Spirit Animals bring much more to our lives than you can imagine!

Do you have Spirit Animal connected with you? You can easily find out if these wonderful beings connect with you and why. There is always a reason to connect with specific spirit animals. They will help you throughout your life, and bring to you what you need to most.
Spirit animals bring support and guidance throughout your path.

Spirit Animals are powerful beings that yield support in your life

Hey all, I hope this finds you awesome! How did you like the Guardian Angel article? It is amazing the amount of beings that surround and help us, isn’t it? Well, let’s continue with the same approach to spiritual beings helping us. Today, we are talking about Spirit Animals and how they impact our lives. These are wonderful beings that always come with very specific reasons, generally, making a profound impact in our lives, and paths.

I want to share that working with spirit animals is very easy, but at the same time, it is something passive. While with a Spirit Guide, (for example an Ascended Master,) you need to reach out and set clear intentions to ask something, a spirit animal is in a way, constantly doing its thing. In a way, like familiars, they always know what you need, especially since each animal will focus on one specific need, they will do it every time it’s necessary. For example, a wolf spirit will always protect your energy under a negative circumstance, you don’t have to ask for it.

I want to also make sure that you do not mix a spirit animal with a totem animal. The latter’s purposes are normally during shamanic practices, especially in the Lower Elemental World, so please keep this in mind. You should not confuse either spirit animals with animals that passed away. While the latter will be around you, and also protect your energy, it will be in the same as a human loved one in Spirit.

Purpose and Meaning of Spirit Animals

One essential step when working with spirit animals is having a complete understanding of how they work with us. Many times, we can experience synchronicities and messages from the Universe that happen thanks to the flow that these spirit animals create. Let’s go more into detail:

A small introduction

Spirit Animals are beings that reside in the Astral Plane, and they assist our Spirit Guides in guiding us. They have a consciousness closer to what animal they represent versus a more intellectual connection such as with the rest of the Spirit Team. For example, a wolf spirit will always act like a wolf, however, the strongest traits of a wolf will be energetically passed to you. For example, your energy will be always guarded and if there is a threat (negative entity), the wolf will attack it the same way a physical wolf attacks prey.

This is very powerful energetically speaking thanks to the Principle of Correspondence and Vibration, promoting that similar energies attract each other. In the same spirit wolf example, all the positive traits wolves have will pass onto you,  making yourself stronger, like a wolf!

A spirit animal will always act as the animal they represent.

A spirit animal will always act as the animal they represent.

It is quite significant when you get to recognize your spirit animals because a lot of times, it will be a missing piece of the puzzle. If you get to understand the phase of your life you are going through, you will understand some stuff if you know about any spirit animal connected with you. For example, you are experiencing a lot of shifts in your life, but you are managing beautifully to the point that you surprise yourself and you doubt it. If you learned that you have a snake spirit animal, you will understand that the analogy and energy of shedding off the skin applies to your life, because you are shifting yourself, leaving the old behind.

How to connect and be more aware of them

As I shared above, animal spirits act like the animals they represent, so for example, if you need to connect with them, it will simply come. In a way, it is the same as Spirit Guides, because we don’t control this. However, while you want to evoke archangels to seek their energy, the spirit animals connected to you will do their thing right away. Spirit Animals normally bring help and support, maximizing the traits you need the most, among other things. However, you do not turn to a spirit animal to ask for wisdom, as they do not communicate this way.

Awareness is an essential part of getting the most out of your spirit animals. When you allow the energy in, you will get a lot more and you will consciously experience it, bringing to more profound understandings. Another important point is to open your heart and receive. If you want to feel their presence, you want to sit in a quiet space with no one disturbing you. Set aside your thoughts and feelings, open up to perceive and soon you will get a sense, and if you didn’t, don’t worry, with practice you will.

When you notice the energy of your spirit animals, it grows!

When you notice the energy of your spirit animals, it grows!

A fantastic way to connect with spirit animals is through sitting in silence and meditation. These beings are around you, and their energetic vibrations are closer to the physical plane since these beings also use the elemental energies of planet Earth. From here, you need to invite them closer to your aura, as well as to your Heart Chakra. You must set undivided attention when doing this, so you can perceive them properly.

Their energy is faint but noticeable, a Spirit Guide feels stronger, but you will be able to tell your spirit animal is closer to you. From here, you only need to allow yourself to have, and receive their energy in your life, or better said, more of it!

What support exactly does a Spirit Animal provide

There are many spirit animals out there, and each has one single purpose. They are very powerful, and many can bring life transformations, however, each one does their own thing and nothing else. Maybe you do not have a spirit animal right now, but this doesn’t mean that you didn’t have one in the past, nor you will not have one in the future. It only means that at this moment in your life, you do not need their energy. This neither makes you better or worse, it is just a process in your spiritual journey.

There are many types of Spirit Animals.

There are many types of Spirit Animals.

Don’t forget that this probably applies true for each animal. Don’t forget lizards, and neither leave behind insects like spiders, or butterflies since these can be powerful allies as well. The cuteness or lack is completely irrelevant at the time for these beings to provide you with their power. Love unconditionally the spirit animals that came to you, as it is certain they have great blessings that will improve drastically your life.

From here, we are going to briefly review a couple of points for some of them, but keep in mind there are many more.

The Butterfly

Represents personal transformation after a great struggle. You may be going through a difficult but necessary phase in your life. The butterfly was a cacoon before, a sophisticated transformative home built just by the worm it was in the first place. When you receive and take the energy of the butterfly spirit, you gain a huge lift in pushing through for what you need to transform and move into the next phase of your life.

The Spider

Represents a profound assertive and dedicated to building the life you seek. You may be starting a new project, or a new family with all the strategy this implies. With the energy of the spider, spirit empowers you, everything will flow in a more orchestrated way. You will be able to come up with good strategies for your life challenges and create a very sturdy foundation to enable you to stay strong as you go through the storm.

The Hummingbird
The hummingbird spirit brings playfulness, and joy while lifting away negativity.

The hummingbird spirit animal brings playfulness, and joy while lifting away negativity.

The Crow

Represents higher perspective and flexibility, as well as a very high intellect. You may be going through a positive phase in your life where you need to experience profoundly the rewards of your efforts. Or perhaps you need the energy of the crow spirit to fulfill some challenges or opportunities that will yield you right away to a greater abundance. You will bring to your life amazing moments that you treasure forever.

The Hawk

Represents self-awareness and great courage, as well as adaptability. Maybe you have already reached a point in your life where you are feeling powerless while you have a lot of potential and desire to transform. The Hawk spirit might come to you to give you the power you need to push through. Maybe you are already at the top with a great responsibility, if so, the hawk will give you the power you need to keep being awesome.

The Wolf
The Spirit Animal Wolf protects your spiritual energy.

The Spirit Animal Wolf protects your spiritual energy.

The Grasshopper

Represents positive synchronicity and enough alignment to have the capacity to take a leap of faith. You might need to make major life-changing decisions, and while you have made 100% effort to make the best decision, you might be doubtful and your ego might be pushing you down. The grasshopper animal spirit will give you the courage to take this leap of faith. Get the power of good decision-making and surf the laws of the Universe.

The Owl

Represents wisdom and knowledge, the teacher, and the bringer of lessons. You may be someone who loves learning new things constantly, including by constantly observing all their surroundings. If you need to be (or desire) to be constantly vigilant, the energy of the owl spirit will enhance your capabilities to do so without exhausting too much of your energy. Use the untapped wisdom you have available to even surprise yourself!

The Falcon
The falcon spirit brings a reconnection with the Spiritual path cleansing prior and inaccurate fearful spiritual teachings. 

The falcon spirit brings a reconnection with the Spiritual path cleansing prior and inaccurate fearful spiritual teachings.

Keep in mind that I only mentioned a few of them to give you some examples. Maybe you connect with one of these, and if you do, make sure to follow through with the advice I shared above to connect with your spirit animals.

A few more notes about spirit animals.

As you can see, each spirit animal brings a different blessing, but the energy is extremely powerful and amazing.  Some spirit animals are more popular than others, but this doesn’t mean anything specific, maybe the needs of a civilization change as it develops. It matters the most that you always open up and receive the energy they have for you, it will help you wonders. The connection with a spirit animal is very profound and loving.

From here, as with any relationship, you will be slowly developing your connection and understanding of your spirit animal. The connection will grow day after day, naturally, in the same way that your relationship with your new dog will keep developing.


Q: What are spirit animals?

A: They are elemental beings that come to help us, representing the strength of the animal they are.

Q: How do spirit animals guide us?

A: They generally enable a better flow of what we need, reinforcing our potential, and enabling energy that helps us in any way.

Q: What does the butterfly symbolize as a spirit animal?

A: Represents personal transformation after a great struggle or opportunity.

Q: Why is the spider considered a spirit guide?

A: Spirit animals differ in some aspects from Spirit Guides, but they certainly work side by side with them, and in what they can, they act like one.

Q: What characteristics does the crow bring as a spirit animal?

A: Allows you to think outside the box, to have multiple perspectives over a given situation as well as great intellect.

Q: What is the significance of encountering an owl as a spirit guide?

A: You will discover that there are spiritual teachings down the line for you and the owl spirit will enable your wisdom.

Q: How does the hummingbird bring lightness and connection?

A: By removing negativity and adding playfulness, vibrations expand, and therefore, you feel lighter and more connected.

Q: What qualities does the hawk represent as a spirit guide?

A: You will see great support in expanding your hidden potential and untapped power. You will realize how important you are, and you will move forward.

Q: Why is the grasshopper considered a symbol of good luck?

A: The grasshopper represents good synchronicity, and luck is no less than a by-product of various Principles of the Universe acting together. The spirit grasshopper helps you navigate these.

So, how did you like the spirit animals? Are these amazing beings? If you are connected with one, make sure to honor and acknowledge them, because they truly bring a lot. Next week it’s Forecast time for April, so make sure to stay tuned. But all of this, next week!  See you next Wednesday!

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Love & Light,

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