness without being able to explain it. You can read an article that talks about duality so you can grasp more of what I mean here.

Sometimes, you can feel frustrated because all individuals around you are too anchored to the earth, unable, or even not desiring to see beyond. You will wish sometimes things were different, and for example, wish that most individuals focused more on the non-tangible. However, you need to learn to stay above these feelings, especially while being a starseed. After all, this is a tangible world with physical beings, meaning that it will stay this way regardless of more or less awakened souls.

Awakening while being a starseed is very profound.

Awakening while being a starseed is very profound.

It is also important to remember that awakening is a continuous process, not a one-time event. Maybe, by being a starseed you feel a more profound connection with the higher planes of existence, being more anxious to connect with. Adding this on top of the collective anxiety and haste that most individuals feel, you might feel discouraged by the lack of progress. But remember, this is not a race, even if it looks like one, there is no goal, no final line, only an endless track… so make sure to get the most out of each turn you make. You must keep in mind that you will never stop awakening, so there is always more to learn and to grow into.

It is also imperative that you do not compare your spiritual awareness with other individuals, whether they are starseeds or not. Each soul has their path, and there are many, many paths leading to awakening. There are many things to awaken to, so maybe you have progress on some, while others have progress on different ones. There are many paths, many roads, many turns, and all connect yielding to an infinite journey of constant growth.

Make sure to live the moment, and get the most out of the here and now, because this way you will receive the most experiences yielding to optimal development. Help others in their journey if they need and you can, as well as allow any help you could use from other individuals. Allow yourself to have, and keep growing.

Embracing Oneness

One beautiful thing for everybody to experience, but especially for you being a starseed (or incarnated angel) the aspect of Oneness. Through deep meditation, you can reach the state of Oneness, and perceive the collective consciousness. You will find yourself at home, most likely, because your soul knows better the concept of Unity, where there is no separation of consciousness. The amount of unconditional love you feel will fill you up beyond your imagination.

Another way to reach to a state of oneness is if you know how to experience an OBE (Out of Body Experience) or Astral Projection. Here, you can raise your vibrations through higher planes of existence and connect stretching your silver cord far into the planes of love. Being a starseed makes this extra rewarding.

Being a starseed can be challenging: receive guidance and support

Starseeds, like every other individual, have Spirit Guides to assist and support.

Starseeds, like every other individual, have Spirit Guides to assist and support.

You mustn’t forget that you are never alone (even if you are not a starseed), as each soul has a team of Spirit Guides around. However, if you are a starseed, you will have a greater desire to start connecting with them. You can learn how to connect with them through this super easy but complete channeling course. If you build a good connection with your guides, you will feel a lot more connected, yielding to great satisfaction. Don’t forget either to tap your intuition at all times, because as a starseed, you have access to a very strong intuition.

When you start trusting your intuition and spirit, you will feel much more confident in life. This will help you to find your soul’s purpose, because while being a starseed is imperative that you learn your purpose to reach fulfillment. If you are not sure, I can help you through an Akashic Records reading here. When you learn your purpose, and you understand your soul origin (we can check this too through reading as well, ideally a 15-minute psychic reading for good detail) You will meet with great fulfillment for the global awakening of humanity, which is basically why in the end, pretty much most starseeds come here.

To wrap up

Don’t forget to take good care of yourself, as you need to never forget you are a physical being, and you have needs as any other human being. You will enjoy nature, you will enjoy having fun with many experiences. You will make mistakes, lots of mistakes since this is one of the most human things out there, essential to keep developing. So, while you “are an alien,” you are at a soul level, and you have all the right to hold to this. However, you are incarnated as a human, so you need to cover your needs as one since you are not except of them (both good and bad ones.)

Being a starseed makes you desire to travel through the stars.

Being a starseed makes you desire to travel through the stars.

From here, you need to continue living your life. When someone first told me in 2010 about the concept of being a starseed it shifted my perspective. I was already doing Tarot readings, but at that time I didn’t know how to access the Akasha yet, nor anything about it. I wanted to learn a lot more about this, and for some time, I detached myself from this world since I learned where mine was. What I didn’t learn at that time, but after, is that currently, my world is this one since I am carrying a living body that needs Earth to live, making me temporally human. You need to keep this into account as well and focus on getting the most about one.

I invite you to keep exploring, you should do this on your own, but I can also help you. If you need coaching due to being a starseed, I will be delighted to help you. Why don’t we meet through a Talk to Fer coaching session? From here, is about your ongoing discovery as a starseed incarnated in a human body with a precious purpose. Remember, it is not a race, but constant development, so make sure to seize the moment.


Q: What is a Starseed?

A: A starseed is a Soul whose origin is not human but from other civilizations across the stars incarnating here on planet Earth as human beings.

Q: How does the low spiritual energy on Earth affect Starseeds?

A: With low spiritual energy you will feel a bit trapped as an awakened starseed. However, your purpose among others is to awaken individuals, so you have the opportunity to do so!

Q: What triggers a spiritual awakening?

A: Many events can trigger spiritual awakenings, from very negative situations to amazing experiences. You may find out spiritual concepts that you resonate with, such as discovering your gifts, your life purpose, or your soul origin, for example, as a starseed.

Q: Why is the concept of duality important in awakening?

A: Understanding duality will help you understand many things, starting from your emotions, to how things flow around you. Duality also responds to the 7 Laws of the Universe, helping you to understand better how to navigate life.

Q: How can one experience Oneness?

A: To experience Oneness you need to go in deep meditation and detach your consciousness from your physical body. Experiencing Astral Projection enables you to perceive Oneness. With good spiritual practice, you will slowly reach here. There are other shortcuts, but it is best to focus on progressive development to get the most out of it.

Q: Is awakening a one-time event?

A: Awakening is a constant flow of progression, certainly not a one-time event. You are constantly awakening and learning more. The more you awaken, the more you realize that you know nothing and there is more and more learning for you. While being a starseed, this is extra important.

Q: How can I connect with my spirit guides?

A: There are many ways to connect with your guides. You can learn this through a video course, practice workshops, or even through meditation. You need to learn how to channel, and the best way is to clear your mind and heart, inviting your guides in, and acknowledging the information.

Q: What strategies can help me stay grounded in modern society?

A: You must work on yourself, getting to know better who you are, and what you want. You need to work on your root chakra, and while you might not connect with humanity, you should never forget to connect with Earth to be able to physically thrive. Spending time in nature is wonderful to stay grounded and focused. Don’t hold on to frustrations over humanity mixing them by not wanting to be here.

Q: How do I discover my soul’s purpose?

A: You can discover your soul’s purpose through an Akashic Records reading. By checking your Soul Libraries you will be able to see which agreements you have made for this current incarnation, as well as what goals you have.

From here, you need to reflect and ponder over everything you have learned. Especially if this is the first time you read about the topic, you will likely be excited, and feel a lot of love. Now, you need to also make sure you keep exploring while you also get the most out of your life while you are here on Earth. Next week we are going to visit the subject of Lucid Dreaming but to be more specific, Speel Paralysis and how you can best deal with it. However, all of this in a week. See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

Lots of blessings and abundance your way! (Home)

Rev. Fernando Albert

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